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Ten year old Harry Potter's destiny is changed when he is contacted by a secret government organization before he gets his Hogwart's letter. Strong!Intelligent!Gray!Werewolf!Harry.

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Disclaimer-I don't own Harry Potter.

Summary: Ten year old Harry Potter's destiny is changed when he is contacted by a secret government organization before he gets his Hogwart's letter. Strong!Intelligent!Gray!Werewolf!Harry.


Ten year old Harry Potter was sitting in the shade beneath a tree at the park in Little Whinging passing his time like he usually did, reading and doing magic. He had discovered his magic when he was fairly young when he had set one of Dudley's stuffed toys on fire; that taught Dudley not to take things away from him, at least when his parents weren't around. Harry's magic almost seemed to talk to him and it did everything he had ever wanted it to. He didn't really know how/special/he really was.

His magic felt like a mere extension of himself, like an extra limb, and he wielded it almost effortlessly. He sometimes used it to hide by turning invisible or changing his features around. He also liked to use it to copy some pounds from his uncle's wallet so he could buy himself some decent food. The food went well with some vials of liquid that tasted like crap that he found in his cupboard every once in a while. The note that came with always said the same thing:

They will help you stay strong and well.

-A friend

He also spent his time exercising. He ran everyday, lifted heavy things, and had practiced different martial arts from books until he met Kevin Swartz in the park one day. Kevin was a thirty-five year old German man who moved to the area with his wife and young daughter. He opened a dojo in the area where he taught Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do. Harry didn't have the money to pay for it so Kevin allowed him to work around the place for him instead.

Harry was walking home after having ate dinner at the Swartz's, he didn't know as he was leaving their house that this night would forever change his life. He was walking in a narrow alley when the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. A howl went through the air behind him followed by a growl. Looking upwards Harry saw a full moon shining in the cloudy sky.

Whirling around his fears were proven true when he saw a large gray werewolf was standing across from them. He had seen a few werewolf movies but it looked unlike any he had seen before. It was bulkier and hairier than Remus during his transformation and had shorter arms. It stood at least seven feet tall and had two and a half inch claws. It snout was longer and wider as well with three inch long canines. It also moved on two legs instead of four.

It through back it's large head and howled causing Harry to take a couple of startled steps backwards Harry. It took a couple of threatening steps towards him before circling around him. Harry's heart rate jumped as adrenaline and fear raced through his mind. He raised his hand and a sent a spell at it, the werewolf quickly rolled out of the way but turned cautious.

The werewolf tensed before lunging at Harry, who barely managed to dodge out of the way. The werewolf managed to turn around in mid-air so it was sideways but still smacked into the opposite wall. Harry could see it's saliva falling out of it's mouth as it growled at him. Harry sent another spell at it causing it to be flung backwards allowing Harry to run in the opposite direction and into the backyard of someones property.

He ran over to an old shed in the back of the yard which door was luckily unlocked. Rushing inside he magically locked the door and tried to calm his breathing. He was panicking and he knew it. It was never good to panic when you are in danger but it was pretty hard not to when there was a large friggin' /WEREWOLF/chasing you.

He heard growling coming from beside the shed before it began to shake as the werewolf pounded against it. He could hear the wood groaning against the strain of holding against the large werewolf. It finally gave way causing Harry to scream as the werewolf bit down on his leg and was dragged outside. The werewolf proceeded to shake Harry, inadvertently causing him to hit his head on a large rock nearby.

He began to feel weak and dizzy from blood loss. The last thing he heard before he lost consciousness was the sound of a gun going off.


The next time Harry regained consciousness he his vision was blurry but he could see the faint outline of several people standing around him. A great wave of dizziness washed over him before he lost consciousness again.

“Subjects name is Harry James Potter, born July 31st, 1980 in Godric's Hollow, Wales.” A males voice floated through Harry's consciousness.

“Lost a lot of blood...”

“Attacked by a werewolf...”

“Lucky to be alive...”

“Clean his stitches...”

“Get in contact with Director Knaves...”

The End. For Now.
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