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Burning underwear!

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A/N: Well, I wasnt sure whether to put smut in this chapter or not since only two people reveiwed (Big thanks to ferardxXxgerarnk tc and lilrainforest! xx) and since both of them said yes to smex, I figured I would. But if y'all dont like then sorry.
For the rest - enjoy :] xox

The wedding ran smoothly and was beautiful, I sat beside Frank and enjoyed seeing his wide smile through the whole ceremony, every few minutes he would look at me and grin, squeezing my hand in his. We only had very close family and friends at the wedding and so we didnt mind letting them know about us, even so we didnt want the attention to be on us, this was Mikeys day. So my mother had taken it as her responsibility to let as many of the people know before the wedding so they could get over shock/disgust and whatever.
After the wedding we were going back to my parents house to celebrate, Mikey and Alicia travelling in a horse drawn carriage, everyone else walking.
Once we got there the wine and ale began flowing and the conversations began. Mom had made plenty of food and my father told us all to 'get fat and be merry' which we were all more than happy to do. My grandma Elena sat down with Frank and had a long conversation with him, the small amount I had heard had caused my heart to skip a beat, she was telling him he better take care of me, and when I went to intervene she told me to go away like a good boy while she chatted with Frankie.
"But Grandmaaa!" I whined. She scowled at me and crossed her arms over her chest.
"Dont but grandma me, you havent even said hello to me today. Werent you brought up better than that?" She asked. I rolled my eyes as Frank giggled.
"Yeah Gerard, its only polite to greet your grandmother, you should respect such a wonderful woman." Elena smile at Frank and linked her arm in his.
"Exactly, thankyou Frankie. Now come on Gee, give your grandmother a kiss." I glared at Frank who grinned back before kissing Elenas cheek and saying an over polite hello. She swatted me and ran her long nails through my hair.
"Goodness Gerard, your hairs getting long. You need it cutting." She said. I sighed as Frank laughed silently.
"I like it this way Grandma." I said gently. Elena sighed and turned back to Frankie who smiled at her as she poked his shoulder.
"Goodness dear how did you fall for a man like him? He's a nice boy really, but if looks were anything to go by - "
"I think he looks beautiful." Said Frank, cutting across my grandma which is usually a bad move but to my surprise she smiled warmly at him and held his arm tighter.
"Aaaw thats so sweet Frankie. You two make such a lovely couple - now then. I hope your planning to come to my house for dinner one of these days, your pretty skinny. I heard Englands very skimpy on its food, though I see Gerard hasnt had such a problem." She said looking over at me.
"Grandma!" I squeaked, covering my stomach with my arms. Elena laughed and held her hand out to me, making me sit on her other side so she could hold my arm too.
"I'm only playing with you grandson. In fact, I'm looking forward to fattening you up again. You've lost weight." Grandma poked my stomach and sighed. "See. Totally flat, I like men to have a bit of a curve to their stomachs." I rolled my eyes and got swatted again for being cheeky, Frank giggling once more.
"Oh Frankie your laugh is just so adorable!" Cried Elena, making Frank smile. "Now then. Because I'm dear Gerards grandmother I think its time to embaress him a little with stories of his childhood. So Frankie, have you heard about when he set fire to his own underwear?" Frank smirked and shook his head as my heart fell into my stomach, I gripped my Grandmas arm and pulled her to her feet.
"Err, Grandma you havent congratulated Mikey yet! Quick, go! Before he thinks your being rude!!" I cried, pushing my grandma forward.
"Oh yes, well, maybe some other time Frankie." She said over her shoulder before going to find Mikey. I breathed a sigh of relief and sank back down beside Frank who laughed at me. He slipped an arm round me and rested his head on my shoulder.
"So... tell me about the firey underwear incident." He giggled. I scowled and hunched my shoulders.
"Shut up Frankie."

"Hey gee..." I turned to look at Frank to show I was listening, as we both started getting unchanged for bed, having just got home. It was late, probably about midnight, and the party at mom and dads house had only just reached its end.
"Is Mikey a virgin?" Asked Frank innocently, I stared at him in shock for a small while before bursting out laughing, clutching my sides as the question sunk in. "What? Dont laugh! Come on, is he?" Frank asked, his shirt half open. I took deep shuddering breaths as I tried to calm down my laughing.
