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Good Girl Gone Bad

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twin story

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Addison and Hilary Martin just turned 18 there in there senior year of high school.

Lets just say that Hilary is the popular one always doing stuff for school. Hilary is everything that Addison isn't!! Addison is a rebel to a tee. They hate that need eachother no matter how hard they try they will always need eachother there twins identical twins at that.

First day of school

"Addison lets get going plz I wanna be there on time?" Hilary said Addison came out dressed in Punks Rule shirt and black cari pants and sneakers.

"Addy dear didn't I teach you how to dress your self?" Hilary said Addison got her bag off of couch.

"You did I just didn't listen!!" Addison said

As walk out to the car. Hilary drove them to school, if Addison had it her way she wouldn't go at all. Addison ate while Hil drive them.

"Addison do you half to eat in my car?" Hilary asked

"Well you said you wanted to on time didn't you?" Addy asked back

"Yea but no cums in my car?" Hilary demanded
"Yes Mom!!" Addy added sometimes Hil acts like a mom.

So during school Addison was in class her and Billy were in there togther. Billy and Addison are cousins they are also the best of friends. Serously he had other friends there names are Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Paul Thomas!! They were cool especially when Addison was round!!! Joel saw her twin sister automatically fell in love with her. But Hilary didn't know nothing about it Joel wasn't going to tell her. Billy knew that Addison had like Joel but Benji wanted Addison to his self he told Billy not to tell any one. Gosh with all these secrets who do you think will spill first.

(After school)

Hilary's pov

Gosh I promise Addison doesn't know this but I like Joel Madden I know her friends. Billy is my cousin too you know he isn't as close to me as he and Addison is. But he does keep her out of trouble. I talked to my friends today Savannah is telling me that Joel Madden has been eyeing me ever since I step in to the school this morning. Chrissy been telling me that quarter back has been eyeing me too. I don't care about the quarter back all I care about is Joel Madden. I noticed Benji has eyes for my sister Addy. I don't won't my sisters heart broken I know every1 has to go through that! We're on our way home this is what happened.

"Addison what happen with you today?" I asked her
"You know same shit like every year." Addison said

(wake me up when septebmer ends)

After month Joel finally met Hilary in the lab Joel wanted to ask Hilary on date of coarse she said yes!! They went out a time or two they loved eachothers company. Hilary didn't know nothing about Addy liking Joel. If she did she wouldn't have broken her heart read it find out!!

Addison's pov

Yea I know my sister is having fun! I wish Joel Madden would see me but he doesn't. He will notice me one day I promise. Hilary is talking like I'm like really listening come on who would like to here what went on during the cheerleading tryouts not me. I guess its just another part being a sister a twin sister thing. Its just like any other day then I here the phone ring so I answer it.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hi Addison, its Joel?" He said cool he did know I like him.

"Ello Joel what ya doing?" I asked

"Nothing is Hilary there?" I just hung up.

"Addison who was that?" Hilary asked

"It was no one!" I said

"O ok well you better get to bed tomorrow is school night." Hilary said

Damnit I never thought Hilary would do that to me. I'm guessing she doesn't knows about my crush on Joel. I hate Septebmer!!!

Normal pov

Its Tuesday never fells the girls get into a fight before school and after school. One day Addison is going into school before she walked in she saw Joel and Hilary holding hands looking at eachother like they were in love. Addison walked on in pretend it didn't happen.

"Hey Addison what are you doing after school?" Benji asked
"I'm going home to do homework!!" Addy said

Addison went home to cry about what she seen. She didn't want Hilary to see her cry so she went to Billy's to stay the weekend with him. She wouldn't half to be happy for Hilary not like wasn't happy for her or anything. It really bug her see Hilary and Joel together then Hilary came in to see if Addison made it in she went to her room her stuff was gone. "Great of all days she choose this day to go off on of her adventures great Addison just great!!!" Hilary said

Then she called Billy she wasn't over there. She thought about calling Madden's which she did they haven't seen her either. This driving Hilary crazy shes gotta be out there some where.

Hilary's pov

This is great Addison desides to take a trip to who knows where. Addy better get home before the storm starts I don't want her out there in a storm. Joel is coming over to help my feelings I know what he wants he's coming over so he can play. Don't get me wrong I love to play with him but Addison is out there. Then theres a knock on my front door I went to see who it was it was just Joel so I let him in along with Benji.

"So wheres Addy at?" Joel asked
"I don't know I haven't seen her sense this morning Im starting to get worried?" I said
"Hil calm down I'm sure she will come home soon?" Joel said I hope so.

I thought Benji could help addison calm down too but she's not here either. Billy came walking in looking at me.

