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The Immortal Uzumaki female ninja

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Geliria is a girl from the Uzumaki clan and she lived in the Land of the Whirlpool she is Naruto's ancestress and Orochimaru fell in love with her.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Itachi,Naruto,Orochimaru,Sasuke,Gaara - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008-08-09 - Updated: 2008-08-11 - 545 words

Naruto has met the girl who is named Geliria Uzumaki and she is not like anyone else she is an immortal she cannot die and her body won’t rot she is the ultimate immortal girl who ever lived. She is Naruto’s ancestor from the Uzumaki side who fell in love with a Namikaze. Geliria is from the Land of the Whirlpool. She came to Konohagakure to see the Uchiha’s first son Itachi Uchiha. She met up with Orochimaru and made friends with him just because she knew he was exceptional.

“You are just perfect as you are.” Geliria said. Orochimaru fell in love with her and wanted to keep her safe. Orochimaru gotten his hands on Sasuke and made him his apprentice, but Naruto came along trying to get Sasuke back and there on his team is Geliria Uzumaki. Why is Geliria here doing with Naruto no less? Orochimaru thought. Sasuke looked at his master. “Master Orochimaru what’s wrong?” Sasuke asked. Orochimaru kept looking at Geliria. “Geliria why are you here?” Orochimaru asked. Geliria looked at Orochimaru. “I am an Uzumaki I came from the Uzumaki clan the Uzumaki clan is kept in the dark and we are never allowed to come to the outside world, but my descendant Kushina had Naruto with a Namikaze and I want to protect Naruto.” Geliria said.

Orochimaru really loves Geliria and wants to protect her from everything and he will but for her it means the endgame because she knows it will be a drag and sometimes hope it won't be a drag.
Orochimaru looked at Geliria and can't believe it. "I don't believe this how can this happened to me?" Orochimaru asked. Geliria looked at Orochimaru and loved him as well, but can't tell him because she doesn't know how to tell Orochimaru that she loves with all her heart she begins to sing Ding Dong Dang. It is very painful to try and feel the things, of which we used to not see, or know about It's not just you that wants to start crying and run away It's the same for me too. There are no such things as meaningless efforts, or unnecessary encounters. So harden your fist and Ding Dong Dang Even this flower that cannot be reached, no matter how hard you reach for.... We can easily grab it if we join our hands together We grow far apart, or misunderstand each other And even fight each other to believe in something Even if the present hurts us and drench ourselves in tears Let's go together towards our future Ding! Dong! Dang! Even if we graduate, or grow up as an adult, You be yourself, and I'll be myself The sky above is never-ending There is not a single thing that covers it.

There are no such things as meaningless efforts, or unnecessary encounters So harden your fist and Ding! Dong! You will give me the thing I lack in, I will give you the thing you don't so, Ding! Dong! Dang! Geliria sang. Orochimaru clapped his hands because he thought her voice is so beautiful. "Geliria that is a beautiful singing voice." Orochimaru said. Geliria looked at Orochimaru. "Why thank so much for telling me that." Geliria said.
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