"W - why would you ask th - that!?" I spluttered, laughing so much it hurt. Frank scowled and folded his arms.
"Its just, when everyone was joking with him saying he should get going if he wanted to have an amazing wedding night, saying theyd be at it like rabbits and stuff. Well, he looked really worried about it. And so I was wondering whether he was panicking a little because it would be his first time... maybe..." Frank looked doubtful all of a sudden but then I stopped laughing and looked thoughtful.
"Actually. Thats a very good point. I've ever never thought about it before, he's had girlfriends before but I dont know if they ever had sex. Actually... He probably didnt, all the girls nowadays save themselves for the wedding night so yeah - it probably is his first time." I couldnt help but giggle at the thought, it was romantic... but funny. "Wow. Today my brother becomes a man." I smirked, Frank chuckled and allowed his shirt to slide down his arms and onto the floor, catching my attention and making me smile.
"He's a good kid." I managed to say before all thoughts were pushed out of my mind by the way Frank was walking towards me with no shirt on, the black trousers he was wearing clung tightly to his legs and demanded my attention.
"What about you Gee? Were you gonna wait for the wedding night?" He smirked. I grinned back and wrapped my arms around his waist as soon as he got close enough, standing with my back to the bed.
"Ah well you see, I was always very bad and never got round to the full time commitment thing. Its just those sweet girls couldnt take their hands off me and who was I to spoil the fun?" I chuckled. Frank laughed and nuzzled his face into my neck, pressing small kisses to the flesh.
"Now that was very bad of you Gerard. Taking advantage of those poor girls, theyre probably still waiting for that wedding proposal off you." I laughed and rubbed small circles on his lower back with my fingertips.
"Nah, they knew I didnt love them as much as I knew they didnt love me. It was fun is all, of course. It was a long time ago when I was foolish. Now I do have someone to love and I'm having more fun already." I felt him smirking against my neck and he gave me an appreciative little lick before moving moving up to my lips and hovering a teasing millimetre away.
"Good. So am I." He grinned before allowing me to pull him into the kiss we both wanted. Our lips instantly parted so our tongues could meet and twist together, his hands moving up to twist in my hair as I gently moved us onto the bed, crawling up so that I could rest my head on the pillows, Franks straddling me as we worked our lips together, my hands clinging to his naked waist as he began undoing the remaining buttons of my half open shirt. I arched my back so that he could pull the fabric away and push it to the floor, before resting back against the sheets, his hands running over my torso, hungrily touching all my skin. In the back of my mind I knew if we didnt stop now then we wouldnt at all, I was happy to go all the way and I knew Frank was too, the only thing bugging me was it wasnt cliche romantic like I had wanted it to be, with candles and rose petals and what not. But I knew we didnt need that type of stuff for our first time together, and we could use it later in the relationship to spice things up a little. But for now this was exciting enough on its own.
Franks lips went down to my chest, kissing and sucking on the flesh, moving down and humming against my skin. He took me by surprise when he took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked lightly, but what surprised me more was the tingling pleasure it caused, I gasped and pushed my chest upwards, gripping his waist as one of his hands went to play with my other nipple. My eyes closed as hand and mouth alternated, giving me excited little butterflies in the pit of my stomach. There was no way I wanted to be bottom but I also knew Frank wouldnt want to be top, we had clarified that on the ship when we had got close to going further than before, we knew what positions we wanted and we connected perfectly, even so - I was enjoying myself. But then I became desperate to touch him, and taste him, so I rolled us over so I was on top and Frank flashed me a smile before I began kissing all over his torso. He closed his eyes with a content sigh, and he tangled his fingers into my hair as I sucked on the flesh of his shoulder, smiling a little at the purple mark on his collar bone from this morning. I wasnt sure what to do since I had never been with a man before, but I pushed this thought into the back of my mind as I licked over Franks nipple, rolling my tongue round the pink nub. Frank gasped and clutched my hair tighter, spurring me on. I moved down his body, reaching his trousers and kissing beneath his belly button as I undid them, being teasingly slow I pulled the fabric down his legs, savouring the sight of his flesh slowly being revealed. He watched me with lust clouded eyes as I sucked and nipped his inner thigh, pushing his trousers off the bed and working on his underwear. He sat up and began working on my trousers as I gazed lovingly at his naked body for the first time, my heart fluttering as I realised how truly beautiful he was. Once he had completely stripped me he stared at me, a small smile on his lips as he ran his hands soflty over my shoulders, caressing the skin. I ran my own hands down his sides. Our eyes locked for a moment before we met eachother in a slow and gentle kiss, hands touching as I gently layed us down again. He ran his hands over my back and bucked his hips upwards, grinding against me. The sensation of his semi rubbing against mine caused me to gasp into his mouth, him taking the oppurtunity to push his tongue between my lips and swirl against mine. He held me close to him and rocked his hips with mine as we kissed and moaned quietly together, getting more and more aroused until neither of us could wait much longer.
