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finding nemo

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LOL i am blank

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“Okay,” we walked over into the stadium, “what do I have to do today,” I asked Gerard.

“Hang out with me,” he kissed me.

“Whoa Gerard I am with Max back off please,” I said pushing him away.

“Fine,” he said making a pouty face.

“But kisses on the cheek are fine I promise,” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Sweet,” he yelled, “Okay so we got to talk to the guys we have a concert tonight, and Frankie said hi,” I grabbed his hand, and we skipped on the stage. I grabbed Mikey’s bass and began to play. Gerard and I were goofing around. He laughed, “you should sing.”

“You know I suck why so you toture me about it,” just then my phone rang, “yo yo yiggity yo,” I said.

“Hey its Max were are you,” he asked.

“I am with Gerard taking car of some stuff,” I said.

“Ah cool, I was just wanting to see if after the concert you want to play guitar hero with us,” he asked.

“Hell yeah, well got to go bye,” I hung up.

“SO who was that,” Gerard asked.

“No one just Max,” I said.

“Ah I see,” he said tackling me.

“Wait I still have Mikey’s bass,” he got up and I put the bass down.

Then Ray walked in, “Ali,” he yelled.
“Ray,” I yelled getting up and running to him. I hugged him.

“So you ready for tonight,” he asked.

“Yeah I can’t wait to watch you guys,” I yelled.

“Awesome,” he kissed me on the cheek.

Max came running to me, “Ali you forgot this,” he handed me my necklace.

“Thank you,” I kissed him.

“So you mind just hanging out now,” he asked.

“Sure you can walk around with us,” I said. I grabbed his hand and we walked off. Gerard grabbed my other hand, “I feel pretty.”

“You are,” Max said kissing me.
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