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Lost Chances

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Everything is gone. What gave me the will to go on living is now lost. [poetry, originally written Jan. 2003]

Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Erik - Published: 2008-08-05 - Updated: 2008-08-05 - 445 words - Complete

Everything is gone
What gave me the will to go on living is now lost
There is nothing more
All is darkness
Dreams fullfilled destroyed me
What is left seems a lifeless shell
The greatest mistake ever made was mine to do
I did wrong
Why did I not know it?
Why didn't i remember?

What's done is done
That is the way of living
No wound allowed to heal
Hate seemed the only way
Now I know
Now I know of my faults
Now I know
But I can't remember...

My dream is gone
Lost the vision of Light
May angels guide you to darkness
May I never find you again
I let you go
May you find your place of happiness
Happiness is forbidden
At least for me...

I tried to give you the world
I know I was successful
But to have the world bow at your feet...
To see you sparkling woth fame...
Was not what your heart was seekingy
You wanted the world
You wanted my worldy
True as well
But my world was deadly for you
I am your Death
I was your Angel
As you were mine

I was too stupid to understand that
I wanted to play the part you wrote for me
I was too good an actor
You believed me
And I beganto believe it too

Insanity is a funny thing
You never know when it strikes
They told you I'm a madman
Perhaps I am
Perhaps not
Insanity and madness are not always the same
You know that
I know you know

You gained freedom because I let you go
Your perfect suitor was never capable of rescuing you
You know he is a coward
You know he thinks of you as a possesion
The perfect little wife for the perfect man of society
I pity you
I envy him

Deep inside we are the same
Your loever and I
We are the same and not
I could never think of you as an accessoir
I will never think of you as a proper wife
You hate this role you must play
You hate to be someone you don't want to be
I am alike your lover in my love for you
That and I would do anything to get what I want

I thought I could right my wrongs
I truly believed I could make it all better
I let you go
You gave me one moment of forbidden happiness
I sent you to your happiness

I sent you to your doom
In the arms of a human you may find happiness
In my arms you found eternal darkness
And your heart...
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