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What’s up with Drew?

by Motherwar_13

Is the stress of her job and dealing with two boyfriends finally taking its toll on her?

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Chapter 15

Frank’s POV

The next several weeks where just as busy as the last ones. My band where starting to get a lot of gigs so I was really busy with that. Gerard’s long hours paid off and he got a promotion. Bob decided to move here and was staying with Erica and Ray until he found a place. Drew and I had been extremely busy at work, her a little more than me. We luckily could bring stuff home with us unlike Gerard. Just about every night I had come home late she had fallen asleep on the couch with her laptop, I also noticed she hadn’t been herself lately not feeling well and all. I asked her about it and she just said stress from work. It was another Saturday mourning and Gerard and I where awake before Drew. I was sitting at the table eating my coco puffs when she stumbled into the kitchen. She sat across from me and sad down laying her head down on the table.

“Drew are you sure you’re okay?” Gee asked walking over and running his fingers through her hair. She looked awful.

“No, I was with Erica a couple of days ago and she was babysitting her sisters kids, one of them was sick and I think I got it.” She grumbled.

“Do you want something to eat? It might make you feel better?” I suggested.

“Eww, no.” She said making a face. I helped her to the couch and covered her up. I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with her she had been not well for about a month now but now she really looked awful. She was watching reruns of Scooby Doo. Gerard and I and the rest of the guys where all going out to see a movie. While we where getting dressed the doorbell rang. I jogged down the hall and into the living room to answer it. It was Ray and Erica.

“Hey, just hang on we are almost ready.” I smiled as I sat down to put my shoes on.

“Drew what’s up you look like hell.” Erica asked walking over to her.

“Thanks, I think I got what the little rug rat had.”

“Aww, Looks like I will be babysitting again to day.” Erica laughed as she patted Drew on the head and sat at her feet.

“Gerard come on!” I called as I let Mikey, Hope, Tristen and Bob in.

“I am comin…” He called back and came down the hall.

“Dude you’re such a girl.” Drew replied with a weak smile.

“Shut- up”

“Hey, I have an extra wrap thing does anyone want it?” Hope asked as she sat on the floor pulling food out of a sack. Drew jumped up and ran down the hall. I got up and followed her.

“Baby, are you sure you okay?” I asked as I held her hair back and handed her a towel. She nodded. We walked back into the living room. The guys and I left a couple of minutes later after several promise that the girls would take care of Drew.
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