"G - Gerard, take me...please..." He breathed, playing gently with my hair as he nuzzled his face into my neck. I gripped his hips and kissed his jaw, wanting to but only now realising I didnt know how. I had a faint idea I just wasnt entirely sure. Frank felt me tense and looked at me with glazed eyes.
"Whats wrong?" He asked.
"I - I dont know if I know how..." I whispered, blushing and feeling embaressed. Frank gave me a genuine smile and kissed me softly with a little giggle.
"I forgot this was your first time... its okay. I'll help you." He said sweetly, grabbing one of my wrists and pulling my hand to his mouth, he looked me in the eyes as he gently took my middle finger into his mouth and began sucking on it, swirling his tongue as he did so. I watched him with interest as he moved on to give the two fingers either side of my middle finger the same treatment. Once he was done he pulled me into a soft, deep kiss. Spreading his legs I nestled between his thighs and he raised his hips a little as he guided my hand down to his perk little butt.
"Just - like - this." He whispered against my lips, his eyes closed as he prompted my middle finger to circle his entrance, I felt my heart rate increase as I moved my finger, watching his face carefully I allowed him to push my finger forward.
"Do what feels right -" He whispered and I bit my lip as I pushed my finger into him, feeling him tighten just slightly around it. I felt my heart hammering wildly against my ribs as I felt the heat against my knuckle as I pushed past the tight ring of muscle, it felt right to me and judging by the look on Franks face I had done the right thing. He slid his hand away from mine, giving me full control as he wrapped his arms around me, kissing me passionately as I began moving my finger inside him. It was strange and exciting for me, and I slowly began thrusting my finger, Franks teeth clamping gently on my bottom lip as he allowed a breathy moan to escape his mouth. I smiled against his lips and began working in a second finger, I didnt know how but I knew it was what was right. Frank pulled away from the kiss and rested his head on my shoulder, his lips parted in pleasure as I began scissoring my fingers. I understood that I was preparing him for my erection but I wasnt sure how long that would take, I knew he had been with other guys so did that mean it took a shorter time? I didnt bother trying to figure it out guessing I would know what to do when the time came, and right now I figured I should push in the third finger. I felt the stretch and heard Frank whisper encouraging words to me as I moved my fingers in and out of him. I could feel his erection throbbing against my stomach and was desperate to move on but I would take my time, I wasnt like those men in Acacia, I would be different and I would take my time. I prepared him with my fingers for a while longer until he was almost begging me to take him, and my own arousal was aching with lack of much needed attention. Slowly I moved my fingers out of him, feeling him shudder against me from the loss. I spat into the palm of my hand and layered my shaft in my spit, Frank nodding at me to let me know that was right. Once I couldnt hold back any longer I positioned the head of my cock at his entrance and looked into his eyes.
"I'm ready." He whispered.
