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i am blank

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We were in the line forever it seemed, but when we got up there the ride was awesome we got in a jeep that looked really cool. We got to the part were the rock chases us I freaked out.

***time lapse***

It was now Alex’s second birthday party, and Bam dropped by, “Ali I know I was a total ass before and I am sorry so I went to a consular thingy and I met a girl,” he said hugging me.

“Did you explain that I have to approve and the relationship we have will she get jealous and I forgive you,” I kissed him on the cheek.

“yeah I told her and look I got my tattoo redone,” he lifted up his shirt.

I ran my hands across it, “That one is my favorite,” I hugged him. Just then she walked up.

“Hi I am Missy,” she said reaching out a hand.

“Ali,” Gerard walked up, “This is my husband Gerard, and my daughter Alex.”

“Cool,” I hugged Bam.

“I missed you, Douche bag why didn’t you call,” I yelled.

“I thought you were mad,” he said.
“I was but I was more worried,” I stepped back, “Stupid.” Everyone walked up behind me.

“Hey Bam,” they all said like nothing ever happened. They were all hugging.

“Hey Bam its Alex’s birthday,” Mikey said.

“Sweet,” he picked her up, “when you turn sixteen you are getting a car of your choice from me,” he said.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” I said laughing, “You guys can go for a swim if you want.”

“Sweet action,” Bam said kissing me on the cheek. I ran upstairs and put on my suit. We swam for a while and Erin came with the cake.

“CAKE TIME,” she yelled. We all ran into the kitchen and sang, then Alex blew out the candles.

//the reason I am having a HUGE time lapse is because I am completely blank and all the ideas I have are drama filled between Alex and everyone and its just easier for me//

****Alex is now 13 and her POV*****

“Alex get up,” uncle Frank was yelling at me, “You got school.”

I rolled over, “I don’t want to,” I covered my head.

“I am going to wake up your brother and up better be getting up or Gee will come get you,” he said walking out. I decided to get up I mean Frank would just yell at me to get up, and dad will dump water on me or something. I walked over to the bathroom.

“Justin Delmar hurry up,” I yelled banging on the door. Just then the door opened, “Oh hi daddy,” I said.

“Exactly hurry up so Frank can take you guys to school,” I nodded. I hurried and walked downstairs.

“Morning mom,” I said hugging her.

“Morning, today Aden will be coming home with you Chelsea has to work, and make sure you keep and eye on Marie, please I am trusting you,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, “do you have to go to work tonight,” I asked.

“Yes but tomorrow I am off,” she said. Then Justin came downstairs.

“Mom I don’t want to go to school,” he whined. He was eight and I wanted to kick him out the window. Thank god for condoms, or we would have more kids.

“Alex, Justin lets go,” Frank grabbed my hand. I puloled out my blackberry and I had a text from Victoria, she’s my best friend.

“Cant wait to see you at school,” it said.

“Frank I want to see my friends lets go,” I yelled. We got there and I saw Victoria, and everyone.

“Alex,” she yelled, “Hows your mom and dad? How’s Mikey, Ray, Bob, and Frank,” she asked. Max, Ronnie, and Brian were the, They where always there for me.

“I missed you guys,” I yelled hugging them. Aden was hanging with us being he was in our grade.

“Aden, your mom is hot,” Brian yelled, “I was watching her on Fuse yesterday, Yummy.”

“Dude that’s gross,” he whined.

“Alex your mom is hot,” Max said, “You dad is so lucky, she makes attack of the show so interesting.”

“Dude that is wrong,” I said.

“I think both your moms are hot,” Ronnie said.

“EWWW,” I yelled. Just then Avril walked up, Max’s twin sister.

“Dad said to go to Alex’s after school,” she paused, “He will pick us up.”

“Iight,” he said, “So that means I get to stare at your mom yummy,” he said.

“Your dad is hot,” I yelled. Their dad was Bam Margera, the skater, him and my mom well they had a past he came by every birthday I had.

*at the Way house after school Ali’s POV*

“Gerard I love you,” I said kissing him running around the house. I was in a white spaghetti strap no bra I didn’t think about it.

“I love you too,” he said, “What are the plans today,” he asked.

“Bam’s twins are coming over and same with Chelsea’s kids and our kids,” I said.

“Calm down,” he said kissing me, just then the kids walked in.

“Get a room,” Alex yelled, Followed by many kids running.
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