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Be My Angel

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Frank Iero/Patrick Stump oneshot/slash.....First time writing something like this..

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Patrick's POV

When Pete told us who we were touring with I was so exciting. I've always wanted to tour with them cuz they were truly the coolest band, ever. Well so band to band. I sat on our bus and waited for the other band to come. Joe walked in with one of the member, I think.
"Hey, Patrick. This is Frank." Joe said.
"Hey, Patrick. I'm so glad you meet you. How are you?" Frank said. I looked at him, he was simply amazing. He beautiful hazel eyes, his lips looking lushest. Make's me wanna kiss him, right there. No, Patrick, shut up. You can't cuz no body know's your bi. I better answer him cuz he's giving me a weird look.
"Hey, Frank. It's nice meeting you, too. I'm good just excited about this tour. How are you?" I said.
"I'm pretty good. Excited about this tour, myself." He said.
"Yeah, it should be fun. Heard you guys were fun to be around." I said.

2 weeks later....

I walked off the stage and seen Frank standing there. He had a smirk on his face, he grabbed my arm and dragged me to their dressing room. There were bottle of booze and everything that will make you fuucked up.
"Hey Patrick." Gerard yelled.
"Hey guys. What's going on?" I asked.
"You wanna get drunk with us?" Frank asked. Soon Pete and Joe walked in with bottle of booze.
"Are you guys getting drunk?" I asked, they nodded. Wow, this should be fun. We had been drinking for quite some time and we were pretty drunk. Drunk enough to not really know what's going on.
"Guys, I'm going back to the buses. See ya all later." I slurred. I stumbled a bit as I got up. Then I happily walked out and headed for the buses. I climbed on went into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and was left in just boxers. I walked out into the kitchen area and got a bottle of water. I walked into the bunks and layed down. My head was spinning, why couldn't I sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes, I see Frank. Do I like him? My thought were interrupted when I felt someone get ontop of me and then started kissing me. I opened my eyes and seen Frank. I pushed him away.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Patrick, I've known for the first day I met you, what you thought of me. And what you wanna do to me and what I wanna do to you. But are you willing to do it?" Frank said. I looked at him for a bit. Was I about to do this. Was I really going to be with Frank. I pulled him into a kiss. He pulled away.
"Does that answer your question?" I asked. He nodded and then kissed my lips and headed for my neck. He kept moving down. I felt my boxers go down and then he's warm mouth go over my hard on. I nearly melted, he's mouth was so warm.
"Oh God, Frank." I moaned my hands went into his hair. He let go and moved back up to my lips. He still had his clothes on. This had to change. I flip us over and now I was ontop and kissed him. He let a moan escape. I pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his stomache just below his belly botton and above his pants. I reached the bottons of his pants and unbotton them and then unzipped them slowly. I slowly pulled his pants down revealing he's hard one. I kiss it through the fabric of the boxers. He slid his pants off the rest of the way. I moved back up to his lips, slowly. I ran my hand down his chest and to his boxers. I slid them down and felt him on my leg. Our skin was touching but we needed to be more, we needed to be closer.
"Bottom or top?" He asked.
"Have you done this before?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Well bottom for me." I said. Then slid down and took him in my mouth. I heard him moan and he thrust his hips pushing him further into my mouth, I nearly gagged. I pulled away.
"Frank, don't. I can't handle that much." I said.
" Sorry." He said, I took him back in my mouth. I started humming Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.
"Patrick, stop. I'm gonna explode." Frank said pulling me away from his dick. He flips us over reach over and pulled his pants in. He pulled a bottle out, sprayed something on his hand and then tossed it on his hands and then his hand went to his dick and he started pumping. He moaned a bit and then he stop. He looked at me.
"Are you ready?" He asked. I just nodded as I held onto the bed sheets around me. I knew it was gonna hurt. I felt the head of his dick at my opening, then he slowly pushed him in. He stop a few times and then he'd inch in, until he was fully in.
" This is gonna hurt, but I'm gonna pull out and then back in a bit fast." He said then kissed my lips and then pulled out of me. I gasped. Pain shot through my body. Then he pushed back in. It hurt so bad. I thought I was gonna die. I let a tear escape my eyes, he just kissed it away. He pulled back and the thrust in. Soon the pain went away and in return pleasure started over coming my body. I wrapped my legs around Frank waist.
