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That night, Ryan and I feel asleep in my room talking till five in the morning, something we hadn't done in months. I had been so tired, but I really didn't care. I had missed my best friend more than I wanted to admit. And from what Ryan said last night, he missed me too.

"Emery, wake up." Ryan whispered in my ear softly.

I shooed his head away from my face, and whined.

"Get up, Em. Please," he pleaded with me.

I groaned into my pillow. "Go away, George."

I felt hands around my middle and squealed as Ryan picked me up, and carried me down stairs.
"GEORGE RYAN ROSS THE THIRD, LET ME DOWN NOW!" I yelled hitting at his back for him to let me down.

All he did was laugh, and slap my butt causing me to smack his butt in retaliation.

"Emery Elizabeth Page, that was slightly uncalled for." Ryan said calmly, placing me on the ground in the kitchen.

I pouted and stuck my hip out, placing my hand on it. "You were the one who started it, George. Don't be a hypocrite, now."

"You were calling me George, so you started it. And stop calling me that." He said childishly.

"Whatever." I sighed. "Where's Bren?"

"The guys went home to pack. We leave the day after tomorrow."

"Oh, does this mean I can come? I mean, you're breaking up with Keltie so I figured..." I trailed off, embarrassed looking at my feet.

"Are you dense? Of course you are." He grinned.

"That was not very nice."

"I never claimed to be a nice person," he said innocently.

"Wow," I laughed. "Trying to play the innocent act, Ry? I don't think that's gonna work to well with what I've been told you've done."

"Excuse me?"

"I know you heard me." I said with some attitude.

"What did you hear?!" He said frantically.

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