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Chapter 8

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Awe! So Sad

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Chapter 8

Ryan POV

I hadn't even told Brendon about my plans no doubt he wouldnt be happy about it. We walked into her apartment the guys sitting on the couch watching TV with Micheal she sighed crossing her arms.

“Thought you were going to Shawn's?”She said to him.

“I was until someone stopped me.”He said glaring at Brendon.

“What?”He said to him shrugging.

“Alright, why are you guys here? Not that I mind just a tad bit curious.”She said waving her left hand around.

“Whoa! Whats with the rock!” Brendon asked gluing himself to her hand and I looked down.

“Dude, we're engaged.” I said to him wrapping my arm around her and she smiled as he looked at her ring intensively.

“Dude, no..”He said to me seriously.

“You can't get married now. We're going to be big think about the groupies.”He said to me and I shook my head.

“I don't want a groupie.” I said to him. “I want Rachel.”I said to him seriously.

“Your gonna miss out.”Brendon said and she slapped him across the face.

“What the hell!?”He said to her.

“Being a rockstar isnt about getting laid! Its about your fans who enjoy your music!” She yelled at him. “Maybe once you get your priorities straight, you can come in my house again but until then you best get out now!” She yelled at him and he looked at her stunned, he grabbed his coat and left slamming the door behind him.

“Does anyone else have an oppinon they would like to share?”She asked smiling weakly.

“Can I see it?”Micheal asked and she nodded.

“Wow, it must have been worth a lot.” Micheal said and she looked at me biting her lip.

“Dont worry about the price.”I said to her and she sighed.

“Want us to take Micheal to his friends?”Jon asked and she looked at Micheal.

“Can I go?” He asked.

“Sure.” She said and Spencer and Jon left with Micheal which left us alone. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me making my stomach get butterflies in it. I ran my hand up her side and kissed her neck. I heard a small groan come from some one, I thought it was her but it was me. She slide my jacket off of me and I threw it to the floor. We walked to her bedroom and shut the door, the night ended in a perpetual bliss pretty much making us the happiest people in the world.

“Can we do it again?” I asked with a grin on my face.

“Later.”She groaned and I pulled her close to me kissing the top of her head.

“Love you.”She whispered.

“Love you too.”I said to her and her breathing slowed and I knew she was asleep.

The next morning I groaned as sunlight poured through her bedroom window, I pulled the cover over our heads and grinned. I kissed her lips and she opened her eyes. She looked around and smirked. She kissed me roughly on the mouth moving ontop of me. After our morning rondezvous we got dressed and began talking about the wedding plans.

“When do we want it to be?” She asked.

“I like winter.” I said to her.

“That sounds nice. Okay when November December or January?” She asked.

“December.” I said and she grinned writing it down on a piece of paper.

“What day?”She asked.

“Hm...lets see....18th?”I asked.

“Sounds perfect.” she said to me and I smiled.

“Okay, what do we want to eat at the reception?”I asked he curiously.

“OoO! I know!” She said and I laughed.

“Pizza, Cake of course, Those mini sandwiches. Uhm,Chicken, turkey, HAM!”She said excitedly.

“Alright.” I said writing It down.

It was now in the middle of september, so we had some time but we had to hurry or we would have to change our plans up, and have to wait unril after tour. I had already made it to where Rachel and Micheal would be with me on tour. Here were our plans for our wedding.

Wedding plans :)

Date for wedding: 12 /18/04

Place : Willmette ,Illinois cause thats where we will be at the time :)

Preist : Father Williams

Food : Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Mini sandwhiches and Pizza and of course Cake.

“Thats all we have right now.” I said to her and she looked at me.

“Really?” She said.

“Not much...”She laughed.

“I know but we will get there.”I said to her and kissed her lips gently as all the guys walked in, including Brendon.

“Have you got your priorities straight?”She asked as he walked by her.

“Yeah.”He said his eyes kind of sad.

“Im not taking him from you, promise.but I am making him mine....” She said and I laughed and Brendon sighed.

“You can see him whenever you want...just don't treat me like shit in the process.” She said and I nodded that was reasonable. She stood up and hugged Brendon. “Im sorry I hit you.”She said to him and he nodded to her then went to sit down.

“Is he okay?”She asked.

“He'll be fine, you just hurt his ego, you know how big that thing it.” I said to her and she laughed.

