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Your packing your bags and your coming with me

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haha! Iron maiden lyrics have finally got into the title, go me!

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Merl was, for once, sat in her room. Frank led me to the end of the corridor, down some stairs, up some stairs, and through what seemed to me like a maze. I couldnt beleive this place was so big, from the outisde it just looked normal. But then I supposed it did make sense since there always seemed to be so many guests. I followed Frank until we reached a door, it was the same as the rest only it had a brass doorknocker on it made up of a fancy swirl design. I sighed, finding it quite typical.
Frank gingerly pulled back the knocker and let it fall against the door, repeating this another two times until he had sounded three knocks.
"Come in." Came Merls voice. Frank looked at me and I took his hand, squeezing it comfortingly, letting him know I was here for him, and together we walked into the room.
Merl was sat hunched over a fine oak desk, the blackish red wood matching that of all the other furniture. The four poster bed had long lacy silk curtains and more cushions than this entire place would probably need, each one small and square and detailed. I guessed to the British the more cushions you owned the wealthier you were. I could see that Merl was writing something on a piece of paper, her writing fast and furious and for a moment I wondered whether we should come back later but no sooner had the thought passed my mind than Merl turned round to lock me and Frankie in an icy cold glare, but it soon turned to one of warmth and she smiled at us, holding her arms out.
"Frankiiiiee!! Hello darling!" She cried, getting to her feet and dashing over so she could squeeze him against her large breasts. Hm... did I say she smiled at us? I meant she smiled at Frank. I closed the door and waited patiently until Merl eventually allowed Frank to stand up, gasping for air.
"Oh... and Gerard." She added as an after though, she gave me a cold look before going over to her chair again, I scowled after her and Frank smiled kindly at me, squeezing my hand in his.
"So -" Merl twisted so that she was sat sideways, lifting one leg to cross over the over. "What brings you in here?" She asked. Frank and I looked at eachother, Frank parted his lips as if he was going to say something but then thought better of it. He bowed his head and shuffled his feet, his grip loosening on my hand. I looked at him and tightened my own grip, I wasnt giving this up - not when we had only just got here.
"Well. I have to return to America tommorow..." I began. Merl nodded, a small smile tugging at her lips making me scowl. But I would have the last laugh. "And well... you see, the thing is. Me and Frankie just cant bear to be away from eachother." I smiled at Frank as he smiled shyly back at me. "Because we love eachother." My eyes lingered on Franks a moment longer before I looked back at Merl who was looking a little confused as to what I was getting at.
"And so... We've decided we'll go to America... together. So, we were just coming to let you know Frank wont be working here anymore." I turned to leave, pulling Frank with me but Merl leapt to her feet, holding out a hand.
"HEY! Now you wait just one minute!" She demanded, Frank stopped obediantly and turned to look at Merl, making me do the same. "You two cant just waltz in here and tell me this. Frank will not be going with you to America -" I seized Frank round the waist and pulled him protectively to me, holding him tight.
"Why the hell not?" I demanded. Merl scowled and placed her hands on her hips.
"Because I said so thats why not! He's bringing in a lot of customers, now I think I have been more than understanding by letting him skip all the work except working behind the bar and I have let you two date one another without causing any trouble. But I am not going to let him go bounding off to America just to get hurt." She snapped. Frank looked sadly down at the floor but I gritted my teeth, feeling anger boil in my stomach.
"What makes you think he'll be getting hurt?" I snarled. Merl leant her weight onto one hip and scowled at me.
"Because I know all about men like you. I've seen it happen time and time again over the decades, mainly to the girls. One of which I loved like a daughter, long before Frank came here, and some Greek man came over and she helped him learn better English and they 'fell in love' so she went with him to Greece and do you know what happened?" Merl paused waiting for my answer, I had no idea and so I shrugged and shook my head. "I'll tell you then. One year later she turned up outisde this place with a baby and no husband, turns out the bastard beat her and tried to make her do things she didnt want to. She ran away from him and came back here, three months later he turned up and stabbed her in her sleep. I still blame myself, I feel like I should have done something to prevent it - but its too late now. However, I learn from my mistakes Gerard and so I wont be letting Frank go running off into the same situation. I'm not a fool." Frank had tears in his eyes, I guess he didnt know about this story either. My stomach was churning sickly and Frank looked up at me with doubtful eyes - surely he didnt think I'd be like that.
