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One rollercoaster of a month later we were about to dock in America, three days before Mikeys wedding. Frank had never been on a ship before and had been excited at first... but then he discovered sea sickness...
He had been ill almost every day and when he was used to it he had a new found passion and we found that everynight we were in the bed we were sharing, rolling around together and kissing, sure it got to the stage where things were going to be taken further but I kept stopping it. I was adament that we werent going to do anything until we were in a proper bed together, I had a great image in my head of my king sized bed back at home, covered in red petals and making it all cliche romantic and stuff.
Though it still took all my strength from stopping myself taking him right there on the ship. But I think Frank liked how I stopped myself each night, it was proving to him how much I cared, and how different I was to the men back at Acacia Avenue.
"There it is Gee. We're home." Ray gave a sigh of happiness and pointed out to the dock we would be soon stepping onto. I grinned and took a deep breath of the American air, convincing myself it was different to English air.
"Frankie, we're here. We're in America." I said excitedly, Frank was leaning on the side of the ship, looking grey.
"Uh... great..." He groaned. I gave him a concerned look just as he spun round and pushed half of his body over the side of the ship, hurling the contents of his stomach into the sea. I sighed and began rubbing his back, used to this by now.
"Thats it Frankie, let it out." I said soothingly, pulling his hair out of his face so he wouldnt get sick on it. Ray went a funny green colour and looked away, taking deep breaths. He always was a little squeamish.

When we stepped out onto the dock Franks walking was a little shaky, not only from sea sickness but from spending so long on a swaying ship. It felt strange to me too but I had no time to think of it as I had just spotted a tall and skinny man peering over the heads of the people coming off the ship, stood beside a pretty woman with silky black hair.
"MIKEY!" I yelled, he spotted me and grinned, running towards me as I ran for him, we collided in a tight hug, clutching at eachother and laughing as we rushed out words of greeting. Frank and Ray came up to us, Ray smiling and Frank looking curious. The woman arrived soon after and smiled at me and my younger brother as we embraced. When we pulled back I left my hands on his shoulders to look at him.
"God Mikey, its so good to see you again!" I laughed, he chuckled and smiled at me, his eyes - the same now even as they had been when he was a child - sparkling.
"Its good to see you too Gee." I grinned and Ray pulled me away from Mikey with a laugh and hugged him.
"Heya Mikey, good to you." He smiled.
"You too Ray." Mikey grinned. When they pulled away he took the womans hand and gave her a loving smile which she returned.
"I want you guys to meet someone. This is Alicia. My fiance." He said, not taking his eyes off her. We hugged and greeted her, before I saw Frank looking a little awkward on the sidelines. I took his hand and pulled him close to me, putting my arm round his waist, not caring about Mikeys confused stare.
"I want you to meet someone too little bro'. This is Frank, you know I was telling you before I left I felt like I was missing something? And I was hoping to find it?" I asked. Mikey nodded, dragging his eyes away from my arm round Franks waist to look at my face.
"Well. I figured it out, I was missing someone to love. And I found that person, and theyre Frankie." I smiled at Frank who looked at me and blushed, a shy smile tugging at his lips. "I know its not very conventional... And you must be shocked about it but, we love eachother with all our hearts and if you cant accept it then -" I stopped when Mikey swatted me round the head.
"To hell whether its conventional or not! Dont be such an ass Gerard, I'm your little brother of course I can accept it!" He snapped, glaring at me before beaming at Frank embracing him tightly.
"Its so nice to meet you Frank! I'm Gerards brother Michael, but call me Mikey - all my friends do." He grinned, Frank gave a geniune smile and blushed a little.
"Okay, nice to meet you too Mikey." Mikey smiled at him before smiling over at me, I grinned back - trust Mikey to make someone feel wanted. No sarcasm intended.
On the way to my parents house we all talked and laughed together, me and Ray getting to know Alicia better, Mikey getting to know Frank better, and Alicia getting to know us all better. Frank was looking so excited and Mikey and Alicia were being so nice to him I couldnt feel happier. I was nervous about introducing him to my parents though, I knew my mom would be fine with it, shocked, but fine. My dad I wasnt sure about though. He was a no nonsense guy, and I wasnt sure he would be all that accepting. I could tell Frank was scared too, so I tried not to show my nerves, if only for his sake.

