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The Morning After...

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Emotions are arising, some good and some...well not so good. Can Rae make a decision, the RIGHT decision without hurting one of the people she loves? Will Gerard come to terms with Mikey, will M ou...

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The following morning Rae awoke in his arms; Gerard’s arms to be more specific. He was still asleep and dreaming when she opened her eyes, and she was shocked.

“Gah!” she yelled, stumbling off the bed in a most unorganized fashion, making Gerard turn in his sleep and mumble something along the lines of ‘ger fur nothing mmm loven stub’. She stared at him laying there, his face peaceful and somber, and then she realized what had happened the previous night; the intense heart to heart talk, the secret sharing, the chemical bonding between them, the romance. Huh, she thought to herself, chemically romancing? Or romancing chemicals... she liked the idea of their band name becoming something much deeper to her than just a silly name.

“Mmm, good morning, precious.” Gerard said pulling Rae from her silly thoughts. His hazel eyes were open wide, full of love and compassion, his hair was a torrent of black raging snakes atop his head, and his perfect lips were spread wide for a smile directed only for her. Her heart swelled knowing this man was hers, all hers, for the taking. “So how did you sleep?” he asked her, patting a spot on the bed urging her to come back and sit with him, and she obliged of course.

“Meh, I slept ok,” she lightly pushed him, getting a soft chuckle, and a kiss in return, “I’m just kidding. I slept so wonderfully I hated waking up, I was having the most vivid dream about you…” she stopped a warm blush creeping up on her cheek bones. Gerard put his cool hand against them sending several shivers down her spine. “But I wanted to wake up so I could see you.” She concluded, looking deep into his mesmerizing hazel depths. She kept staring for so long, that at long last her lungs screamed for air, her head became light, and the room spun. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath, allowing Rae to catch her breath and stand. She went over to her closet and began searching for an outfit for that day. The door of her closet provided a sheltered area where Gerard’s prying eyes wouldn’t be able to reach her naked skin, and he looked like he wasn’t going to move anytime soon so she decided to chance changing. While she began stripping off her shirt, Gerard began to speak.

“The other day…Bob and I were talking,” Rae stopped abruptly, her hands becoming clammy, but Gerard couldn’t see her so she kept going. “He and I were discussing what I do, what I’ve been doing. He explained his side of the story, I told mine, and then things became heated between us. He became enraged and violent, and I couldn’t do anything about it.” She heard the bed creek, and she peeked around from behind the door to see Gerard sitting upright in the bed, his head in his hands.

“He explained to me that kidnapping girls so young wasn’t the right thing to do, and that I should let you go. But I told him I can’t because there’s something inside me that gets pleasure in seeing them scared, helpless, and defenseless. I can’t let them go no matter how much I want to unless I become tired of them, and had you been like one of the others, you would have been gone by now. I would have been tired with you by now. But I’m not.” He peeked up from his pale fingers to the dark door from which she stood behind. “Bob can’t understand why I can’t let you go, why I need you so damn badly. I think you were supposed to come her and fill the void in my life, the void I’ve had,” Gerard raised himself from the bed, walking over to the closet where Rae was still half naked, “for so many years, since high school even.” He came around the edge of the door lightly placing his palm on her cheek. She laid her head against it, feeling the warmth seep into herself.

“No Gerard, I don’t think that’s why I’m here,” she looked up and into his eyes, wondering clouding every part of them, “I think I’m here to fix the void between you and your brother.” He cocked his head to side upon hearing this, a smile slowly creeping into his features, as Rae nestled her head against his chest. His heart beat slowly beneath his ribs, his even breathing making his chest rise and fall in turn pushing and pulling Rae with him. “This has nothing to do with anything else; this void you feel is between you and Mikey, it’s a void that has no reason to be there, that’s why I’m here. This is what I have to help you with. I bet you my life that if I make everything with you and Mikey alright again, you won’t need me.” She hugged him tighter to her body, still unclothed, and inhaled his heavenly scent.

A small annoying buzzing sound came from within Gerard’s pants’ pocket, making the both of them jump. Shoving his hand in he retracted his phone which read ‘Mikey’.

“Shit.” He muttered flipping it open mouthing apologies to Rae and turning to deal with the call. “Hey, bro what’s- no she’s here we- look I know you’re worried but- look- Mikey she’s fine!” he finally yelled into the receiver. Yelling could vaguely be heard on the other end, and she struggled to hear what was being spoken. “Listen, Mikey…I didn’t do anything, we talked, that’s it, she- no she’s right here. Do you? - hold on a minute,” he turned around facing Rae holding out the phone. “Here he wants to speak with you.” She took the phone gingerly, afraid of what she was going to say.

“Hello?” she muttered into it.

“Oh thank god, Rae! You had me worried sick. You weren’t there when I went in, and I had to leave early this morning for a radio interview, are you alright? Did he do anything to you? Did he hurt you in any way?” She could make out Mikey’s heavy breathing on the other end knowing full well that he was completely worried about her well being. He wanted to know if Gerard had hurt her, but she smiled sadly, knowing it was the other way around…kind of. Gerard hadn’t hurt her, but she was going to hurt Mikey, and it was going to kill her, one way or the other.