"I love you." I whispered back before pressing my lips to his in a soft kiss as I slowly pushed into him. He clutched my shoulders and I went slower, making sure I caused him no pain, going agonizingly slow for me, but what I knew was comfortable for him. He kissed me gently as I pushed into him, inch by inch. I paused every few seconds, allowing him to adjust to what was there so far and open up a little more for what was to come. It took a long time, but I saw no tears, heard no sound of pain and I knew this was the way it was supposed to happen. Even so, I couldnt help but breathe a happy sigh once my hips gently connected with him, having pushed in right to the hilt. We kissed for a while longer as I waited for a moment before slowly pulling out a little and then gently pushing back in. I did it again only pulling out a little more this time. I continued like this, pulling out a little more each time, Franks tongue moved slowly with mine in lazy passion as I moved inside him. The feeling of being inside him was amazing and I just wanted to stay like this forever. We broke the kiss as I began to move faster, thrusting in him at a constant pace, my breathing became heavier and I could hear Frank panting slightly in my ear as he clutched my back, rising and lowering his hips in time with mine, coaxing me to go deeper. I pushed my hips back and forth, my elbows resting on the matress to support my weight above him, my fingers gripping the sheets. I felt a moan rising in the pit of my throat and I allowed it to slip from my lips in the form of his name. He gasped mine back to me as I increased the speed a little more, thrusting into him as gently as I could with my mind clouded by pleasure and lust, his head tilted back into the pillows, his eyes closed and mouth a perfect 'o'. We had created a perfect rhythm together and I pushed deeper into him, accidently hitting something inside him that caused him to cry out in ecstasy, arching his back and clinging to me tighter.
"Oh God Gerard! Oooh -" He moaned loudly, I felt my heart flutter and I thrust into the same spot, feeling his body shudder with pleasure and his abodminal muscles tighten around me. I moaned and thrust faster, feeling a warm feeling in my stomach signalling I was close. I bit down on Franks shoulder as I thrust into him, my hips knocking into him each time, hitting that special spot over and over again, making him clench around me each time. He moaned and gasped, rising his hips to meet mine as he whimpered for more. I slid my hand between our bodies and took his leaking erection in my hand. I began pumping it against my thrusts and Frank clawed at my back as my thrustd became erratic and out of time, both of us swiftly losing control. I twisted my hand as I pumped at his cock, feeling the vein throbbing against my palm. He whimpered and kissed any part of me he could get at.
"G - Gerard... Oh... Gee... I'm so c - close..."
"Dont hold back... cum for me Frankie -" I whispered between gasps, Frank moaned in response as I pulled my hips back until I was almost completely out of him. I squeezed his cock as I slammed back in, he cried out my name and arched his back as he exploded over my hand, his muscles clenching so tight around me I couldnt move, the feeling of him shuddering against me, his muscles clenching and unclenching was my undoing, I whimpered out his name as I released inside him, rolling my hips against him and slowly rubbing his cock to milk both our orgasms. Our bodies were shaking by the time we were completely spent, I pulled out of him and collapsed to the side, he rolled over to face me and pulled me close to him. We didnt speak as we panted and savoured the feelings of numb pleasure we were left with. His head was rested on my shoulder which was why I didnt realise he was crying until he took a deep, gasping breath - releasing it with a quiet wail. I raised his face to look at me, his eyes closed as tears ran down his cheeks.
"Frankie! Frankie whats wrong!?" I cried, holding him tight against me. "Oh Frankie, did I hurt you?" I asked, tears in my own eyes. Frank gave a choked laugh as he shook his head.
"N - no, its just... Its the first t - time it di - didnt hurt... you were so g -gentle and... and... Gerard I love you!" He cried, clinging to me as he sobbed. I wasnt sure whether this was a good thing or not but I held him as he cried, until finally his tears subsided and he smiled up at me, wiping his eyes.
"S - sorry. Its just, I always thought it would hurt no matter what but then you were so gentle and it felt so good and I guess I was just...overwhelmed." He gave a small giggle, blushing deeply and looking embaressed. I laughed, finally understanding and cuddling him close to me as I pulled the covers up over us, Frank snuggling into me.
"Frankie you know I'd never hurt you." I smiled. Frank kissed my cheek as he rested his head beside mine, tangling our legs together.
"I know." He whispered, his eyelids drooping. "I love you." He said quietly, almost asleep already. I gave him a loving smile as I kissed the top of his head.
"I love you too Frankie. Get some sleep." I said soothingly, running my hand over his back. He yawned and clutched me tighter.
"Night Gee."
"Night Frankie."

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