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WTF do I do now?

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Things are about to get interesting, can these three handle it and stay together?

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Chapter 16

Drew’s POV

After the door closed behind Gerard, Erica turned to face me.
“Are you sure its just the bug that Sam had? Cause he never really got sick to his stomach.” Erica asked kneeling in front of me feeling my forehead.

“You don’t have a fever.” She added.

“What else could it be?” I mumbled.

“Um…you did just throw up.. in the mourning after you just smelled food” Hope urged.

“Its not what your thinking….I mean I am on birth control.” I sighed.

“So, you have told me that you sometimes for get to change the patch and you guys barely ever use condoms.” Erica replied worried.

“When was your last period?” Tristen asked.

“Um…..I had it when Liz was here, then one a couple of weeks after she left” I thought out loud.

“But not once since, that was like two months ago.” Hope said taking a bite.

“Hope I love you but, go over there please.” I gave her a look then looked at what she was eating.

“Oh sorry…..” She got up and walked across the room. I sat up, It hadn’t really crossed my mind, I had been so busy with work, and the guys have too. I have really noticed that we had been having uninterrupted, some what unprotected sex for two months. Fuck…was I pregnant. This was going to be interesting, what would the guys say, what would my parents say when I tell them and tell them I wasn’t exactly sure which of the two the father was?

“Shit.” I said standing up and walked around the living room, then tripped since I was a bit dizy.

“Do you want one of us to go get a test?” Tristen asked pulling me into a hug. I was quiet for a minute.

“Um…yeah I guess.” I whispered. Hope and Tristen got up and left. I sat back down on the couch. Erica sat next to me. I couldn’t help it, tears started to fall. She put her arm around me. We both just sat there quietly while Hope and Tristen where gone. They came back about fifteen minutes later, with two packs of two.

“Damn, how much do you think I can pee?” I asked looking in the bag. They laughed a little. I took one out and opened it and read the instructions.

“I don’t think I can do this…I mean.”

“Honey, its just peeing on a stick, I think you can even mange not to screw that up.” Hope smiled sitting on my other side. I smiled.

“I mean this little stick could ruin three lives, in like three minutes….”

“It’s a really good thing that you don’t come up with lines like that to sell stuff.” Erica added. I laughed.

“Don’t look at it that way, I mean yeah it will change your lives but I think for the good and Frank and Gerard would think so too.” Tristen added kneeling in front of me. We all jumped when where heard a key in the door.

“Damn it.” I grabbed the bag an wrapped the blanket around it. The guys came in just as it sat the blanket in my lap.

“Hey baby, feeling in better?” Frank asked as he crossed the room and kissed my cheek.

“Not really, I feel a little worse actually how was the movie?” I muttered.

“I am sorry, baby. Good actually I think you would like it.” Gerard smiled as he kissed my other cheek.

“I think I might take a bath see if that helps. Guys I will call you later okay.” I nodded at them. I hugged them good bye and then excused myself taking the blanket with me. I started the water and let the tub fill. I took a test and sat it on the back of the toilet along with my watch. This was going to be the longest three minutes of my life. I undressed and sank down into the water. I leaned back and closed my eyes, the beeping of my watch brought me back down to earth. I grabbed my watched and stopped it, I just stared at the stick, the three minutes wasn’t long enough. I couldn’t look at it. I was scared to death. I leaned back into the water. Going over in my head what would happen if I was. What would Frank and Gerard say, would they be mad since it was my fault not remembering to change that damn fucking patch when I was supposed to. Could the three of us raise a baby together? Would one of them change their mind when we find out for sure who the father was. There was a knock at the door snapping be back to earth this time. I grabbed my shirt and tossed it to hide the test and then my pants to hide the bag of the others.

“Drew are you okay?” Frank asked through the door.

“Yeah, just relaxing that’s all.” I called back. I heard his footsteps go back down the hall. I climbed out and wrapped up in a towel. I picked up my shirt then the test not looking at it. I stuffed the others under the sink, and grabbed my clothes and shoved them in the hamper. I sat down on the toilet and took in a deep breath holding it as I looked.

“Positive” I whispered to my self. I could feel the tears return. I silent cried as put on my p.j’.s I tried to whip them away and I opened the door and walked down the hall toward the living room. I stopped watching them a minute. My heart was racing, I was scared to death., it sucked having two others futures in my hand like this. Maybe this threesome couple thing was really to much I mean I had to admit that I had been thinking a lot lately how much I really do care about these two men. I mean don’t get me wrong they are both sweet and would do anything for me but I couldn’t hide it any longer I had fallen for only one of them and I fell hard. Now with this baby coming what if the one that I really truly love isn’t the father what will happen will he still love me, does he really love me now. I sat in the chair and took another deep breath. Here goes nothing.
“Guys….” I stopped and the both looked at me. Fresh tears started to fall.
“I’m pregnant.”
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