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The Randy Problem

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How Bunji got the 'Randy Job'.

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The Randy Problem

Another meeting with Lee's mouth was all it took to quiet the ache of boredom and get Bunji's head back in the game. The surroundings might have been nicer; the abandoned tenement was a run down shit hole ripe with the scent of decade's old mildew and toilets gone dry. Bunji sat with ass planted on the end of a naked mattress, as he lit another cigarette he turned to watch Lee teetering lazily on the cushions edge.

"Must you smoke?" Lee asked.

"Yeah, I must." Bunji said.

Lee brought his wrist to his face and squinted at his watch. He smiled, "My hands smell like you-"

Bunji took a quick look over at him and shook his head, "That's weird."

"What is? The smell of your cock on my fingers?" asked Lee.

"No, you sitting there smiling about it," he said, and then with a serious quaver in his voice asked, "What am I doing here?"

"Short term memory loss Kugashira?" Lee huffed.

"I know what we just did here-but I want to know why I'm suddenly so lucky?" he asked.

Lee refused to look at him, keeping his focus fixed on the empty light socket above. "I wanted you so I brought you here. What do you think of this place?"

"It's a piece of shit." Bunji said matter of fact. Lee knew asking about their surroundings would take Bunji's eyes away from him. He turned, his anticipation correct, and noted Bunji's every detail; bony shoulders channeled down to slender hips, unruly wisps of hair were shaped earlier by Lee's orgasmic clutch. He had to speak, because despite his fear of Bunji's gaze, he craved the man's attention, "It's going to be my new office."

"You bought this place?" Bunji laughed.

"No," Lee drawled, "Corsione bought this place."

"Corsione? That monster that used to work for Bear?" asked Bunji.

Lee smirked. "He signed the lease last week."

"You brought me to Donny Corsione's new home base for a suck session?" Bunji asked, and then carefully used his finger to move a loose strand of hair from Lee's cheek. "Do you have a death wish or what?"

"I work for Don, so I'm entitled to a little fun at his expense."

"I thought you worked for the Big Guy-like me and Brandon."

"Brandon Heat doesn't work for Harry anymore than I," Lee explained with a smile, "The Graves don't belong to Harry, they belong to Millenion, which means Brandon works for Big Daddy." Lee sat up an inch, pulling his hair out from under him before resting his head back down. "It's all tedious rank and file, nothing a foot soldier like you should concern yourself with."

"You ask me, I like being just a soldier." Bunji took a drag on cigarette. "The Big Guy says he's an Associate, I guess that means something special."

"Brandon's a Lead. Leads work for Associates, Associates are the men at the table."

"A Lead? That's what you are." Bunji's voice was calm, with just a hint of excitement.

"That's right." Lee spoke softly, his eyes locked on Bunji's. "We're the same rank, but being a Lead for Big Daddy carries more clout than being Lead for Don Corsione. Brandon's got his True Graves, and I've got massive amounts of cash in briefcases." Lee grinned at his own little quip, yet Bunji seemed unimpressed.

"Yeah, whatever. So the Big Guy's at the table. Who's his Lead?"

"Bob. All knowing, all seeing." Lee sighed indifferently, but then he changed his tune. "He's the best Lead of us all-he gives Harry one hell of an advantage over the other Associates. Once you're an Associate you want to get a seat by the big window."

"You make me want to laugh." Bunji said.

"Excuse me?" Lee's head rolled to watch him.

"You're sitting there right now thinking about how high up you can go, aren't ya?"

"All the've no ambition Kugashira?" Lee rolled to his side and rested his head on his hand. "Tell me something, how long will you be just another Grave?"

Bunji glared a moment before turning away.

"Someone important is going down." Lee said, reaching over and running the back of his fingers against the curve in Bunji's bicep. "Once this certain someone is gone, Harry moves closer to the window. Harry's chair goes empty-"

"-for Brandon." Bunji countered.

"Don't be stupid, he's still a Grave despite his rank." Lee said quickly.

"Bear Walken was just head of the he parks his ass right next to Big Daddy." Bunji leaned in close as Lee bared his teeth in a bright smile.

"...and this from someone who doesn't give a shit about what goes on in the rank and file." Lee laughed.

"I don't want be part of the suits club, but I know the rules."

"Brandon doesn't need a chair." Lee said, moving down onto this back. "He stands close enough to the window."

"From what I saw, you two were shoulder to shoulder." Bunji butted his lit ember against the floor and moved closer to Lee.

"I'm never going to get a chair at the table Kugashira and do you know why?"

"It's not because you're Balken. Big Daddy's from the islands like me-"

"True, bigotry isn't one of his habits. No, it's nothing to do with my ethnicity, it's something simpler. I'm a faggot Kugashira."

Lee stared boldly at Bunji who watched him with hungry eyes. "No shit, I think you proved that this afternoon. So what if you're a queer. I'm queer, Big Guy or Brandon don't give a shit."

"You put me in such a delicious mood." Lee rose, his nose inches from Bunji's and he tilted his head enough to slide his chin against Bunji's prickly skin. "You aren't in a suit."