"Hilary how could you do this to your sister?" Billy said
"How could I do what I don't understand?" I said
"She didn't tell you?" Billy said
"Tell me what?" I asked
"That she likes Joel no wonder she's trying to get away from you everytime she sees you now I know!!" Billy said
"Billy I didn't know I knew something was up with her I didn't know that she likes Joel!" I said
"I love Hilary!!" Joel said
"You guys have any ideas where she could be?" Billy asked
"Don't look at me I haven't seen her sense this morning?" I said
"I can't believe you guys she told me she saw the both of you holding hands and loving on eachother. I told her that you two were playing around but I see you to here holding hands and comforting eachother she was right!!" Billy said
"I didn't know that she had a crush on Joel. I knew something is up but we don't talk like sisters should?" I said I never thought she like my boyfriend.

Addison came in all wet looking at us she didn't know what to say or think. I went over to her she just walked away without speaking to me.

"Addison what is wrong?" I asked her
"Nothing is wrong!!" Addy said
"Yea uh huh sure Billy told me that you like Joel is it true?" I said
"No why would he say something like that for?" Addy said
"Because its true isn't Addison?" I said
"No its not!" Addy said
"Yes it is just say it?" I said
"Fine I like Joel thanks alot Billy now I know I'm not wanted here." Addy said
"Thats not true Addison I love you but you can't have Joel he's mine?" I said
"You know Hilary you and Joel can go to hell for I care. You never told me about you and Joel that really hurt me lets just see how long I can go without telling Addison serously I didn't know until a month ago. But you know I'm taking my kitty I'm leaving cause I'm leaving here without you bye!!" Addy said leaving me alone.
"Hilary she's upset about you and Joel you can't really blame her." Billy said walking out to see Addy on the front porch of her house.

Benji's pov

Gosh I never seen Addy so mad with her sister. I gotta say Hilary deserves its I would be so mad at Joel if he did that to me I would be fucking pissed. I don't won't that to happen between us he told me I was fine with it. Hilary kept it from her sister which was wrong but we all make mistakes. I wanted to talk to Addison alone I know she went outside so Im going to go talk to her.

(on the outside of life)

"Hey Addy can I talk to you?" I asked her
"Yea sure I have all night!!" Addy said
"Addison I know your mad at Hilary, but look at from her side." I said
"Yea well Im still mad at her for not telling me." Addy said
"Addison can I tell you something?" I asked
"Yes you can?" Addy said
"Addison every since tthe day I saw you I like you." I said
"Thanks benji no1 likes me they like my sister?" addy said
"Thats not true I like you honestly Joel isn't best anyways hes neat freak." I said making her laughing "Hilary is the same way she gets mad if I bring a drink in my room!! Its my room get over it, I think I need to appolize to Hilary I didn't mean it but it hurt so bad the way she did it." Addy said
"Yea I know it did!" I said
"Thanks Benj I really appreicate you coming out and talking to me. By the way your cute yourself." Addison said
"With that being said Addy will you go out with me on Friday?" I asked
"Um........................sure I would like that what time?" Addy said
"Around 7 is ok?" I asked
"Yea will be great!!" Addy said getting up and going back into the house.

"Hilary I know I said some really not cool things I'm sorry that I said them. But you could have told me about Joel, I use to like Joel but he's all yours." Addy said
"Addy Im sorry should have told you about me and Joel!! Thanks letting me have him! Its ok Addison I understand I know why you got mad I would too its ok!" Hilary said
"Its ok Hilary can Benj stay the night with me sense its storming outside?" Addy asked
"I guess no sex in the room ok Benj?" Hilary said
"Yes I know!!" I said me and Addy made it into her room.
"Your room is like mine mess!!" I said
"Yes uh huh!" Addy said I made my way over to her, she didn't mind me coming over to her.

I knew she wanted to make out with me. But its ok I wanted know if she was a great kisser any ways. I found that out in a heart beat she's a great kisser.

After an hour Hilary found us making out she separated us. I like her alot now Addy knows how I feel about her.

Normal pov

"No looks accross the room either I thought you guys wouldn't make out until later!!" Hilary said
"Hilary I don't tell you what you can and can't do with Joel do I?" Addy asked
"No you don't!!" Hilary said
"O k then me and Benji were making out, we wasn't having sex geez live a little would you?" Addy said

Someone knocked on there front door. Hilary got it!
"Hello?" Hil said
"Hi is Hilary and Addison home?" Police man said
"Yes I'm Hilary Addison come here?" Hilary said then here come Addy.
"Sorry to let you guys know this Mr and Mrs. Peterson were killed in a plane crash this after noon coming home from Paris!! We have already called Mr and Mrs. Simmons to see about you if you guys have any questions let us know ok!!" Police man said
"Ok thank you bye bye!!" Hilary said shut the door and looked at Addy who look like she saw a ghost.

"Come on Addy we will sit down and talk!!" Hilary said

Joel's pov

Hilary and Addison went to sit down they both cried it really did hurt them. That there parents were gone there was nothing they could do. Benji just went over to Addison she cooted over he sat down and just held her. I did the same thing to Hilary.

"Do you guys mind if I use the phone to call my mom?" I asked the girls shook there heads no.

