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Are You Serious...The Jonas Brothers

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When you are walking to your local Starbucks. Don't be amazed at who youll see there.

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~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~~~
"How much longer till we get there?" Lily whined

One thing you need to know about Lily is that she absolutely hates to walk. She is like the laziest person I know.

"Lily we just started walking." Mandy said annoyed
"Guys if we dont get to Starbucks soon, I think i might just kill someone!" I said in a paniced tone

My house is about 4 blocks away from the nearest Starbucks. Generally it takes me about, walking alone, 8 minutes, but when i walk with my frineds it usually takes about 20 minutes because they are so slow. Well, just Lily is slow. Mandy isn't. She's on the track team and she runs like all the time. I usually run with her on weekends because I wouldn't want to be caught if a cerial killer was chasing me.

"Calm down Kayc. I will pick up my pace just for you." Lily said laughing
"Oh, haha wow are you gunna start walking instead of going at a snails pace." I said glaring at her
"Well, if you wanna be mean about it i'll just walk in slow motion." she said with a pout
"Ok im sorry now lets just move it." I said speedwalking
~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~~
"Guys!" Kevin yelled
"What Kev? Your starbuckadar going off." Nick said sarcastically
"Oh, yes it is!" Kevin said with excitement
"Well, im guessing we have to go dont we?" i asked
"Yes, we do you know how I like my Starbucks Joe." Kevin said in a serious voic
"Well, your driving so lead the way brother." i said

We got stopped by a stop light. So I looked out the window, when i seen these three girls walking,well very slowly, down the street. I wonder where there are going I thought to myself. Hmm.. wouldn't that be cool if they were going to Starbucks. Ya it would, but that would be really cool. They are probably huge fans of us,haha what am I saying probably just me.

"Wow looks like Joe's in a real daze about something." Nick said laughing
"Shut up Nick!" I said annoyed that he broke my thinking chain.
"Let me just see what you were stairng at out there." he said looking out the window of Kevins Hybrid.
"Ooooo!!! looks like Joe found some girls!!"he said excitedly
"You'd do the same thing Nick if you seen them first." i said turning to him
"Your right i would. Why dont you roll down your window and say something Joe." he said daring me
"Ok I will!" i said accepting

I roll down the window when the light turns green.I better hurry if I want them to hear it.

"Hey Good lookins Whatcha got Cookin!" I yelled when Kevin put he foot to the gas pedal
They all turned and looked at me with a weird look on their faces.
"That's all you could say, hey good lookins whatcha got cookin!" Nick said looking dissapointedly at me
"My mind went blank sorr-y if that wasn't up to your standarts Nick!" I said all mad
~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We all turned to see who just said that. We could barly see who it was because they were leaving.
"Haha! Wow that was stupid!" Mandy said laughing
"Yeah, Well, did you guys see who done it?" I asked
"Nope."Lily and Mandy said at the same time
"Jinx!" Mandy yells
"Oh, Shut Up!" Lily says pushing Mandy with her hand
"Yay!!! We are now like a block away from Starbucks." I scream louder than i should have
"Yep!!! Kaycie I think you deffened my right ear!!." Mandy said looking at me funny
"Sorr-y if I get a little excited about Starbucks." I said looking at the ground
"Kayc you should totally build a Starbucks in your backyard."Lily said all serious
"I would but i don't think my rents' would let me. They wouldn't want to mess up their precious backyard they have oh so hardly worked on." i said all sarcastically
"Haha ture they are pretty weird about it." Lily said

We finally arrive at Starbucks and it is like half way full.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Kevin can we please park already." I say getting a little annoyed
"Ya, we have been circling the parking lot for about a minute and there isn't that many people here." Nick threw in
"Fine!!! I'll just park here." Kevin said a little sad
"We were going to park here in the first place. Uhhhh..." I said all mad
"Well, someones grumpy today!! Who might that be? Oh I think that it's Joe."said Kevin
"Lets just go get some coffee." I said

I opened up my door and stepped out of the car and seen the three girls again. Wow, they were going to Starbucks. What a coincident. Evidentally Nick seen them too becuase he mentioned them.

"Hey Joe there's Your little Cookers over there." Nick said pointing to the girls walking over to the building
"Nick it's not nice to poit. So, put your finger down." I said grabbing his arm and pushing it down
"Well, lets get our coffee and hurry out because of "Mr. Grump" over her." Kevin said putting air quotes around "Mr. Grump"
"I'm feeling less grumpy now let's take our time." I said watching the girls walk to the door
~~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Guys, i'm imagining things or I just seen the Jonas Brothers behind us." I said whispering
"Kaycie be realy why would the Jonas Brothers be going to this Starbucks?" Mandy said confused
"Last time I checked they lived here in the same town as us... remember Mandy." I said putting my hand to my head
"Haha must have slipped my mind...Last time I checked I didn't know you were obsessed about them." she said looking at me
"Ok....maybe.. I read a little about them. I'm not like crazy stalker obsessed at least." i said
"Oh we wouldn't want that, now would we." she said sarcastically
"Let's just go and get our coffee. We walked all the way up here for that not the Jonas Brothers." Lily said a little annoyed

We walked in Starbucks and we went over to order. I looked back and what do you know it was the Jonas Brothers I seen.
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