"I see what you mean." Bunji's hand encircled Lee's neck, his thumb rubbed the skin beneath Lee's jaw.

"I must get Harry McDowell by that window. He's my only chance for a spot at the table." Lee closed his eyes, savoring Bunji's warm breath against his cheek. He needed to stay focused, so he removed himself from Bunji's hand and assumed his position back on the mattress.

"You got great tits, you know that?" Lee felt strong hands descend over his chest and brush past his nipples. As Bunji's explored Lee's ribs beneath his shirt he asked, "So why'd you bring me here?"

"This could be our office Kugashira." Lee said, but Bunji then pulled away and Lee sat up, "The Graves will be all yours someday-"

"You're the best cock sucker I ever met, but I ain't turning on aniki, so fuck you." He said, reaching for another cigarette.

"Do you really think me so simplistic?" Lee slurred, his fingers scratching into Bunji's hair.

"Nah. You're complicated, too complicated to just invite a soldier like me here for a quick suck off in the afternoon. You want something and you think I can get it for you." Bunji lit up, inhaled deep and then exhaled slowly.

He stared unflinchingly at Lee, resolute, he wanted an explanation.

"Randy's been spying on Harry." Lee said.

"No shit? And what has Randy seen?"

"Harry's been skimming funds, financing some side project of his. Randy's one of those old fucks who thinks all earnings should go to the family and fuck any personal endeavors that might come before business." Lee spoke, carefully watching Bunji's reaction as he explained everything.

"So what, Big Guy needs to hide his money better," Bunji butted out his freshly lit stick in the ashtray this time before flicking it across the room.

"You still don't get it do you?"

"Why don't you just stop fucking around and be level with me." Bunji demanded, "You bring me here after ignoring me for two years and then you talk crap about the Graves with no Brandon. I don't like this shit, I don't fuck my friends over."

"Harry's going to take Millenion one day, whether or not Big Daddy wants that is irrelevant." Lee said coldly. Bunji sensed the real Lee now, the man Harry called when someone, anyone, got in his way.

"I suspected as much..." Bunji said sincerely.

"I've no issue with Brandon Heat. I could care less about him, but the truth is Brandon's going to support Big Daddy because that's what he's chosen to do. When the time comes Harry might have to go up against Big Daddy and it's going to get messy." Lee said.

"Listen, aniki don't talk about this shit with me ok. If you're fishing for info on where he stands with the Big Guy you'll have to ask him." Bunji sighed.

"I know where Brandon stands, and like I said, he's not my problem. My problem, right now, is Randy." Lee said, laying back down, hair still sprawled above him.

"Randy is Harry's problem," asked Bunji.

"Harry's problems are my problems-"

"/Our problems/. We're all a team, remember?" Bunji leaned over, hand on one side of Lee, body on the other. "Harry says it's time for Randy to go, only he can't say this to aniki because...Randy does what's best for the family-and so will aniki."

Lee grinned up at him, "And you scoff at my desire to share power with you..."

"No offense, but balling you and working with you, are two different things. I prefer the former, because as a whore you're less dangerous."

"My, aren't we well spoken all of a sudden."

"Yeah I ain't as simplistic as I let on-"

"I never for a moment suspected otherwise."

Bunji brought his lips to Lee's. "Take your pants off, I want to fuck your ass."

"Not today Kugashira, I'm not that easy."

Bunji laughed, his breath tickled Lee's tongue. "Oh yeah, well you better get easy, you need a trigger man. You can't take Randy out yourself because you're the one who needs to bring Harry to Corsione with some story about Randy-which is?"

"Randy's stealing..." Lee pecked the tip of his nose against Bunji's.

"I suppose Bob's cooked up some meaty evidence."

"Bob's quite the chef-"

"So the Big Guy comes to you because you're his friend, and you two tell Don all about how Randy's been screwing the family." Bunji shifted his attention to Lee's open shirt.

"Your grasp of the situation is turning me on-"

"You got a problem all ready squints, because when Corsione makes the call to take Randy down, Brandon won't be there because he's with Big Daddy and his wife." Bunji's settled down against the buckle of Lee's slacks, his hands took hold of Lee's breasts and squeezed tight.

"I know this," Lee said.

"Then you also know I can't work on my own, I got strict orders not to."

"I'm the same rank as Brandon Heat-"

"Yeah, but you don't give orders to Graves," Bunji interrupted.

"Let me finish..." Lee jerked his hips to force Bunji's attention back to his face. "Ok, here's the new plan. Don's lazy. He'll order me to take proof of Randy's betrayal to Bear Walken across town. Harry gets worried for me and so calls on the Graves top lieutenant-"

"-to make sure your bony ass is delivered in one piece."

"Only I'm going to be safe and sound at Bob's while you seek out and eliminate Randy."

"We both say he found us, and I had to kill everybody." Bunji smiled up at Lee before resting his cheek against Lee's cleavage. "That's a good plan."

"Thank you," crooned Lee, fingers twining into Bunji's hair.

"There's still one problem with it though-" Bunji said thoughtfully.

"What?" Lee asked.

Bunji spoke up, "Your pants aren't off yet."

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