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Chapter 2

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Have you ever been in love with your best friend? I know I have, and his name is Nick Jonas. ~A Jonas Brothers fanfic~

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"Ahh. We are finally home!" I exclaimed jumping out of the car. It was a warm, sunny morning and I had just got back from being on vacation with my family. After putting our bags away, Squirt and I went across the street to see Nick, Joe and Kevin so we could give them our presents we bought them while we were on vacation. After ringing the doorbell I realized that they weren't home so we decieded to go home.

When I got got home I started up my computer. Right when I was about to click on Itunes, an instant message popped up on the screen. "Hey this is from Joe!" I said in a whisper. I clicked on the message and it read: "Hey". "Hey. I typed back. Where are you at?" "Oh I'm just at the chocolate store with Lizzy and Nick getting some Redbull." Joe said. Then I wrote: "Ohh. Hey wait a minute, where is Kevin?" Then Joe replied: "You know what, I don't really know where Kevin went. He likes to dissapear a lot." "Well you guys hurry home because me and Squirt want to see you! I wrote with enthusiasm. You know what just call me when you are close to your house." Then I signed off.

'Cause you love me and I hate you
I'm right you're wrong, move on...

My phone was ringing. "Hello?" I answered. "Oh hey Joe. Okay yeah you're almost here. Okay I'll get my sister and we'll be right over there." "Okay Squirt come on. We are going to the Jonas'."

My sister and I were walking over to the Jonas' house when we heard a voice yell out "Hey guys!" It was Frankie the youngest Jonas sibling.

"Hey Frankie," Squirt and I yelled walking to go and hug him. Squirt and Frankie ran off to play while I walked over to Lizzy and Joe to say hi.

"Where's Nick?" I asked.

"Of course that's the first thing you say. 'Where's Nick?' Not even a 'Hi'." Lizzy said.

"I'm sorry. Hello! Okay now back to my question," I told her.

"Nick is inside working on a top secret project," Joe remarked.

"Hmm sounds interesting," I replied. Suddenly I felt someone poke me in the side, I jumped, turned around and saw it was Nick.

"Boo! Did I scare you?" Nick asked me.

"Yes Nick you did. You are very scary," I told him sarcastically.

"I've been working on a song and I want you guys to hear it," Nick said pointing to Lizzy and I.

"Okay well then let's hear it!" I exclaimed running inside.

"Hey Squirt and Frankie come inside really fast!" Joe called and, in a few seconds they were inside with us.

Right after Frankie and Squirt got inside, Nick began to sing:

"Everyone knows it's meant to be, falling in love just you and me
'Till the end of time 'till I'm on her mind it'll happen
I've been making lots of plans like a pickett fence and a rose garden
I'll just keep on dreamin'
But it's cool 'cause we're just friends." "It's not the whole song, only the chorus but, what do you think of it so far?"

"It's really good," I told him.

"Totally," Lizzy replied.

"Nice job," Joe said.

"Thanks guys. So what do you want to do?" Nick asked us.

"Oooh let's play Guitar Hero!" I exclaimed picking up the Guitar Hero guitar and turning the game on.

"Okay so, who wants to battle me first?" I questioned everyone.

"I'll go first." Joe told me.

"Okay." When Joe and I were done, I won. "Oh yes I won! In your face Joe. No Joe just kidding, you know I love you."

"Yeah sure you do." Joe told me.

"So does anyone else want to play?"

After a couple hours of playing Guitar Hero, everyone got bored and we just sat around.

"Come on guys it's June! We have no school and, it's nice outside. Do you want to so swimming or something?" Lizzy asked everyone.

"Actually Lizzy, me and Squirt should probably get home. It's 5 o'clock and our mom is going to be fixing dinner soon. We can all hang out tomorrow okay? Bye guys!" I said. "Come on Squirt let's go."

Squirt and I walked out the door hearing 'Byes' from everyone and started walking home. It wasn't very far a walk. In just a couple minutes we were at our house. "Hey mom!" Squirt and I yelled.

"Hello girls. Dinner will be ready in about an hour."

"Okay." I told my mom and started walking up to my room while Squirt took out our hamster.

When I got into my room I slipped off my flip-flops, walked over to my stereo, popped in the Jonas Brothers CD and turned it on. Ooo this is an S.O.S... I sang. I walked over to my desk and sat down. Just when I was about to click on Internet Explorer, an instant message from Nick was pictured on the screen:

Nick: Hey Gel

Me: Hey Nick. I just left your house like 5 minutes ago. What's wrong?

Nick: Nothing. How are you?

Me: I'm good. You?

Nick: I'm good too :] Can I tell you something?

Me: Sure, anything.

Nick: Okay well, I like somebody.

Me: Really? Who?! Please tell me!

'I hope it's me!' I said silently to myself.

Nick: I don't know if I should tell you. You would probably flip out.

Me: No I won't. Please tell me! I promise I won't tell anyone.

Nick: I'm still not telling you.

Me: Pleaseee?! What's the point of telling me you like someone if you won't tell me?

Nick: Okay. I won't tell you her name, but you know her.

Me: Hmm... Can I have another clue?

Nick: Well, she has been one of my best friends for a long time.

'Hmm...', I thought. 'Me and Nick have been best friends for a long time but Lizzy and Nick have too. So have Kayla and Nick...'

Nick: Does that help at all?

Me: Yes a little.

Joe: Hey guess what? It's Joe!

Me: Hey guess what? It's Gel :]

Joe: I noticed.

Gel: Ha ha.

Joe: So how are you?

Me: I'm good, you?

Joe: I'm good.

Me: Joe, do you know who Nick likes?

Joe: Yes I do.

Me: Could you tell me?

Joe: Nope.

Me: Please? Nick didn't tell me, and I wanna know.

Joe: No. I told him I wouldn't tell. Sorry :[

Me: Please Joe! I won't let him know that you told. I promise.

Joe: Okay I'll tell you.

Me: Yay!

Joe: So...Nick likes---

But Joe never got to finish his sentence because my internet suddenly disconnected.

"Ugh!" I exclaimed. "Oh well. I guess I'll ask some other time."

"Dinner is ready," my Mom called from downstairs.


I walked downstairs, ate my supper and didn't get on the computer for the rest of the night.
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