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I'm not okay

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When Rei gets sick, Kai's left playing nursemaid, but do either of them really mind? KaixRei.

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"Rei, will you get the hell up?"

Kai, feeling annoyed that his charges were still unable to get up without some serious assistance from him, wrenched open the curtains, ignoring Rei's groan of protest at the sudden light that pierced straight through his eyelids and made burning holes in his brain.

"C'mon, already! Even Tyson's up!"

Kai continued, crossing the room to stand at the foot of his teammates bed, arms folded and expression dark.

"Just five more minutes, Mariah," Rei moaned his reply, huddling further under the covers in an attempt to hide from the invasive light and sound that surrounded him.

Rolling his eyes and barely suppressing an annoyed growl, Kai leaned over and in one swift sharp movement pulled the blanket from Rei's bed, finally losing his patience with the other boy. How the hell was he supposed to work with this?

Rei quickly made his disapproval known, hissing in response to the freezing air that hit the exposed skin of his upper body and curling up in a ball. He buried his face in the pillow, muttering something about fetching water later, and Kai moved to the side of his bed and grabbed his shoulder, ready to shake him awake no matter how much he objected. As soon as he touched the other boy, however, he withdrew his hand, quickly looking Rei over before retrieving his blanket and throwing it back over him. As Rei snuggled into it in an attempt to regain his lost warmth, Kai crossed the room again and shut the curtains, before returning to his teammate's bedside and kneeling on the floor beside him. Brushing Rei's hair out of the way, he pressed the backs of his fingers to the other boy's forehead, and sighed.

"Rei..." he said quietly, and one amber eye opened blearily, "I want you to stay in bed today, okay? You're sick."

This, however, provoked the last response he wanted. Dragging himself into a sitting position, Rei objected to the comment, refusing to appear weak in front of his team captain.

"I'm not sick," he told Kai, expression earnest as he shook his head and then winced as his brain seemed to rattle in his head, "I'm not!" he repeated, just in case Kai had any doubts about his argument, but spoiled the effect somewhat by being forced to make a run for the bathroom. Or, at least, he intended to reach the bathroom, but his brain was clouded by fever and sleep, and after proceeding to tangle his legs in his blankets, he vomited spectacularly over his bed, glad at least that he hadn't hit Kai.

Now feeling completely mortified as well as sore, lethargic and nauseous, he reluctantly allowed Kai to help him by untangling him from his bed and practically carrying him into the bathroom where he bent double over the toilet, vaguely away of someone holding his hair back as he clung to the toilet seat in an attempt to support himself. Through the haze enveloping his brain, he was dimly aware of a cool hand rubbing his back soothingly, calming him somewhat.

"This is so-" he attempted to speak, but his effort was punctuated by another retch, and he struggled once more to gain control of his stomach, "embarrassing," he finished eventually, rubbing his eyes with his palms in an attempt to see more clearly.

"I did say you were sick," Kai told him, but his voice was somewhat softer than usual as he released Rei's hair to fill a mouthwash glass with water, his other hand still rubbing Rei's back, "here. Wash your mouth out," he passed the glass to Rei, who accepted it gratefully, doing as he was told before attempting to stand up. The room immediately started spinning, however, and he was dimly aware of strong arms supporting him, thankfully not too near his tender stomach.

"Come on. Back to bed."

Gently but firmly, Kai guided Rei back into the bedroom, where a quick glance told him that Rei was not going to be sleeping in his own bed. Rei seemed to realise the same thing, but although he closed his eyes, unwilling to see how badly he'd humiliated himself in front of his ever-perfect team captain, Kai simply pulled the covers back on his own bed, and let Rei down there.

"Lie on your side, it helps," he said, before leaving the room.

Rei sighed, feeling guilty for being such a pain in the ass, and did as he was told, pulling the blankets up over his shoulders in an attempt to counter the cold sweat he seemed to have suddenly broken out in. Why did he have to get sick in front of Kai, of all people? Tyson and Max, he knew would just laugh it off later, and although Kenny would be useless at the time owing to his own weak stomach, Rei could never shake the feeling that Kai knew so much more than he was telling and was just waiting for the right moment to begin blackmailing them. And, of course, the whole showing weakness thing made him feel inferior as it was, but he couldn't imagine Kai ever taking a day off training for something as insignificant as an illness, let alone being unable to reach a bathroom when he needed one.

He'd seemed so... understanding, though. A lot of guys, particularly ones who acted like Kai did most of the time, would have just up and left when he'd started puking everywhere, but Kai had stayed with him. Helped him; held his hair back; given him a glass of water... and then fucked off at the first opportunity.

Rei closed his eyes, suppressing tears he felt welling up in his delicate state, and pulled the blankets closer around him. As he forced himself to relax, however, telling himself that he didn't want Kai seeing him like this anyway, the Russian boy reappeared, setting a glass of water down on his bedside table and unwrapping a gel icepack. Brushing Rei's hair back, he held it against his forehead, gently holding his head still as he attempted to withdraw from the sudden cold.

"You okay?" Kai asked quietly, almost looking concerned as he retrieved a digital thermometer from his pocket.

Rei gave him a dark look, which was returned with an almost smile. Vaguely, Rei wondered why he could never show any emotion in its entirety.

"Open," Kai said, touching the end of the thermometer to Rei's lips and nodding as the other boy did as he was told, "hold this," he tapped the icepack, and again Rei did so, his eyes never leaving Kai's. Evidently satisfied, however, Kai stood, but froze as Rei grabbed his wrist.

"Don't leave..." Rei pleaded, but released Kai's arm as the other boy looked at him, expression neutral as ever. There was a short pause before he spoke.

"I'm not going anywhere. But if I don't clean that up-" he nodded in the direction of Rei's bed, and the Chinese boy winced at the memory, "it'll only get worse. Get some sleep."

Again, he knelt down beside Rei, retrieving the thermometer and checking the number it displayed before pocketing it again.

"I'll be back in a minute," he said, and as Rei looked at him, evidently unconvinced, added; "I promise," before leaning over to gently close Rei's eyes for him. With a satisfied smile, Rei snuggled down into his covers, comforted somewhat, and Kai rolled his eyes although there was obviously affection in the gesture. Getting to his feet, he headed into the bathroom first to flush the toilet before fetching a bucket of water and a sponge from the kitchen.

It was going to be a long day...


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