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Pretending to be scared

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Mainly about Bob, Bit of romance for him

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-09 - Updated: 2008-08-10 - 694 words

"Were back" shouted Bob coming in the front door. Him, Mikey, Gerard and Ray had just got back from the store. When they heard no reply they set down there bags in the kitchen and went to the living room to find one of the funneist sights they had seen in a long time. "Ohmygodhahaha" they all burst out laughing. Frank angrily protested, "Guys it isnt funny, they made me do it" he pouted. They were doubled over in fits of laughter.

They had walked in to find Vanessa and Kait painting Franks nails and doing his hair. "He looks like Emo barbie" cried Mikey through his laughter. This made them all laugh even more, which made Frank more annoyed. He got up and walked over to the mirror "Oh my fucking god, beautiful" he joked pretending to wipe a tear away from his eye. "Im gunna get you guys back for this you do realise dont you?" he smirked turning to Kait and Vanessa. They both shrugged while putting there beauty products away "Bring it on" Vanessa proudly said. Frank was already plotting how he could get them both back. "Anyway, now that is over, lets watch the mooovie" Gerard said putting a DVD in. Kait and Frank were sitting together on one armchair, as seen as they were both small they could fit while Vanessa was in between Gerard and Bob on the big sofa leaving Ray and Mikey with the floor. As the movie got scarier Kait got closer to Frank, he held her tight and she felt safe. Gerard was way into the movie, his eyes glued on the screen and Vanessa knew it was her cue to flirt with Bob.

She curled her feet up onto the sofa and leaned over nearer to Bob. She wasnt scared at all but she pretended to be, so she shielded her eyes and snuggled into him. Bob's heart started to race. He couldnt concentrate on the movie now that he had a pretty girl this close to him. It ended about half an hour later, everyone But Bob had fallen asleep by the end. He didnt want to move incase he woke Vanessa, who had fallen asleep on him. Gerard had already headed upstairs leaving Ray and Mikey sprawled across the floor sleeping and Frank and Kait asleep in eachothers arms. Vanessa stirred in her sleep and Bob decided to wake her incase she suddenly woke up and asked why he was sitting awake letting her sleep on him. "Vanessa" he whispered shaking her gently. "Time to get up" he said as she stirred and opened her eyes. She sat up, streched and turned to face him. She smiled at him which made him blush. "Goodnight Bob" she said and with that she leaned over and kissed him quickly on the lips before going upstairs to bed. "Yo frank wake your lazy ass up" said Bob throwing a pillow at him which actually hit Kait who was snuggled in Franks arms. She shot up "what the fuck?!" she cried looking puzzled by her rude awakening. "My bad Kait, that was meant to hit Frank" Bob chuckled. "Baby im going upstairs you coming?" whispered Kait in Franks ear. He opened his eyes and nodded "Yeah sweety, Im coming" getting up from the couch they both walked upstairs. "Night Bob" they both called as they walked out the door. Bob sat back in his chair and sighed. Vanessa had just kissed him, he didnt know what to think of it. What did it mean? Did she like him? He decided he didnt care, she had kissed him and that made him very happy.

A/N- Hey guys, just a small filler for you all. Sorry its not that good its like 3:30am here in the UK and Im really tired and my ear hurts from this new piercing that is what's keeping me up. So anyways Im gunna go try and sleep now so I can get up and write you darlings a new chapter. I hope to wake up to lots of reviews (:
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