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Chapter 01

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Savagely wounded in battle, Laguna cannot find peace until he reveals a long-kept secret.

Category: Final Fantasy 8 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror - Characters: Kiros, Laguna, Selphie, Squall, Ward, Zell - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-03-02 - Updated: 2006-03-03 - 528 words

Final Fantasy VIII
Rise Of The Sorcerer
by Vash
Disclaimer : Not my characters.
Warning: Character Death!

-Chapter 1-

"It started the day before I was sworn in as
President, do you remember, Kiros? I was supposed
to attend a dinner that was being thrown in my
honor that night. I made an excuse that I needed
to practice my GF and other non-weapons skills.
They never were that great."

"I've seen you fight, dad," Squall interrupted.
"You weren't that great back in the day, but these
days, your skills are phenomenal. At least, they

"Who's telling this story, you or me?"

"Sorry, dad. Go on."

"Thank you." Laguna gritted his teeth against a
wave of pain. When it had finally passed, he

"The truth was, I wanted to be alone. I'm very shy,
Squall. The idea of suddenly being the President of
the biggest country in the world was terrifying. I
thought about running away, but my loyalty to my
friends outweighed my fear. I didn't like lying to
people, though, so I did practice like I said I was
going to."

"The monsters of Esthar Plains are some of the nastiest
you could ever hope to encounter. They're also some of
the best treasure droppers. Not to mention there are a
couple that are rather tasty. Try a few some time, if
you don't believe me."

"I think I'll pass." Squall turned his nose up. "So,
what happened?"

"I was fighting a Marlboro when..."


The Marlboro lashed one of it's tentacles at Laguna.
Laguna leapt over it, and would have avoided it rather
nicely were it not for the fact that he tripped over
his own foot.

He cast an anti-confusion spell upon himself just as
the nightmare creature unleashed a status attack upon
him. It barely worked. But it hardly mattered. The
creature had knocked him out and poisoned him. Unless he
woke soon, the people of Esthar would have to look for
another President.

The monster drew near, preparing to end his life, when
Laguna came to his senses just long enough to hear
the buzz of the faeries in his head. He had learned in
the past that when the faeries came, they granted him
and his two best friends the power to summon magical
beasts to aide them in battle.

Laguna summoned one of the Guardian Forces. He didn't
have the strength for a stronger one, so he called
upon first Cerberus, then Carbuncle. At least he would
be protected for a time by the gentle Carbuncle, and
Cerberus's power would give him the ability to do a
triple healing spell.

Laguna was soon on his way to a full recovery from
the status attack.

He cast a flare spell, blinding the Marlboro just long
enough to effect his escape. Blind panic took him, and
he didn't stop running until he nearly exhausted. Then
he paused to catch his breath.

Looking around, he saw he'd gone out past the city's
barriers. He could no longer see Esthar, nor the gates
that surrounded Esthar Plains. Not certain how he'd
got that far, he looked around, trying to find his way
back into Esthar.
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