“No, Mikey he didn’t hurt me. I’m fine I promise, all we did was talk last night, and I fell asleep a bit after midnight and Gerard stuck around to make sure nothing happened to me, or so that I couldn’t sneak out.” She added with a chuckle. “So, I guess everything’s alright here, how’d the interview go?” she asked, trying to sound relatively cheerful.

“It went alright, I guess. The same old thing, like all the others, nothing much different… but hey, what do you want for lunch?” she shrugged, soon realizing Mikey couldn’t see her action.

“We just woke up-” Her words were cut off by Mikey coughing, obviously not caring that she woke up, but only wanting an answer. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” she asked him in return. There was silence for a moment on the other end while Mikey thought.

“Well, how about I grab a pizza, fast, easy, and yummy too. Sound good? Well I have to go…can’t drive and talk on the phone, bye!” and with that he hung up, leaving Rae on the other end wondering why he didn’t give her time to say something.

She turned back to Gerard and handed him his phone. He looked at her quizzically, and she shrugged back.

“Apparently we’re eating a pizza when everyone gets back.” She said with a laugh, handing the phone back to him.

“So,” Gerard began, stretching his arms in front of him with a yawn, “what are we gonna do about the whole love triangle?” Rae froze at these words, looking at him with a saddened expression.

“Well I don’t want to tell him, not today anyways. Not at dinner either…let him be for a while, and maybe I’ll tell him tomorrow.” She thought of Mikey’s sweet smiling face twisted and crying in pain at her betrayal. She wouldn’t be able to handle it, she couldn’t. She shook her head, letting her hair fall in her face blocking her from Gerard’s gaze.

Gerard ran his hands across Rae’s shoulders, sending wonderful sensations through her body. He slowly began moving his hands downward to her back, then to her waist, gently scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bed. They sat together for a while, simply listening to one another’s breathing and heartbeats, watching the clouds lazily drift by, when finally at long last the two of them heard the car’s engine idling in the driveway.

“Hello, anyone here, anyone alive?!” Frank shouted from downstairs. Rae and Gerard lifted themselves from the warmth of the bed and walked calmly down the stairs. “Hey sweet thing,” Frank yelled, running to greet Rae with a hug, and a glance to Gerard. “Gerard didn’t do…you know…” he trailed off open ended for her to fill in the blanks.

“No, no, nothing harmful,” she assured him with a nod and a smile. “All we did so far was talk and I don’t know…talking was basically all we did.” She finished, smiling lightly at Gerard then back to Frankie.

“Well that’s good to hear. Mikey and the others are out grabbing the Pizza, though I thought it was way too early for food. But ah well…no one listens to me…” He kept saying as he walked away. Rae laughed as he continued his rant, when she was suddenly lifted up from the ground, and spun around, to then face Mikey.

“Hello love. You okay?” He asked as he moved her away from Gerard.

“Yes! I told you on the phone that I was okay…didn’t you believe me?” He held her close while she talked into his chest.

“I couldn’t be too sure; he might have been telling you to say that, I’m just concerned about you…and your well being.” She nudged herself away from him, squaring her shoulders.

“I’m not ten years old anymore Michael, I can damn well take care of myself, thank you very much!!” And she stormed away and back up to her room, throwing herself upon her bed, and sighing heavily. A small knock a moment later made her look to the door.

“Hey it’s me…can I come in?” she sighed, as Ray stuck his head in. She nodded and he came in and closed the door slowly.

“What do you want?” she asked, laying her head upon her pillow, and breathing in the scent. It smelled like Gerard.

“I just…I noticed there was something going between you and Mikey,” she looked back at him in terror thinking she’d be in trouble that their secret romance was found out. “I’m not dumb you know, and its okay with me, you aren’t in trouble. But, I was wondering if everything was okay, I mean you used to be around him all the time, you two couldn’t be separated at all. And you also used to be terrified of Gerard, but now…it seems to be the other way around, what gives?” She looked away, knowing she had betrayed Mikey, and everyone else.

“I-I have something to tell you,” she glanced up at him, and he looked interested, not angry. “I…something happened between Gerard and I, today…last night-“

“Oh, if he did anything to you, or your virg!-”

“No…no…nothing like that. He came in my room last night, and we started talking. At first I wondered why he was there, but then he…he began talking, he sounded sad…almost like he was hurt that he had scared me so much. We both just kind of had a connection going, and I know it wasn’t right to do this to Mikey…but…he kissed me, and I kissed him back. He was very civil about the whole thing, he didn’t push me, rush me in any way, and he really was a gentleman.” There were some tears going down her cheeks, which Ray wiped away very caringly.

“I won’t tell anyone…if you don’t want me to. I’ll take it to my grave and-” she put a finger to his mouth to lightly silence him.

“No it’s alright. He’ll have to find out sometime, they all will, and it isn’t right to keep all of them in the dark about what we’ve-I’ve been doing.” Ray took her head in his hand, how warm it was, and he tilted it up toward his face.

“Just be careful…I don’t want anything happening to you, or anyone else. You’re now part of my family…just promise me you’ll keep yourself safe for me, and Gerard…and Mikey?” She nodded sullenly, burying her face into his chest, and sobbing uncontrollably for what seemed like forever…until she finally fell asleep.
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