Brendon POV

'God she is so pretty, the way she glows when she is happy...' I thought to my self and shook the thought, she was marrying Ryan, I should be happy for him, but I was the total opposite. I saw her first, shouldnt I get say first? When she hugged me I couldnt breath my whole body went tense then I hugged her knowing thats as close it was going to get for me. I could tell he loved her and she loved him back by how they were together.

I turned the channel on the tv the guys groaned yelling at me and throwing pillows at me and threw them back with a smirk on my face. I had a plan, a good one. At the wedding, well during, I would do something to make her notice me. Something out of the way, to make her love me.

Spencer's POV
“He is thinking about something, hope he doesnt hurt himself.” I said Jon as Brendon stared at the tv
not really watching it but was in deep thought, God I hope he didnt do anything stupid. I hit him with a pillow and he threw it back at me and I laughed.

“I was watching that!” I yelled at him.

“So...”He muttered.

He was such an ass sometimes.

Ryan POV

Brendon was thinking awefully hard on something or else he wouldnt just be staring at the tv and not really watching it. I sighed, he was planning some evil as always but this time it was going to be his worst one yet and I didnt know what to do. So I called Pete asked him to talk to Brendon about me and Rachel getting married to make sure he was cool with it.

Pete POV

“Hey, Brendon, im at Starbucks wanna hang out?”I asked and he jumped at the chance.

“See you then.” I said to him.

Ryan had good cause to be worried, Brendon told me everything before that he was in love with Rachel and he didnt know if he could live with out her. I didnt know if this would blow his cap but I hope it didnt ruin the band because they made some good sounds.

I saw him walk through the door and I waved him to me and he sat down in a booth with me.

“So, whats up?” I asked.

“Well, Ryan is engaged to Rachel, dude its not right that havent even been together long.” He said to me shaking his head.

“Tell me whats one your mind.”I told him seriously.

“Well I was thinking that when they get married I would do something out of the way to make Rachel see what im worth and maybe she will love me...”Brendon said to me and I shook my head.

“Dont you want Ryan to be happy?” I asked him and he sighed.

“Yeah, but I saw her first.”He said and I laughed.

“Dude if I said that every time some other guy married on of my ex girlfriends I would richer than I am now, look who did she see first?”I asked him.

“I don't know, but she dance with ryan and completely ignored me.” He said and I sighed.

“There is your answer.”I said to him sipping my coffee.

“Leave them be, let them be happy. She could be pregnant, do you really wanna raise your friends baby then loose a friend she wouldnt be happy at all, and I doubt you could do something so out of the way that would make her fall in love with you that fast.” I said to him seirously.

“Your right, I have no chance.”He mummered hitting his head on the table.

“Leave them, let your friend be happy.”I said to him sighing.

“I guess, but its hard you know. I love her and I just cant stop thinking about it. He has everything I want and can never have.” He said his head in his hands.

“That is so sad....”I said sighing.

“What?”He asked.

“Oh nothing just sounded like something out of a movie.” I said to him smirking.

“But seriously, you want her to be happy right?” I asked him.

“Of course.”He said to me and I sighed.

“Okay, then leave them alone. Go to the wedding meet some of her family or something friends chick friends..”I said to him he grinned.

“I get you, she doesnt have any family though besides her brother.”Brendon said to me.

“What? Why?”I asked confused.

“Her parents are addicts so she dis-owned them.” He told me.

“Damn.” I said to him.

“She is going to have a family now, just think of how happy she will be.”I said to him and he nodded looking down.

“Doesnt make it any easier.”He said.

“I know, I know.” I said to him and I saw a tear fall down his face.

“Ah, dude come here.” I said to him and we stood up and huged.

“This looks wrong but who cares.” I laughed not really worried about my rep.

“Is he okay?” A girl asked from behind the register and I laughed.

“He is just upset.” I said to her and she walked around the counter and I let him go. He wiped his face and she smiled at him handing him a tissue.

“Hi, Im Melody.”She said to him and I grinned. 'Hellz yeah!' I thought to my self.

“Hi..”He said smiling weakly.

“Here is some coffee on the house.” She said handing him mocha flavored.

“Thanks. Im Brendon.”He said to her and I grinned again then snuck out of the coffee shop leaving them alone.
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