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I want you - now

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I had showed Frank round my house as he looked at everything with curious interest, picking up items and looking at them before carefully putting them back in their place. We had spent a small while sat together on the sofa and talking, me trying to explain what it was like to live in America and answering the questions he had about the new life I had brought him to. He was worried most about finding a job, though I insisted I could support us both he was determined to bring some money in himself, and he told me he would look for a job after Mikeys wedding. I admired how he wanted to be independant and agreed to help him. Little did he know I had a little plan up my sleeve...
I just hoped I could sort it out within the next three days.

"Gee, I'm tired. Do you mind if I go to bed?" Asked Frank with a cute little yawn. I smiled and shook my head as I realised how tired I was.
"No, infact. I'll probably head up now too." Frank nodded and together we stood up and I led the way upstairs, Frank following me. My room wasnt huge, but it was big enough and there was a double bed for us to share.
We talked as we got undressed before slipping into the bed together. Frank instantly rolled closer to me, slipping his arms round my torso and resting his head on my chest.
"Thanks for bringing me here Gee." He whispered as his eyes closed. I shifted so that I could wrap my arms around him too, gently kissing the top of his head.
"It was my pleasure Frankie." I whispered back, he gave a contented sigh in response, smiling a little and snuggling closer to me. I didnt go to sleep straight away, unlike Frankie. Instead I layed awake for as long as my exhausted body would allow me, listening to the sound of his slow and heavy breathing, the feel of his warmth. It felt so right to be here with him, like nothing could ruin such a perfect moment. I couldnt care less whether this was considered normal or not, and I knew that brining him here with me was the right choice. America was different to England but not so much so that he would have a culture shock and he was safe here unlike in Acacia. Sure it was his job, but how long could he have carried on working there until a customer went beserk. I'm sure stuff like that can happen quite often. At least here he was in my arms where no one could harm him. Not if I was anything to do with it. I smiled down at his sleeping form, curled against my chest like a kitten. I just managed to stroke a hand through his hair before being unable to keep my eyes open any longer and I submitted to the sleep I was deprived of.

"Gee... Gee wake up." I groaned and swatted my hand at the thing that was trying to wake me, pulling the duvet up over my head as I did so. "Gerard! Come on, you know I wouldnt wake you like this but have you forgotten?"
"Umananose -a gonaoose!" I whined, I wish I could say I was talking in a different language but I was just spitting out random sounds to form those two words which became muffled by the duvet as they passed my lips. I tend to do that a lot when I'm refusing to wake up.
"Gerard... Gee get up!" The thing demanded.
"Fine. I'll just go to Mikeys wedding on my own then." Slowly... these words sunk into my sleepy brain and my eyes shot open as I pushed the duvet off me with a groan.
"I doe wanna gerrup!" I slurred, rubbing my eyes with the palms of my hands. Franks grinning face appeared in my blurred vision as I moved my hands away from my face, slowly his features came into focus as my eyes became accustomed to being open. I gave him a lopsided smile as he kissed my cheek with flourish before practically skipping over to the wardrobe where our suits were hanging up.
"Come on Ger bear! Its your brothers wedding!!" He cried, jumping up and down excitedly on the spot. I yawned and groggily got out of bed, rubbing the back of my head as I struggled to fully awake. Frank was clearly having no such problem.
"Ohhh, I've never been to a wedding before." Frank clasped his hands across his chest, gazing upwards like someone acting out being in love. "I bet its going to be beautiful." He gave a small sigh of happiness as I stumbled over to him.
"Yeah, beautiful." I repeated flatly as grabbed my suit and made my way to the door to go to the bathroom. Frank zoomed past me, kissing my cheek again before announcing he was going to make me a coffee and whistling his way down the stairs. I stopped and smiled after him for a moment, he had been here for three days now and with each passing day he seemed to get happier and happier, I had never seen him so happy. I wasnt a great person to be around in the morning, I was usually grumpy and got angry but now with Frankie - whenever he woke me I would just whine like a toddler about having to get up and wouldnt get angry or anything. He was a good influence on me I guess, and I found that pretty amusing.
After I got changed and washed I went downstairs to find Frank in his own suit, holding two cups of coffee, he handed me mine and I gently kissed his lips before thanking him and taking a sip. I swear this guys a natural coffee maker, he makes it even better than I do and thats saying something. As we sat down and got some breakfast Frank went on about how excited he was, not just for the wedding but to see an American church and hear the service, as he said this he was twirling the cross on the end of the rosary he always wore around his neck. I was listening intently just because I love the sound of his voice, my eyes fixed on his face, his beautiful hazel eyes, his soft velvet lips with that silver ring...
As soon as the thought of his lips on mine crossed my mind it was all I could think about and I finished my breakfast in a daze, staring at him as he continued to talk. Once he too had finished we put everything away and he turned to kiss my cheek and slip his arms round my waist.
"Thanks for breakfast." He smiled.
"Thanks for the coffee." I answered before pushing my lips eagerly against his, taking him by surprise. He tightened his grip on my waist as I pushed him up against the wall, cupping his face in my hands and working my lips hungrily against his. He ran his hands up my back and pushed his lips harder against mine as I slipped my tongue into his hot mouth, tasting coffee and a sweetness that was entirely his. His own tongue rubbed up against mine, meeting in a passionate dance as I pressed my body to his, desperate to have more of him. Taste more, feel more, to claim him as my own. I ran my tongue out of his mouth a little to lick around his lip ring, pressing the flat of my tongue against the cool metal, tasting its metallic twang. I clamped my teeth around it and tugged on it gently as Frank gave a surprised gasp, ending in a barely audible moan, his fingertips digging into my back. I was feeling more and more aroused and couldnt figure it out until I noticed my leg between his thighs and his hips between mine, both of us subconciously grinding against eachother. Frank realised this at the same time as me and we broke the kiss, breathing deeply as we stopped all movement, Frank was blushing a deep shade of pink and I'm sure I was too. He gave me a small smile as if to say it was okay and I returned the smile, leaning in to kiss again, pressing my lips teasingly to his before pulling back and kissing his neck, his breathing becoming heavier and more wanting as I nipped and sucked the flesh.
"Gerard... dont leave a m - mark... the wedding..." He gasped. I ignored him and continued my ministrations, licking over the small bite marks I had made.
"Frankie... I want you - now." I growled, Frank didnt stop me at first but then he seemed to realise something and he began pushing at my shoulders.
"Ger - rard... s - stop!...The w - wedding. We cant be late!" He cried between deep breaths and gasps, I smirked against his flesh but I knew he was right, even so I wasnt done yet. I undid the top few buttons of his shirt as he told me to stop so we wouldnt be late.
"We wont be late, I just wanna do one thing." I insisted, Frank tried to be persistent but he melted against my touch as I licked down his neck, leaving a wet trail down to his collar bone before gently sucking on the flesh, biting and then sucking harder, Frank gasped and clenched his teeth, clutching my shoulders as I suckled his flesh, making sure I left a mark before licking over it and pressing gentle kisses back up to his lips where we met in a gentle and passionate kiss, my fingers working to do his shirt back up. We pulled away sooner than I would have liked but we had to get to the church, the hickey I had left on Franks collar bone was hidden by his shirt and he smirked at me, shaking his head fondly as he told me to sort my hair out before we left.
I did as he said and then we clasped hands before remembering we couldnt in public and letting go again, we grinned at eachother before leaving the house, making our way down the street and towards the church where my little brother was going to be married, the idea gave me little butterflies knowing that day would never come for me. But one look at the gorgouse man smiling beside me reminded me that it was all worth it.

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