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Drabble Angst

by Imaginigma 2 reviews

Tragic news reach Rivendell. Impending doom looms at the gates. What news does Glorfindel bring to Elrond? OOC

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Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Lord of the Rings, neither Books, Movies nor anything else. I make no money with this story. Please do not sue me.

Words: 200 (Double Drabble)

Fast steps could be heard running through the stillness of the Last Homely House, accompanied by hectic breathing. The sound of robes rushing over marble floor, causing small amounts of dust to rise from the tiles and reflect in the sunlight, was reaching the ears of the inhabitants.

Servants were shoved rudely out of the way, doors were opened harshly and slammed shut again. Low whispering started throughout the floors and conspicuous voices rose in every corridor. The long golden hair of the nearly running elf Lord was trailing behind the fair being like a banner in a strong storm. He strode out even wider as he neared his destination. The study of the Lord of Imladris.

Reaching the door he pushed it open with slightly sweaty hands, not bothering to knock. Looking up from his papers, Lord Elrond immediately recognized the set jaw of his counsellor and his friends almost frightened looking eyes, "Glorfindel, what has happened?"

Shivering involuntarily, the loyal advisor broke the news to his Lord, "Aye. Something unexpected and dreadful. Elrond, news of your sons. They have ended their hunting trip. They will not arrive here as planned. They will arrive earlier!"

"Dear Valar, protect us!"

The end.
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