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Four Things Needed - AUG 4 (July 31)

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

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“You look beautiful.” Donna said as she entered the bedroom where Monica stood surrounded by all her friends. “Just beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Monica smiled. She walked over and gave Donna a hug.
“Okay, time to do your hair.” Alicia said pulling out the bench in front of the dresser. “Sit here.”
Monica took a seat and closed her eyes a moment.
“You okay?” Christa whispered to her.
“I’m fine.” Monica opened her eyes and smiled. “Just a little nervous.”
“That’s normal.” Christa giggled, “I was so nervous before my ceremony. Poor Ray didn’t know what to say to me.”
Kara entered the room and looked at the others. She had just donned her bridesmaid dress and now matched Kelly, Alicia and Christa. “Uh, it’s gonna be a tight squeeze having all of us standing up with you and Gee.” Monica had four bridesmaids and Gerard had four groomsmen. It was important to him that his fellow band members stood up with him. When they had planned the wedding originally to be outside this wouldn’t have been a problem. Now that the ceremony had been moved inside it would be a bit crowded.
“It will be okay.” Monica said. “I want all of you there with me.”
Christa laughed. “I’m just happy we were able to find these dresses on such short notice.” She smoothed down the light green satin dress, “And that we all look so good in them.”
“We look damn good.” Alicia laughed. “Jamia here yet?” She asked looking at Christa.
“Not yet. When I talked to her a little bit go she and Frank were waiting for his mom to get there.”
“I wish they were bringing the babies.” Kelly said from her spot on the foot of the bed. She had been silent up to this moment just watching the others fuss over her mom.
“I’m sure she and Frank won’t mind a bit of time away from the babies.” Donna said with a laugh.
“I guess.” Kelly agreed.
“Where’s Elle?” Monica hadn’t realized until this moment that she wasn’t sitting with Kelly.
“With Grandpa Don.” Kelly answered. “She was showing him her basket of rose petals and explaining to him how she was going to walk really slow and drop them.”
Donna spoke up, “I better get down there and make sure he doesn’t let Elle talk him into giving her something to eat or drink. We don’t want anything spilled on her dress.”
Monica grinned, “Yeah, that’s true.”
Donna walked over to Monica and kissed her cheek. She whispered in her ear, “From the moment I first saw you I just knew someday you’d be my daughter. I love you, Honey.”
“I love you too, Donna.” Monica said with emotion.
Donna left the room and Alicia started brushing Monica’s hair. “So we’re still going with the French knot and then attaching the half veil under it?”
“Yes.” Monica answered.
Alicia set to work. Christa waited for her turn to do Monica’s makeup and Kara was brushing her own hair. From the foot of the bed Kelly watched silently. Monica could see her in the reflection of the mirror. “You okay?” She asked.
Kelly smiled, “I’m wonderful. I was just wondering about the four things you are supposed to have with you.”
“Oh, you mean the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?”
Kelly nodded.
Monica reached up and touched Elena’s locket, “Well, I have the something old and I have on a garter with blue.”
“That just leaves something new and borrowed.” Kelly said.
Christa reached up and pulled a bobby pin from her hair. It was adorned with a rhinestone. “You could borrow this.” She offered. “Ray’s mom gave these to me.”
Monica grinned, “That would be great.”
“Down to something new.” Kelly said.
“Uh, maybe I can help.” A male voice said from the doorway.
“Bert.” Monica smiled, “I didn’t know you were here.”
“Okay if I come in?” He asked.
“Oh course.” Monica said.
“How does that look?” Alicia asked taking a step back. Monica looked in the mirror at the beautiful French knot. “I love it, thanks.”
Bert leaned against the wall. “You look beautiful.” He told Monica.
Her smile lit up the room.
“So how are you gonna help with the new part?” Kara asked him.
He took a velvet box from his suit jacket. “I saw these the other day.” He looked slightly embarrassed as he handed the box to Monica. It’s okay if you don’t want to wear them. You probably already have others.”
Monica opened the box to see a pair of diamond drop earrings nestled in velvet. Alicia and Christa who were standing by her let out ahh’s.
“Oh Bert. They’re beautiful. Thank you.” Monica nodded, “These will be perfect.” She took them out of the box and placed them on.
Kelly was looking at Bert. She got off the bed to stand behind her Mom. “I think Bert would like to talk to you alone a minute.” She said softly.
Monica realized she was right. “Can I have a few minutes to talk to Bert?”
Alicia rolled her eyes and gave an exaggerated sigh, “Okay, but just a few. We still have to do your makeup.” Kelly followed Kara, Christa and Alicia out. As she passed by Bert he touched her shoulder, “Thanks.”
“No problem.” Kelly answered.
When they were gone Bert took a seat on the foot of the bed and Monica turned on her bench to face him.
“You know you look beautiful right now.” Bert said, “You don’t need any makeup.”
Monica laughed, “Oh yeah, right.”
Bert’s serious look told her he had been speaking the truth.
“Thank you for the earrings.” Monica said reaching up to touch one. “I love them.”
Once again Bert looked embarrassed, “I just saw them and thought of you.”
“Have you talked to Gee?” Monica asked.
Bert nodded, “Yeah, he was staring at the damn gazebo when I saw him.”
Monica sighed, “He’s pretty upset we can’t be married out there.”
“Yeah, the guy gets things in his head and damn it’s hard to get them out.” He reached out for Monica’s hand. “I really just wanted to make sure you’re not still mad at me.”
Monica was shocked, “Mad at you?”
“For not calling you when I found out what had happened.”
“Oh.” Monica said understanding. “It’s okay.”
“I just want you to know.” Bert said softly, “It wasn’t because I didn’t want to call you I just thought that Gee needed me more. I knew what it had to be to make him lose it like he did. I wanted to try to help him straighten out his thoughts.”
Monica nodded, “It’s okay, really. Bert you will always be my very close friend. I love you.”
Bert smiled, “And I love you. I know that you and Gee are going to be so fucking happy together.”
“Yep, we are.” Monica said with a smile. “We really are.”
Bert leaned over, gave her a quick hug then stood, “Okay I better get out of here before those women come in and throw me out.”
Monica giggled, “Wait I haven’t thanked you again for my dress.” She stood and did a slow pirouette.
“You look beautiful.” Bert said softly. “Beautiful.”

Kelly knocked on the guest bedroom door. She knew the guys were helping Gerard get ready. Mikey opened the door. “Hey, Kell.”
“Uh, can I talk to Dad a minute?”
Gerard who was sitting on the bed tying his shoes looked up. “Everything okay?” He asked.
Kelly nodded, “Yeah, I just wondered if I could talk to you alone. Just a minute.”
Gerard looked over at Bob and Ray. They nodded then followed Mikey out.
“What’s up?” Gerard asked as Kelly walked into the room.
Kelly wasn’t sure how to begin. “It’s about Elle.”
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