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The crumpled up note.

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Patrick write a note, telling Pete how He feels. After finishing it he rereads it and throws it away, giving up.

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Patrick's pov
I sighs and tears out a sheet of paper, and beginstrying to tell Pete how he makes me feel. I crumple up this piece of paper and throw it into the trash can.

Pet yawns and looks over at me, "You ok man?"
I nod.
"What are you doin?"
"Working on a song.", I lie effortlessly.
He nods, "Well I'm gonna go to bed..."
I nod and decide to go to sleep aswell.

Pete's POV
As I pass the trash can I grab one of the pices of paper that missed the trashcan.
I get on my bunk and turn on my lamp and read.

OK...I've writtten a thousand of theses and..ugh screw it.

I sigh, I need one with more words.

I sneakback down off of my bunk and grab a handfulll of them.
I read the one with the most words."""

OK...I really don't know how to tell you this.
It's just I...Ok.
I'm being a totally dork.
I wish I could say it.
I wish I could say it instead of write it.
But, hell I can't even do that.
Ya know what? Here is goes...
I fucking love you Peter Wentz.
I want you so much.
Since we fucking met in highschool...
I've wanted to kiss you...
On stage, when you kiss my cheek, I want to puch you because you're teasing me.
I love your lips and I want them to meet mine.
But this is weird.
I really doubt you feel the same...
I wish I could just walk up to you and tell you I love you...
But I'm so afraid you don't feel the same.
I'm bestfriends with regetion.
But I'm tired of it.
So I'm gonna scribble all over this and never give it to you.
Patrick ultimate failure."""

I bite my lip and wipe my eyes.
For years I've wondered if he's felt the same about me.
I shake him awake.
I smile and press my lips against his.
His eyes widen in shock but they slowly close as he kisses back.
He slowly pulls away, "You read them, didn't you?"
I nod, "And I'm glad I did...I fucking love you too Patrick Martin Stump."
Patrick smiles and pulls me back into the kiss.

Patrick's pov
I wake up with Pete's arms wrapped tightly around me.
Andy grins, "Awww..."
I stick my tounge out at him and kiss Pete's cheek.
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