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How We Fell in Love

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The Mews have finished fighting the Aliens, and Kish leaves Ichigo with a big bang. Now, 4 years later, the Aliens come back, finding something they would have never thought: the mews split up, liv...

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How We Fell in Love

By MewHoshiKoneko-chan1

xXx Nothing xXx

I didn’t know quite what to feel.

I stared out her window closing my eyes as the cool air blew in. I shivered slightly, wearing only my pink pajamas, which didn’t really warm me much. I guess it’s over then. Me, being Mew Ichigo… it‘s over. I thought, my voice sounding soft and sad even in my head. I can’t believe all that time used up on saving the Earth and it’s over… so soon. In my heart, I felt empty. Saving the world had been fun, interesting and now it was over, It was like a part of my life was done. And it was practically true.

I looked down at my hand and blinked, watching as I closed it and opened it again. It was still weird to me, a few hours ago, I was too close to death to feel optimistic, Everyone had been too close to death. But now, here I was, coming home to angry parents, yelling about a new curfew. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for stupid things anymore. I thought to herself.

I touched her head, remembering the feeling of my ears, popping up out of no where. How, when they did, it was almost like a relief, feeling myself be the way I was supposed to. But that was over as well. The thought of the things that were over brought me to a new train of thought. Would I still work in the café? Would I still see Minto, Retasu, Purin and Zakuro? For that matter, would I still see the aliens.

I stopped short on that thought. Kisshu… I almost felt like crying. The name rang in my head over and over again. I turned him down so much, it was impossible to believe he would ever forgive me. I didn’t want him completely cut out of my life, but I doubted anything more now. And Tart… The kid was actually kinda cute for a alien brat. He made me want a little brother. I could tell, even while I knew he would deny it, he was going to miss Purin. The oldest one, Pai, I wasn’t so sure about. I had a feeling he would never ever come back. He had such a strong hate for us, I was hard to believe he would care to miss us at all.

What will my life be like now, I doubted I could go back to the same routine of things I did before I became a Mew Mew. Maybe I could. I could go to school, hang out with my friends, see if I am actually still working at Café Mew Mew, come home. I would live threw the continuing boredom, day by day.

The cold becoming too much for me, I shut the window, sitting on my bed. Alright, Ichigo. I know it feels like the world is over, but it’ll be okay. Maybe something exciting will happen. And Remember you still have Aoyama-kun.

The name sounded wrong. Considering all they been through, you’d think I’d be calling him by his first name, and I wanted to. Maybe I’d run it by him next time I see him. “Masaya.” I said into the air, blushing at the way it sounded. A slow smile made it’s way across my lips and I felt the urge to giggle. It actually sounded okay, not weird like I thought it would.

I heard the window open and turned to the sound. Kisshu stood at my window, crossing his arms, his head leaning on one of them. “So you’re calling him by his first name now?” His face looked like it was trying to smile, but his eyes looked pained.

I felt my heart sink but did my best to smile back at him. “Just seeing how it sounded. Kinda weird huh?”

Kish nodded, floating into the room to sit on my window sill. “Yeah actually, very weird, Kitten. Having a nice night?”

I blinked. What was a good way to respond. I didn’t even know if I was having a nice night. “Well… You know…” Kish nodded like he understood, and I wondered if he really did. It occurred to me then that he might be thinking the same thing I was. That maybe everyone was thinking the same things I was. “Do you feel like we’ll ever see each other again?” I asked.

He looked slightly confused. “What? You want to see me again? I thought you hated me.”

“I never hated you, Kish.” I said to him simply, shaking my head. “You’re being slightly melodramatic, don’t you think?”

“Hey excuse me if I thought being called a pervert and getting hit all the time meant I wasn’t very liked.” He laughed.

“You know you deserved it. Now, stop dancing around the subject.” I said.

Kish shrugged, sighing. “There’s always a possibility we’ll come back, but then again we have so much work to do… I’m not sure if coming back would be that easy.” He smiled a little and leaned slightly closer to be. “But maybe if I had a reason to come ba-”

“Kisshu.” I stopped him. We looked at each other, knowing he had gone slightly to far. I didn’t want to turn him down again, to be the last thing I remember him bye as ‘I’m sorry, but no Kisshu.’

“Ah, yes. I see I went to far.” He nodded, then got up, getting ready to leave. “Well then, Ichigo. I just came to say bye.”

I tried to think of a good way to end this. I knew I wanted to hug him, but would that be going to far. Going over the bounders we set up for each other would be bad, like setting off a bomb. “Kisshu… would it be okay if I-”

His arms were around me in an instant and I hugged back tightly, my face buried in his chest. He was warm and I felt his lips pressed to my hair. I knew this was crossing the bounders the second he touched me, but I knew scolding him now would hurt this moment. This is how I wanted it- for us to be friends. I loved Aoyama-kun. I knew I did, and I knew I always would, but I couldn’t just cut Kisshu out of my life like me meant nothing. He saved my life, probably more then once, and I would always owe him.

He pulled away and smiled softly at me. “That wasn’t smart was it?”

I shook my head, smiling back. “Nope, not really…”

Kish’s ears perked up slightly and he let go of me, looking out the window again. “Well, this is it, Kitten. I have to go.” I nodded sadly and he looked at me again. This time, his eyes went sad, now they looked burning, passionate and hopeful and the look made me feel hollow

“Kish.” I said and he shook his head. “Come on, Kish, just leave it at this. Please, you have to go.”

He shook his head like he was going insane and grabbed both my arms with one hand. I started to struggle, hoping he wouldn’t do what I knew he was going to. Not now, please Kish. I thought franticly.

In that moment, his lips hit mine and I struggled again, knowing now, the moment was destroyed. I’d have to do something drastic if he didn’t leave soon. His tongue probed my lips, searching for entrance and I pushed tried desperately to free my hands. I tugged my hands back and scratched him across the face, backing away from him as my instincts took over.

He just looked at me, the sad look in his eyes coming back. “So this is how we leave it huh?”

“Hey! Do NOT try and use guilt on me, Kish!” I nearly screamed. The annoyed feeling I get when he did something I didn’t like came flooding back and I was getting angry. Pretty soon I was going to start saying things I didn’t mean, and all hope of me and Kish being friends would be down the drain.

Then a thought hit me, Maybe it would be easier this way. To be mad at each other, and then go on with life.

“I’m not using guilt, but even if I did, don’t you think I deserve to? You just scratched me!”

“With ever right to!” I began yelling. He looked angry back and started to walk out the window. “God, Kish, can’t you just have a moment? Just one, without screwing it up?”

“You know what, Ichigo.” Kisshu shook his head, his eyes focusing on mine, looking wet and watery. “Have a nice life. Maybe I’ll see you someday when you’re not completely devoid of sentiment.” He flew out of my window and began flying away from me. Tears welled in my eyes and I growled.

“GOOD LUCK WITH LIVING ALONE!” I cried and slammed my window shut. As soon as I did, sobs rocked my body and I threw myself onto my bed and cried, realizing now, that nothing would have made that more easier.
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