I didnt even have time to say a word before my mom was hugging me so tight I couldnt breathe and going on about how much she had missed me. Mikey had gone to Alicias and Ray had gone to his parents, so Frank was left standing behind me, waiting patiently for me to be released.
"Hey ma" I choked.
"Oh Gerard did you have a good time! Its so nice to have you home again! Your coming over for sunday lunch tommorow arent you! Oh say you are! I've already organised it!!" She cried. I laughed and said I would, recieving a tighter hug. "Come on in and see your father he's in the living ro - Oh now... who's this?" Mom released me and looked at Frank with a small smile. I got my breath back and walked over to Frank, faltering a little when I went to place my hand on his shoulder.
"Oh this is Frank we... err... we met in England."
"Oh..." My mom was waiting for me to go on, but I sighed and asked if I could explain something to her and dad. She nodded with a curious look and I led Frank into the living room where my father embraced me, thankfully for a shorter time than my mom. When I finally had them both sitting on the sofa I took a deep breath and gave Frank a warm smile, he looked extremely nervous and it made me feel bad.
"Okay... Mom, dad... When I was in England I found that thing I was looking for." I began.
"What was it?" Asked dad, I looked at Frank who was facing the floor, trembling a little. I stepped closer to him and took both his hands, he looked at me with frightened eyes and I leant forward, kissing his cheek.
"They'll accept us, dont worry" I whispered. When I looked back at my parents theyre mouths were open and theyre eyes were wide. I bit my lip and gathered my courage. "It was Frank. I was missing love, I needed someone who I could share the rest of my life with and I found that person in Frank. We... we love eachother." I said gently, waiting for a response. There was a long pause before my parents looked at eachother, then looked back at me and Frank.
"So... you... your a couple. Is that what your trying to tell us?" My mom asked, I nodded.
"Yes. I've told Mikey and he accepts it, he's getting along with Frank great... I erm.. I know this is different and frowned upon and we'll have to keep it secret to the public but... I just... he means the world to me and I wont leave him. I just hope you both understand and wont think any less of me for it." There was another long pause as my parents thought about it, letting it sink in.
"Well... Son... If this is who you love then who are we to judge it. But your right, it will have to be kept secret. I dont want you getting hurt because of this, other than that." My mother got to her feet and approached a frightened looking Frank and held her arms wide.
"Its lovely to meet you Frank. I guess this makes you part of the family." She smiled before pulling him into a tight hug, I breathed a small sigh of relief, my father was still thinking but at least mom was okay. When she released Frank she began asking what food he ate, telling him he would be joining us for lunch tommorow. Asking whether he was staying at my house or not. She talked with Frank for a while before my father stood up, causing all to fall silent. He approached Frank and stared at him for a second.
"So. Your in love with my son are you?" He asked. Frank nodded, his eyes wide with fear. I bit my lip, unable to tell how my dad was feeling about all of this. "Hm.. well... god help you thats all I can say, I hope you realise he can be very boring some times." He said, I sighed with relief and smiled as my dad took Franks hand and began shaking it as Frank smiled and laughed a little.
"No seriously, if he ever bores you to the point of insanity be sure to come on down here. My wife is an excellent cook, you can eat something while he plays chess with himself." Dad smirked. Frank laughed and nodded.
"Of course sir." I glared at dad and he laughed at me as my mother announced she was going to get us all a coffee.
Frank and I stayed at my parents house all evening, mom and dad getting to know Frank. We didnt tell them the truth about how we had met, we pretended Frank had been working at the inn I had stayed at and that when he helped Ray get over his illness thats when we became friends. I knew Frank prefferred the lie than telling the painful truth. He had to confess to being an orphan though and the bone cruching hug my mother had pulled him into nearly killed him.
"Ooooh you poor thing!! That is just so tragic! Dont worry Frank, your part of this family now!!" She cried, rocking him side to side as he tried to breathe.
Mom also fattened us up with some home made cake before finally letting us go, my parents saying goodbye to us on the doorstep and watching us as we walked down the street together. When they finally went back into the house I took hold of Franks hand since no one was around and smiled at him.
"Well, that went well." I said. Frank smiled and nodded.
"Yeah, I like your parents Gee. Theyre nice." He replied. I grinned and quickly kissed his cheek. We talked all the way home and when I reached my house I unlocked it, our cases were inside already since Mikey had a spare key and he had agreed to drop them off for us. Just before I opened the door I took Franks hand and smiled as I said
"Frankie, welcome to our home."
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