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Inspector Way

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"Eliza, I dont belong to you" said Frank. She totally ignored this and took a step towards Kait "Aw, I heard you had a nasty fall, Im sorry to hear that" she said in the most patronising voice possible and patted her on the shoulder. Frank pulled Kait away "Dont fucking touch her Eliza" this made her laugh "Protecting your little girlfriend? How cute" she scoffed. They were all just staring at her "Well practice makes perfect, She is going to need protecting mark my words"
Eliza suddenly let out a painful screech as Vanessa had latched on to her hair and was pulling her down to the ground. "Dont you dare threaten my friends you fucking slag" she screamed, she was raising her fists but was stopped by Bob who grabbed her round the waist and pulled her away. "BOB!! Let me go, that bitch has it coming to her" Vanessa said while kicking her legs trying to break free of Bob's strong grip. Eliza just smirked as she fixed her hair. "Believe me, we will be meeting again, and we will see who has what coming to them" she spat at Vanessa who was still in Bob's arms. She walked up to Frank and got as close as she could "See you soon Frank" she winked and left them all shocked at what had just happened. Kait didnt know what to think, she didnt know who Eliza was or what she was like, would she really try and hurt her? It was as if Frank read her mind "Dont worry baby, she is full of empty threats" he said, knowing that was a lie, Eliza was a sly bitch and he was worried about what would happen to Kait.
They were all in the car trying to forget about what happened, Gerard looked in his mirror and saw Vanessa pouting in the back "Whats wrong? You look like you have been slapped with a wet fish" he laughed. "Why couldnt you let me kick her ass? I could have beaten the shit out of her, teach her a lesson" Bob, who was sitting beside her just laughed "Exactly, you would of beaten the shit out of her, then god knows what would of happened." She slumped back in the car chair, she hated the fact they hadnt let her kick the crap out of Eliza, but she liked the fact Bob had picked her up and tried to stop her. His arms were warm around her waist and he had a strong grip that made you felt safe, like nothing could hurt you. She was smiling to herself when they pulled up to the house. Frank waited till everyone was heading to the living room "Psssst, Nikki, Nessa come here" he nodded his head towards the kitchen and they closed the door. Mikey was heading to the kitchen to grab some sodas when he heard voices from behind the door, it was Frank, Nikki and Vanessa so he listened closely.

"Ohhh Frank its so big"

"Can I touch it, please"

"Okay but be gentle with it"

"Me next, I wanna touch it"

"Careful its very delicate, one at a time"

"She has had it for long enough, now its my turn"

"Well hurry up, I need to put it away incase Kait comes in"

Mikey couldnt believe what he was hearing. Frank was not only cheating on his cousin, but he was doing it with two of her friends, in their kitchen?! He rushed into the living room and beckoned for Gerard and Bob to come out into the hallway "Ermm guys can you come here a sec, theres erm, a big, spider and I need your help to catch it" he wasnt very good at lying on the spot. Gerard and Bob got up slowly "Oookkk Mikey" they said. Once they were in the hallway Mikey explained what he had heard and Gerard and Bob were shocked. They went into the kitchen to find Frank, Vanessa and Nikki whispering and they quickly changed the subject when the door opened. "So yeah it ended up they had over charged me but I got the money back" Vanessa said quickly. Gerard raised his eyebrow at her "Dont play dumb Nessa, we know whats going on"
She looked at the other two "I dont know what your talking about" Gerard wasnt convinced "Nessa you know you cant lie to me" his voice was slowly rising. She sighed "Well we were going to tell you anyway, just please dont tell Kait" Bob, Mikey and Gerard couldnt believe what they were hearing "What?! You want me to lie to my cousin for you, no way"
"Oh come on Gerard, she will find out at dinner tonight, Frank will make sure of that" she said "Just dont tell Kait" Nikki added. With that Kait walked into the kitchen to find them all huddled round the table "Dont tell me what?" she asked. Mikey went over to her and put his arm around her, "Erm, well Kait, you see" he stuttered "Frankischeatingonyouwithvanessaandnikki" Bob said all in one go. Kait's jaw dropped, and so did Franks, Nikki's and Vanessa's. They all replied the same way "WHAT?!"
Mikey stepped in "I heard you guys in the kitchen, doing whatever you were doing"
Suddenly Frank clicked on and burst out laughing. Kait folded her arms and looked at him "You think this is fucking funny?" she said crossly. He went over to her still laughing and put his arm around her. "Baby, Im not cheating on you, Mikey has got himself confused" he said, still laughing. He looked over at Vanessa and Nikki "He thought what I was showing you in the kitchen was us cheating, Well I could imagine how it would of sounded" he said. Niki and Vanessa both started laughing "Ohhh Mikey you really got yourself confused"
They still didnt understand so Frank explained. "Well I was going to save it till tonight but Inspector Way over there has ruined it now. I bought you a birthday present and I was showing Nessa and Nikki to make sure it was okay and they were saying how nice it was and I said we had to put it away incase you came in and he obviously thought we were doing something dirty."
Kait thankfully saw the funny side and joined in with the others laughing. "Aww Mikey, thanks for caring but next time, make sure before you open your mouth"
He nodded, half embarrased, half ashamed. "Well now that is over, lets go and get ready for dinner tonight" Nikki said ushering them all towards the door. Everyone went to their seperate bedrooms, Frank had to pass Kaits room before he got to the guest room so he knocked on the door. She answered it only peeking her head around the door, "Can I come in" said Frank, she hesitated and then let him in. He sat on the bed and then turned around to find Kait in only her underwear. He swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what he came in to say but it was so hard when Kait was standing in front of him half naked. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay" he said not looking at her. "Im fine, why wouldnt I be" she said looking through her closet. "Well just with what happened downstairs, I just wanted you to know I would never cheat on you"
She came over and sat by him, putting her hand on his shoulder "I know that baby, sometimes you worry more than a woman" she laughed. He kissed her softly on the lips "I love you Kait" he said, meaning every word of it, "I love you too Frankie" she said kissing him again. "Now go get ready please" she said shuffling him out of the door. She closed the door behind her, and her heart soared. Tonight was going to be great.
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