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Meaningful Words

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Kait gets hurt, and Frank tells her something important

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Sorry for the delay guys, have been arguing with someone over youtube who was dissing MCR, anyhoo on with the story

Kait headed downstairs where the rest of them were gathered around the table chatting and eating breakfast. She went and grabbed some pancakes and sat next to Frank who was stuffing his face, as usual. "Whats the matter, your not eating much, remember your eating for two now" said Frank through a mouthfull of breakfast. "Im not too hungry thats all" Kait lied. The truth was she had been getting these awful stomach pains which was worrying her but she didnt want to tell the rest of them incase it was nothing. She forced down some food, which was a bad idea. Her stomach rejected the food and she turned to run upstairs but couldnt hold it any longer, she vomited all over the hallway. Luckily she had closed the door behind her and nobody could hear her. She was on her knees throwing her guts up, if Frank see's me like this he will run a mile she thought so she picked herself up and went to find something to clean up her mess.

Back in the kitchen the food had been devoured and they were all talking about movies and comic books. "Jaws is obviously a better film than Finding Nemo" Mikey protested to the others who were winding him up. "Kait has been a long time at the bathroom, should I go and heck on her?" Vanessa questioned. "NAhh she will probably doing her nails or some other girly thing" said Frank. Bob raised an eyebrow, "Wow your not very caring about your pregnant girlfriend are you"
Vanessa jumped in "You guys are dating? And she is pregnant?" she seemed taken back. "Aww Franks going to be a dad, Congratulations" she said hugging him. "Thanks Nessa." Frank replied. "Wow, thanks for the update, some best friend you are" she joked hitting Gerard. "Hey you didnt ask" he said hitting her back. They both started chasing eachother round the kitchen and Vanessa made a go for the door but suddenly stopped "Ewwwwww" she said staring at the vomit covered floor. Gerard covered his nose "Man thats gross."

Upstairs Kait was in the bathroom that attached to the guest bedroom looking for cleaning things. She found some spray and wipes and took them. As she walked out of the bedroom she was sure she could hear breathing coming from beside the bed Kait, everyone is downstairs, dont be so stupid she thought to herself. But she was right, someone jumped from beside the bed. They had a black ski mask covering their face and were wearing a blue jumpsuit. Kait screamed and they ran towards her, putting their hands over her mouth. She dropped the cleaning products and was trying to bite the hands smothering her face. "If you dont shut the fuck up your going to get seriously hurt" the voice growled. Kait was frozen with fear, all she could do was nod. The hand was removed from her face and she turned to see a pair of stony grey eyes looking at her. She guessed it was a man from the tattoos and clothes he had on. Whoever it was reached forward and put their hand on Kaits face, this made her flinch. "Such a pretty lady" the hand moved down towards her breast while the other one wrapped around her waist. Kait couldnt do anything, she was too scared. "Your going to do what I say now arent you?" the man breathed, he was so close to her face she could smell his stale smoky breath. He pushed her onto the bed "Open your legs bitch" he ordered. Kait knew what he was going to do and she couldnt let this happen. She fled for the door and the man started after her and grabbed her wrist. She was at the top of the landing fighting him off. She managed to free herself of his grip but as she stepped back she lost her footing and went crashing down the stairs.

The man was stood smirking at the top of the stairs, looking at the unconcious body. Then he heard a voice from downstairs so he fled back to the bedroom and out the window, the same way he got in. "Kait is that you? Have you been sick again?" Mikey called. When he got no reply he went to head upstairs to look for her, but he got to the bottom of the stairs and froze. "OH MY FUCKING GOD" he shouted as he saw Kaits body in a heap at his feet. He rushed back into the kitchen and tried to explain what he had found "Erm, Kait, and the stairs, but the baby, what if she...just follow me" he managed to spit out. They all did as Mikey said and were shocked when they saw what mikey had seen. Frank was the first to rush forward "Shit" he said and went to pick her up "Dont!" cried Vanessa, "She might have broken something, you cant touch her" Frank realised this but couldnt bare to think his girlfriend was hurt and he couldnt even comfort her. He started to cry and Gerard and Ray took him into the kitchen. Vanessa took control of the situation "Okay Bob you call an ambulance and Mikey you stay here incase she wakes up" They did as she said and she went upstairs to get some clothes on. When she was changed she rushed back downstairs to find the paramedics were checking her over. "Whats the news" she asked Mikey who had been allowed to hold Kaits hand. "They said nothing is broken but she is out cold, there going to take her into hospital just to make sure everything is okay, especially with her being pregnant" Vanessa nodded and put her arm round Mikey "Dont worry Mikes, she will be fine" It was times like this Mikey loved having people like Vanessa around, she was like a big sister to him.

Frank was allowed to go in the ambulance with Kait and the rest said they would follow in the car. Ray and Mikey were already in the car. Gerard, Vanessa and Bob were talking to the paramedic. "So she will be okay?" said Vanessa, the cute paramedic flashed a smile "Sure, you can call me and ask if you like" he said winking. Vanessa giggled, this made Bob so mad. "Asshole" he said, not meaning for it to be heard. "Yeah whatever dude, like she would be interested in you" said the paramedic laughing. Bob just looked down at his feet maybe he was right, why would she be interested in him? "Excuse me? Did I ask you to answer for me, dont think so, Bob's right you are an asshole" she said. "Infact, I think Bob is good looking" and with that she turned and kissed him full on the mouth, then ran to the car. Bob grinned and turned to the paramedic "Like I said, Asshole" and he headed towards the car.

They arrived at the hospital and met Frank in the waiting area. His eyes were red and he was pacing up and down. "They said we cant see her yet, the doctors are still checking her over" Frank told them. "C'mon man it will be okay, just sit down" Gerard said as the rest of them took a seat. They sat and waited what seemed like forever when finally the doctor came out "Mr.Iero, Kait has asked to see you" the words had barley left the doctors mouth and Frank was already in the door. He looked over to the bed where Kait was, she looked okay just very weak and pale. He went over and hugged her gently so he didnt hurt her. "Baby dont ever scare me like that again" he whispered. "Im sorry" she sobbed. He kissed her on the head and just held her. "I thought for a moment I was going to loose you, I would have been devastated." Kait looked up at him, "Yeah but Im sure you would have gotten over it" she half laughed. Frank looked into her eyes, meaning every word he was about to say "I wouldnt get over it. Promise you will never leave me baby, I love you."

A/N- Ohhhh told ya I would post a long chapter, sooo things are getting hot, wonder what happens next, will Kait say it back? who knows? If im feeling inspired or kind I will post a short filler, Or a full chapter, but if not you will have to wait till late on tomorow as I have things to do in the morning. Thanks for reading and reviewing I love you all for it!!
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