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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:

Rachel POV

We walked into Chuck E. Cheese to see the guys waiting for us at a booth, they waved to us and we waved back heading over to them. I held Ryan's hand in mine as we walked over. Micheal looked at me and I smiled at him weakly.

“Dude, they look alike except he is a guy.” Jon said and I laughed.

“This is my brother Micheal.”I said to them and brendon smirked at him and he rolled at his eyes.

“Rachel, can I talk to you for a sec?”Micheal asked and I nodded as he pulled me over to a area where we could talk.

“Whats wrong?” I asked worried.

“I don't like Brendon...”He mummered.

“Ignore him then.” I said to him.

“But he was looking at you like you were food.” He told me and my eyes got wide.

“Your not joking around are you?” I asked him my eyes on him intently.

“No, I wouldnt joke about that.”He said to me seriously.

“Alright just ignore him if he bothers you, and he wont touch me. Promise.” I said to him smiling.

“Here is a 20, go have fun.” I said to him and he nodded going off to play games.

“Whats was wrong?” Ryan asked.

“Nothing. We'll talk about it later.” I said to him smiling trying to make him thing it wasn't anything serious. He nodded then smiled as Brendon ran over to a game trying to figure out how to play it.

“Whats wrong?”He asked me as the others did the same.

“Its nothing.”I said to him going to walk over to Micheal.

“Tell me...”He said to me wrapping his arms around me.

“Micheal saw Brendon checking me out.”I said to him and Ryan sighed.

“Really?”He asked.

“Yea.”I said to him.

“Don't mind him, he is that way.”Ryan said and I nodded.

“Rachel..”He said to me as I began to walk over to Micheal.


“I love you.”He said to me and my heart began to thud in my chest and I gulped, I walkedo ver to him and kissed his lips and I heard a few cat calls and whistles.

“I love you too.” I said to him smiling and took his hand in mine as we walked over to Micheal who was playing a basketball game. I stayed close to he Ryan through the whole night except for when he went to the bathroom. I saw Brendon making his way over to me and I sighed.

“So, whats up?”He asked smirking at me.

“Nothing, Im actually about ready head home.” I said to him in a friendly tone.

“Really?”He said shaking his head.

“What?” I asked him curious.

“If your ready for bed now, how can you handle a rockstar?”He asked me and I laughed.

“You have no idea what I do do you?”I asked.

“I clean, I work two jobs and take care of Micheal then I somehow manage a boy friend.” I said to him and he looked down a bit.

“I still don't think you can handle him.”He said to me and got up and and looked at me.

“Besides, its only a matter of time before he is bored of you.”Brendon said and I kept my eyes on my hands not letting him see the tears that formed in my eyes. I gulp down what ever was in my throat, that lump that hurts like hell when your about cry. I felt someone touch my should and turned to see Ryan and he smiled at me and I looked to the side.

“You alright?”He asked concerned.

“You were serious this morning right?” I asked him.

“About what?”he asked.

“Not leaving me.”I said to him and he nodded putting both hands on my face putting our foreheads together.

“Most deffinately.”He said to me and I sighed kissing him softly.

“I love you.” I whispered to him my heart thundering loudly in my chest.

“I love you too.”He whispered in my ear and I closed my eyes laying my head on his shoulder. My cell phone rang and I answered it.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Is Micheal there this is his friend Shawn.”A boy said nad I laughed.

“Sure hold on.” I said to the boy.

“Micheal! Phone.”I said and ran over.

“Who is it?”He asked.

“Shawn?” I said and he nodded and I handed him the phone.

“Hello.”He said to him and he laughed.

“Hold on lemme ask.” He said and I raised and eyebrow.

“He wants to know if I can stay over tonight...”He asked and I sighed looking down.

“I don't care..” I said sighing reluctant to let him go.

“She said yes.” Micheal said to him and then hung up.

“He picking you up from the apartment?”I asked and he nodded.

“We should go then.” I said to Ryan and he nodded.

We all got into the car after telling the guys we were leaving. I got into the car, I looked up and Brendon was watching me and I kept my eyes off him. Not letting him know I was aware of his eyes staring holes through my very being.
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