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The prologue of the story.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Ragnarok Online. Just this story and the characters.


Raging inferno everywhere. Screams of commoners filled the air as they ran around in all directions, panic written all over their faces. It was utter chaos.

Where is this place?

Christine looked as several warriors of Rune-Midgard ran past her. She called after them, but none turned back to answer her. She was now panic-stricken, and looked everywhere, hoping that she could find someone who could answer her lingering question.

What's happening?

"Honey, stay here and don't make a single noise. Mummy's gonna come and get you soon, so stay safe, okay?" A High Priestess said to a little girl, whom she hid behind some rubble after testing their stability. She wouldn't want the rubble to crush her daughter now, would she?

"Mummy! Mummy! I want to follow you!" the little girl wailed.

"No, it's too dangerous. Shh, be quiet."

Christine sprinted to the direction of the High Priestess to ask for the answers she was searching for. "Excuse me, may I know what's happening?" Yet again, she was ignored as the High Priestess ran towards a Lord Knight who was waiting for her at a flight of stairs. They went inside what Christine presumed to be an abbey hand-in-hand, ignoring the fact that billows of smoke was emanating from within. Christine was curious, so she followed them in.

They just kept running while fending off a barrage of monsters which Christine had never seen before, then disappeared into a small entrance at the side. Christine peeped inside, and regretted her actions immediately.

It was mayhem. Dead bodies of people - warriors of Rune-Midgard and commoners alike - were strewn across the floor, some mutilated, mostly charred. The High Priestess and Lord Knight were facing a huge monster, dealing blows and fending attacks. Christine wanted to help, but her legs seem to be contradicting with her as they were frozen stiff, refusing to budge even an inch. Something about that monster incited a deep fear in her heart, halting every muscle activity within her body.

"Foolish humans! Do you think you can defeat me? The great Dark Lord?" The monster boomed. Christine swore that the structure beneath her feet vibrated.

"I swear by the name of Odin that I WILL defeat you!" The Lord Knight shouted, as he pierced a vulnerable spot of the Dark Lord with his spear. The monster roared in pain from the deep wound inflicted on him. He then summoned great balls of meteor, raining them down on the Lord Knight and High Priestess fighting him, intending to pay back for the pain tenfold. No, a hundred fold. Nonetheless, the two warriors of Rune-Midgard emerged almost unscathed, because the High Priestess actively casted Sanctuary to heal them both, as well as attack the undead army who was advancing from the sides. Christine could tell that they were the last two warriors standing here, because no one in the area was alive, and neither did anyone come to their aid.

"Do not interfere!" the Dark Lord waved his subjects off. "I want to take care of them myself. Their defiance interests me." The undead army did as they were told. They didn't dare defy their lord's orders.

No, run! Don't keep staying there!

Christine's senses were telling her something bad was going to happen. Then, as if on cue, she suddenly heard a sniff and small footsteps approaching her from behind. She swerved around and saw that the little girl from before had followed the loud voice of the Dark Lord here. Not good.

"Go back to where your mother left you!" she hissed, but the little girl didn't bother about her warning.

"Even if you're the best warriors in Rune-Midgard, you'll never defeat me!" the Dark Lord mocked and cackled, sending more chills down Christine's spine. It was so cold and void of humanity, just horribly sadistic.

"We will never give up! Never!" the High Priestess stressed her defiance, as she casted a wide range of supportive spells on the Lord Knight and herself.

"Very well then. I've had enough toying around with the likes of you. You no longer interest me. Perish you shall by the power of Hell's Judgement!" the Dark Lord said, as a dark light spread throughout the entire floor. Christine and the girl started running, because the light was rapidly coming in their direction. But it seems something in there didn't want her to leave, as she tripped over an uneven floor and fell. She knew that it was too late to get up and run, so she closed her eyes and anticipated an excruciating pain.

It's over.

Christine felt a hard thump in her heart. She bolted upright and scanned her surroundings. She thought she was dead, but the place didn't look remotely like the Heaven she had anticipated. It took her some time to realise that she was in her own bedroom, sweating bullets and panting hard.

It was a dream.

She heaved a sigh of relief as she fell back into her pillow, trying hard to fall asleep again. She knew it was a dream, but it all seemed so real. Everything she saw, and every spine-chilling feeling she felt was deeply etched in her mind, as hoards of questions bombarded her already tired mind.

What happened to the Lord Knight, the High Priestess and the little girl?

What was the dream trying to tell?
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