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Bella got discharge from the hospital and not soon afterwards she got hurt again. Who will help her this time?

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"Ms. Freeman, do you know everyone you can stay with for a few days." The doctor asked me.

I sit up from the bed and looked at the doctor with less emotion that I should.

I wish Joe was here with me this time.

I needed to get out of this hospital.

The pale white walls around me is giving me a major head ache now.

Joe left last night, when I told him I'll be alright and that he should leave and get his rest.
I nodded my head, as I reached for a piece of paper and a pen on the small wooden desk beside of the bed.

I wrote that I could live with my aunt, I showed it at the doctor.

I know I lied and I know I just can wrote the Jonas's, but I don't want them to worry much about me.

Joe knows that I was in a car accident, but what he didn't know is that my mom, dad and my little sister is dead.

The doctor nodded his head, while he finish writing what I said on the clip board.

"You are free to go home today, Ms. Freeman." The doctor said nicely to me, while giving me a note that says that I can have some pain killers to come down any pain in my body.

I know deep down that I have to be strong.

I nodded my head once more to the doctor.

The doctor looked at me sadly.

"A new pair of clothes is on the chair beside you and so you know you could cried. You don't have to be tough with your self." The doctor said, as he walked out of the room.

I looked at the new pair of clothes on the desk surprised.

I know that the doctor just bought me that from the store just yesterday after he rushed out of the room scared after I attacked him.

I smile to myself, happy to know that there was still nice people in the world today.

I stand up from the bed weakly, my body is getting used of standing, seeing that I had to walk home.

I took off the hospital robes and put on the blue jeans and the blue t-shirt that the doctor gave me.

I looked out of the hospital window, it was mid day at least.

The sun shines through the window curtain.

Could I lived my life now?

I walked out of my room and toward the front desk to sign the papers to be discharge, so I could leave.

The woman behind the desk handed me the papers for me to sign.

I used the same pen that I wrote with to speak and sign the papers fast, I was ready to get out of this prison.

Oh on how I wish that Joe was here with me, he could be my knight of shining armor.

The lady took the papers away.

"Please be careful now, Ms. Freeman." She said, before I left the building.

Soon that I left the building I regret it.

Hong sounds, makes their way to my ears.

Cars, Trucks or van passed each other on the road.

I closed my eyes tight, feeling tears coming back again.

I was scared.

I forced my eyes open, and I told my self to be brave and take the side walk, but instead of walking I took off in a run.

My house was a about two streets away from the hospital.

My breath caught in my chest this cause panic, I passed up many people who had just stared at my back strange wondering whats wrong with me.

I ignore them.

I don't care what people think anymore now.

I wanted to get home.

I tripped over my own foot.

Damn legs.

I fell down on the side walk face first.

My head telling my body to get up and start to walked or run again, but my body said other wise.

I broke down.

Some kind of black car slammed on the breaks and stopped by me.
I didn't look up.

I'm too scared to do so.

I wished that the car just drive on by, but it didn't.

The car window slide down and a worried voice enters my mind.

Oh great another Jonas.

"Bella, are you alright?"

I didn't answered and I couldn't, remember I'm mute now.

The Jonas opened up the car door and rushed by my side.

I looked up and I met with worried brown eyes of Kevin Jonas.

He helped me up, and help me towards his car.

I didn't fight him.

He knew that I couldn't talk, I guess Joe told him that already when he got home last night.

He strap me with the seat belt gently, making sure he didn't hurt me in any way possible.

He really is a nice guy.

My back met the softness of the car seat.

"I'm driving you to my house, I'm sure your parents understand where and why you went." Kevin told me.

His house, meaning the Jonas's house.

The mention of my parents send a sad frown on my face, I'm trying so hard to covered.

I'll be seeing Joe in about ten minutes.

I nodded my head, as Kevin drove off, after he raise up the window.

For a second I was glad that he found me, because I would never saw Joe today.
I really should thank him, when we reached the Jonas house in a bit.

Not too soon, Kevin drove in the driveway.

He parked the car and gotten out and makes his way to my side.

He didn't have to do this.

I could of done this.

I unstrap my seat belt, when Kevin opens the car door for me to get out.

I slowly and painfully got out of the car, with Kevin's help of course.

He helped me to the door step and when he turned the door knob, we were really attack by Mrs. Jonas in a huge hug.
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