"Merl -" I managed to drag my eyes away from Franks to look at her. "I understand why your worried, but I swear I would never hurt Frank. And you can tell me you've learnt from your mistakes but so what? Are you trying to say that you wont let the people who work here fall in love and move away, are you going to keep them living like this just to keep them safe?" I asked, keeping my voice quiet, not wanting to make her think I was trying to argue - that would only make matters worse. Merl sighed and folded her arms.
"I dont know Gerard. It depends if I trust the people they fall in love with." She said.
"Well what have I ever done to make you not trust me?" I demanded. Merl rolled her eyes and shrugged.
"Nothing - but neither had that Greek bastard Yannis either." She snapped.
"Yeah, and I'm not Yannis." I snarled through clenched teeth. Merl waved her hand as if to dismiss it and sat back down on her chair. There was a pause in which no body said anything and I was starting to feel like maybe for once, I just had to give in.
"Merl -" Frank pulled out of my grip and walked over to her, I watched him walk away with a sinking feeling in my gut. Merl watched him approach her and then he pulled her into a tight embrace, he was whispering something in her ear but I couldnt tell what it was. I stood there feeling out of place for what seemed like forever, Merl nodding into Franks shoulder and refusing to look at me. When they finally pulled apart Merl was sighing. She looked over at me and her face seemed to soften when she saw the look of fear and doubt on my face, I was certaint that greek story had made Frank decide to stay after all and I was trying to brace myself for the blow.
"Fine." She sighed. Frank gave a small smile and she looked at him, taking his hand in hers. "Fine... you can go. But make sure you write!" She demanded, Frank laughed and hugged her quickly again as I tried to make sense of it all.
"Gee -" Frank cried, running over to me. He dived into my arms, wrapping his legs round my waist. "Didnt you hear? I can go with you! I can go to America!" He cried, a look of pure happiness on his face. I stared at him in shock for a minute before he laughed and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I held him tight against me as his tongue slipped into my mouth, I knew Merl was watching but I couldnt care less. He was coming home with me!
When we pulled apart Merl smiled at Frank and walked over to give him another hug. Telling him to go and get packed so she could have a word with me, my stomach did a flip of nervousness as Frank agreed and left the room. Merl stared at me for a while, taking in my appearance, examining my every feature before speaking.
"Well Gerard, looks like you got what you wanted." She said, I opened my mouth to speak but she stopped me. "Dont talk just listen." She demanded, I sighed and closed my mouth. "I dont know if your going to protect him or not, but I'm trusting you. America may be far away from here but I find out you've hurt him - even just once - then I will hunt you down and practice the art of medieval torture on your screaming form. Am I clear?" She asked. My eyes grew wide and I nodded.
"Absolutely." I said. Merl smiled and approached me.
"I'm so glad." She said, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me into tight hug that knocked the air right out of me, my feet rising off the floor. "Take good care of little Frankie. He really loves you." She smiled, squeezing me tighter until I was sure she was going to break my ribs.
"O - kay..." I managed to choke out before she let me go.
As I left the room I couldnt help but wonder what the hell Frankie had said to her.
It took me a while but eventually I managed to find my way back to Franks room, I walked inside to see him packing the few things he owned, he smiled at me when he saw me and dropped the shirt he had been holding so that he could walk over to me and pull me into his arms.
"She didnt give you a lecture did she?" He asked, referring to Merl. I laughed and held him close to me.
"Only a little one." I chuckled, Frank giggled and twisted his hands in my shirt, nuzzling his face in my neck.
"I wont be a burden to you will I? And everything will be okay wont it? You wont hurt me will you?" He asked. I sighed and held him tighter.
"God Frank you should know the answers by now. No you wont be a burden, yes everything will be okay and hell no I wont hurt you. I could never hurt you." I was shocked he had even had to ask.
"I know. I just wanted to...check." He mumbled. I pulled back and lifted his face to look at me, he gave me a warm smile. "I do trust you you know." He said quietly. I smiled and leaned forward, pressing my lips to his in a soft kiss. He ran his hands up to my hair which he began running his fingers through, my hands wrapping round his waist. Once more we made our way to the bed and lay upon it together, entwining our legs like we had the first night and savouring the feeling of our lips moving together. I was so happy to know I wouldnt have to leave him behind, and I couldnt wait for the rest of my family to meet him. I knew this was big leap for the both us. But it was one that would come out in happiness, I was sure of it, more so curled up with him, his sweet taste on my tongue.

A/N: Sorry it took a while to update, I just havent felt like it lately. I'm just spending most of my time curled up on my bed with my music on doing nothing, even tiny insignificant things are getting to me right now. But I made sure I added to it today otherwise I start to feel bad. So reviews would be greatly appreciated :]
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