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You know what they say about assumptions.... Byakuya/Ichigo

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by: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I only play with them for grins and giggles.

A/N: Written for the week# 28 prompt at bleach_contest: base. I thought it was time for another Byakuya/Ichigo fic, so here we are. Byakuya is a little OOC. You know what they say about assumptions....


“You're in love with me.”

Kuchiki Byakuya, captain of the Sixth Division of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, and head of the noble Kuchiki family, stared at the young man standing before him. His cold, expressionless mask hid the surprise – and consternation – at the statement being made by the former ryoka and current war hero, Kurosaki Ichigo. His words were too matter-of fact to be a question, and just a bit on the smug side as well.

“On what do you base your ...opinion,” Byakuya responded, his voice remaining aloof, hiding the curiosity and slight unease at what might have led the newest captain of the Gotei 13 to say such a thing.

“Gee, I don't know, Byakuya. Could it be all the completely unnecessary time you spend with me,” Ichigo asked, his voice wry. “It's not like I get a chance to spend much time 'corrupting' Rukia, as you like to put it. I see you more than I do her.”

Concentrating on his mask, the noble replied calmly, “That is the evidence of your assumption that I am in love with you?”

Flushing at the scornful tone of voice, the younger man gamely continued, “You used to stay as far away from me as possible. Now that I joined Gotei 13, you can't keep away. Just why is that, Byakuya?”

“Someone has to teach you how to be a captain,” replied the raven-haired man.

“You don't trust Jyuushiro and Toshiro now, is that it?”

Lips tightening at the sly rebuke, Byakuya remained silent. The other two captains were Kurosaki's “official” mentors in the business of running a division. Ukitake by choice, and Hitsugaya by virtue of association after spending so much time with the orange-haired man in the living world just before the war. “I have nothing but the utmost respect for captains Ukitake and Hitsugaya.”

The other man chuckled, “See? No explanation. You have to be in love with me.”

The noble decided to try another tack to dissuade Kurosaki from his opinion. His expression betraying nothing, one manicured hand shot out to grasp the front of the younger man's shihakusho which peeked out from his captain's haori, and yanked him in close. The sudden move threw the former substitute Soul Reaper off-balance, and before he could regain his footing, Byakuya's lips descended to claim his former enemies in a hard, rough kiss.

The element of surprise carried the kiss through several seconds. Only the introduction of Byakuya's tongue into his fellow captain's mouth brought the orange-haired younger man out of his stupor; pushing the raven-haired man away with wide, wild eyes.

“What the hell was that?”

“Unless I am mistaken, that was a kiss, Kurosaki.” Allowing himself a small, cruel smile, the steely-eyed man continued, “If I'm really in love with you – as you continue to insist – wouldn't it make sense that I want to kiss you?”

Stepping close once again, Byakuya whispered in the startled man's ear, “It never occurred to you that I might want to just fuck you, did it?”

His tongue snaked out to brush along the edge of the shell-pink ear, before retreating a step. Reaching out, his finger lightly traced the glimpse of well-defined chest that the shihakusho allowed. He murmured, just loud enough for the other captain to hear, “Would you cry out for me, I wonder?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“You're attractive, Kurosaki Ichigo. I'm sure bedding you would be a pleasure. But don't mistake lust for love, boy.” The thin, cold smile he'd held widened into a knowing smirk. “Rough trade can be quite exciting, now and again. If you're not interested, I suggest you leave.”

Staring at him as if he'd grown another head – or a Hollow hole – the younger man left, throwing a puzzled glance over his shoulder. Once the orange-haired man was gone, the smile that he had used as a weapon slid from his face, leaving an ache that echoed the one in his chest. Licking his lips, the noble discovered he could still taste Kurosaki on them.

Committing both the chocolate-eyed captain's taste and the sensation of their lips crashed together to memory, the raven-haired man resolved to spend less time with Kurosaki in the future, lest others come to the same conclusion as the chronically clueless former ryoka. It was amazing he'd noticed that someone was interested in him that way at all, really.

Nothing could have come of it, anyway.
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