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Blast from the Past

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Kait and Frank share there news and Gerard has a secret from the past

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Hey guys, sorry I didnt post anything earlier this morning, I had to take my little sister to get her first piercing lol. Anyway on with the story!

Downstairs everyone was growing more and more worried. They could hear no shouting and couldnt decide whether that was a good or bad thing. Gerard was sitting on the edge of the arm chair tapping his foot nervously, Mikey was still pacing up and down occasionaly mumbling something and Bob was over by the window watching out for when Ray returned from the store. They had waited what seemed like forever when finally Frank and Kait came into the living room, hand in hand.

"About fucking time" Gerard said looking up at them both. Ray came in the front door and into the living room "So what did I miss" he asked sitting down next to Gerard. "We just came down to tell you that me and Frank have talked and where going to keep the baby" Kait said with a smile on her face, which slowly dissapeared when Gerard shattered the bubble she was in "I cant believe you would do this Kait, you have know Frank like 5 days and your already fucking him and then this happens!" his voice was slowly rising and Kait was shocked by his reaction. "I-I thought you would be happy for me" she said not looking Gerard in the eye. "Happy?! What, happy that my cousins a little slut" he scoffed. Everyone looked at him shocked at what he just said, he even shocked himself but he was so angry and only Kait and Mikey knew why.

Kait would ussually get upset at Gerard shouting at her but she knew where this was going which made her more angry. "How dare you!" she shouted. Thats when they started throwing insults at eachother while the rest of them watched, speechless.

"Slut? thats rich coming from the family fuck up"

"Yeah well you came a close second!"

"But I sorted myself out, you carried on and didnt care who you hurt on the way!"

"Dont you fucking dare bring that up Kait"

"Ohhh and why not? Dont they all have a right to know what happened"

"Its not your fucking business to tell Kait!"

"Well you told me so now it IS my business to tell"

"I told you because I thought I could trust you"

"Oh well I must be to much of a slut to keep secrets then Gerard"

"Your not fit to be a mother!"

"I dont think your one to judge on that Gerard"

Gerard just looked down at the floor. Kait knew she shouldnt tell them but she was so angry she didnt care at that very moment in time. Mikey spoke up "Kait I dont think you should.." but she cut him off "No mikey, they should know then they will see how much of a hypocryte he is being" she spat. Kait took a deep breath and got ready to speak but she couldnt do it. She couldnt betray Gerard like that. Instead she just went over to him and flung her arms around him while she cried. "Your a stupid fuck you know that, but I could never do that to you Gee, Im sorry" she sobbed. He felt a surge of relief wash over him and he put his arms around her. "Its okay Kait, Im sorry too." When they released eachother Gerard stood up, knowing what he was about to tell them all could be a big mistake.

"Guys Kait Is right, you do have a right as my best friends to know what happened."

They all sat down and waited for Gerard to speak, not knowing what was about to be revealed.

A/N- Ohhhh I love a good cliffhanger. Okay I got a deal for you guys. If today this chapter gets at least 3 reviews I will post the next chapter today. So if you wanna know get reviewing and I promise as soon as I get the third review I shall post. So keep checking back for an update today :D

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