"Hello?" My mom said
"Hi Mom I wanted to know if me and Benji could stay over at the Petersons house?" I asked
"Yes let me check with there parents?" My mom said
"Mom there parents are gone!!" I said
"Well bring them over here so I can keep an eye on all four of you ok!!" Mom said
"Ok we'll be over in a minute ok!!" I said
"I love you Joel tell Benj the same thing will you?" mom said
"I will I love ya to mom bye!" I said hanging up the phone.
"Girls were gonna half to go over to our house with us is that ok??" I asked them.
"Yea come on Addison!!" Hilary said

We all got up and walked out me and Benji were holding our girls hands and around there waist too. I know Benji like Addison he told me, I should have told Hil should have told Addy. I'm gonna talk to Hilary!! We just walked in soaked and wet. Mom came in looked at us.

"Benji why don't you show the girls where the bathroom is so they can fresh in up?" My mom said
"Yes ma'am come on girls?" Benji said

"Joel whats wrong with the girls?" my mom asked.
"They just found out Mr and Mrs.Peterson gotten killed in a plane crash!!!!!" I said
"OMG Joel I didn't know tell the girls that dinner will be in a few minutes plz?" my mom said

Girls came back down with Benji they look so sad. Hilary came right beside of me. I took my arm wraped it around her. Benji had done the same to Addison mom said it dinner was done they were asleep. Benji and I left them there so we went to eat.

"Joel do you know if anyone is coming down to get them?" My mom asked
"Um not that I know of if they are Hilary didn't tell me?" I said
"OOk they can stay here with us until they come to get them!!" mom said

Then in came Hilary she sat down by me she looked so sad.

"Hilary are you hungry?" mom asked
"Yea I think me and Addison are going to go home I need to make some calls to every1 in our family?" Hilary said
"Hilary dear do you wanna go home?" Mom asked her
"No I don't won't too!!" Hilary said
"Then stay with us for today we will figure out what to do tomorrow ok?" Mom said
"I don't know I'll ask Addy what she thinks?" Hilary said
"You 2 can't stay alone in that house?" Momma Madden said
"Yea we can and we are bye!!" Hilary said getting up leaving
"Mom I'll go your heart was in the right place she's just fous else where is all!" Joel said getting up and leaving to go after her.

"Hilary wait don't wake up Addy come with me first just here me out ok?" Joel said they up to his room for private affeat.
"Hilary tell me whats wrong?" Joel asked
"I had a crappy day with Addison then my parents getting killed its sucks Joel!!" Hilary said crying on Joel shoulder.
"Addison loves you dear you know that theres nothing thats going to change that I will talk to Addy too if that helps?" Joel said just sitting there holding Hilary!
"Your parents love you I know they did. Hilary I love you. You have me, Benj, and Addy and the band to help you Billy will help too! I know its gonna be rough from now on we are here to help you!!" Joel said Hilary got silence her breathing has calmed down he lay her down with care just left.

"How is she?" Momma Madden asked
"She's asleep right now!! Where's Benji at?" Joel said
"He went over to get some clothes for girls I think Addison went with him I'm not to sure though?" Momma said

Benji's pov

I went over to there house Addy is with me. I don't like going alone especially through girls stuff. I like girls but theres somethings guys will do and won't do. Then I hear some one pull up me and Addison got the stuff they needed as we were walking out the door.

"Addison dear were sorry for your lost!!" some one said coming up and hugging her.
"Im not staying here and especially not with you bye come on Benji were leaving!!" Addy said grabing my hand then some1 grabed Addy's shoulder.
"Dear I want you here so we can talk?" someone said
"No I want to go leave me alone Hilary needs me bye!!" Addy said we just left them there.
"Addy who was that?" Benji asked
"Aunt Merie who is a bitch from hell!! I just wanna see my sister I've had a crappy day!!!!" Addy said leaving to there house.

I felt like that all the time sometimes me and Joel need eachother. He's my best friend and I love him, but I never had any1 that was in my family that die. At least Addy wants her sister I have that thing with Joel its good to have a twin sometimes. We made it back to the house Addy asked where sister was Joel told her she went up there to her.

"Benji whats up?" Momma asked
"We went over there as we going out, her Aunt Merie was there she didn't appreicate her being there." I said
"Benji they have problems we know nothing about what she's going through?" Momma said

Hilary's pov

I heard someone come in I turned over some one is crying I turned on the light saw Addison crying. I went over hugged her.

"Addy its ok!!" I said
"No its not Aunt Merie is over there me and Benji went 2 get some clothes I saw her and Andrew they told me they were sorry about for our lost I just came back to make sure your ok?" Addy said still was crying.
"Addy its gonna be fine I promise go down see Mrs.Madden I think she has some food left when we didn't eat?" Hilary said
"No I'm staying with you Hil." Addy said

After hours the girls went to bed and every1 else did the same! Lets hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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