"Fuck, Frank. Faster. OMG!" I moaned moving my hips meeting his every thrust. We were moving together, sweating.
"Fuck, Patrick. You need to be fucked more." Frank moaned. He pulled out of me and he didn't return.
" Turn over on hands and knees." Frank said. I did as he said and got on my hands and knee's then I felt him push in.
"Oh fuck. Faster." I moaned. He had his hand on my hips, moving me back and forth.
"Fuck, I'm gonna--"He didn't finish as his load shot in me. He collasped ontop of me.
"My turn." He said.
"Seriously?" I asked willing to fuck him senseless.
"Yes." He said, then he pulled out of me. Then he flips us over and kissed me hard on the lips. I grabbed the bottle and sprayed the stuff on my hands and then started rubbing it on my dick. I moaned a bit. My dick was throbbing. I kept pumping, moaning loudly.
"Patrick, leave me hanging." Frank said.
"Oh shit, sorry." I said. He wrapped his legs around me.
"Fast or slow?" I asked.
"Fast, I've been the bottom for ssss OMG!" He didn't finish as I thrusted into him. God, he was tight, but it felt so good.
"Faster, Faster." Frank screamed. He grabbed the sheets on the side of him. He's head moving left to right as I thrust into him. I kept thrusting.
"Stop, stop." Frank yelled. I stopped.
"Pull out." He said. I pulled out. He legs fell from my waist.
"Move, so I can get on my hands and knees." Frank said. I moved back and he flipped over and was on his hands and knees.
"Okay, ready, now." He said. I got up and went to his opening.
"Fast like before?" I asked.
"Yes, but wait, wanna ask you something?" He said.
"What?" I said.
"Can I fuck you again after I'm done?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
"O---O--OMG!" He started to say but I thrust into him. I kept thrusting, faster, faster.
"Oh God. Fuck. Patrick. Faster." Frank said.
"Oh shit, I don' think I can go any faster." I said half moaning.
" Then stop and switch me. Lay on your back." Frank said. We switched and I layed on my back, then he crawled ontop of me, then he sat right on my boner making te length go all in.
"Oh GOD! Were you putting all of it in me?" He asked.
"No." I said.
"Fuck, your huge." He said then I grabbed his hips and rocking him up and down.
"Oh Fuck, Frank. I'm not gonna last." I said. Just after I said that, it all came..I let go of his hips but he was still ridin' me.
"Frank..Frank. Fuck." I said.
"Not stopping. Making you have two." He panted. I grabbed his hips thrusting foward. Making him fall over making me being able to pick him up.
"I want you on your hands and knee's now." I said. He smiled and did as I said. Then I buried myself in him. I kept thrusting.
"Faster, Faster." He screamed. I think I went faster than I before.
"Omg, your putting it all in?" He asked/moaned.
"Yes." I moaned.
"Oh God, fuck me faster." He said. I went faster, thrusting into him. He was hitting his head on the wall.
"FRANK." I screamed. I unloaded deep inside of him.
"Omg...your too good." He said. I pulled out.
"I wanna give you head and then I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you can't sit down.." Frank said. I just nodded and let a small moan out. We switched spots and then he went down and I felt his warm mouth on my dick. I felt it, I felt it coming, deep inside my stomache, it was coming or I'm coming. Whichever you prefer.
"Oh Fuck, Frank." I moaned unloading into his mouth. He swallowed my whole load and kissed up my body, grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist and he thrust foward and was fully in me. I let a gasp in pain out. He kept thrusting in and out, in and out and soon that pain became pleasure.
"Oh God, Frank. Fuck faster." I said moving up and down and meeting his thrust. He went for his pants again and grabbed a funky looking thing.
"Thrust this in me." He said holding it up. I did as I was told and we worked together, then he started pumping my already hard dick again. I was plunging that deep inside of him as he plunged deep inside of me and pumping me all at once. Making me see stars cuz it was the best. I've ever had, the only I've ever had.
"Patrick, Patrick. Oh Fuck Patrick. Faster." Frank moaned.
"Harder, omg harder, harder. Ahhh..." I moaned. I don't think I'm ever gonna unload.
"Are you close?" I asked.
"No...OMG!"Frank moaned. I opened my eyes and seen what he was really OMG*ing about. Cuz that funky thing was ripped out of my hands. I was shocked when I seen Gerard thrusting deep into Frank. As Gerard thrusted into Frank, Frank thrusted into me and it just made it all more the wilder.
"OMG!" Gerard moaned.
"You like that. It's pretty big for you, Gee." Frank said. I was coming close. I felt it in the pit of my stomache.
"Are you guys close?" Gerard asked.
"Yes." We said together. After we said that, Gerard blow his load deep inside Frank and Frank unloaded in me and I unloaded all over me and Frank's hand. Gerard pulled out and then Frank pulled out of me and we all just fell asleep.
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