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Rebecca and Barbara's adventures lead them both into a fantasy incomprehensible to them!! 1986 Judas Priest...Sorry guys...but in this FANtasy, Halford is not gay.

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"Which bus is it?" asked Barbara. "I have no idea," answered Rebecca. Sshh! Look! There's someone in that one!" "Oh God!" exclaimed Rebecca. They bumped into one another as they tried hiding. "Right then!" said a man's voice. Barbara's eyes widened. She recognized the smooth British drawl. She whispered to Rebecca, "Holy sh*t! Is that who I think it is?" They both peered around the corner of the bus. Barbara gasped when she caught a glimpse of the man. The tight red leather pants, black t-shirt, tousled brown hair, and very kissable lips confirmed her suspicions.
"Okay, be honest do I look?" Rebecca glimpsed at her friend, "Are you kidding? You always look like you are ready for a date!" Barbara smiled. "Where are you going?" Rebecca whispered as Barbara made her way quietly through the maze of buses, all the while following the Englishman. She turned abruptly and exasperatedly waved for her friend to come along.
Glenn stopped suddenly and glanced behind him. Nothing. "Ken, you bugger! If that's you, I'll have your arse mate!" Shrinking back into the shadows, Rebecca and Barbara stifled giggles. He harrumphed and lit a cigarette. They would be going on soon. He leaned against the side of the bus and took a drag. "Let's go!" said Rebecca. "I don't think we are supposed to be back here," she continued as she looked around warily. "Whatever!" exclaimed Barbara. "Come on! Show a little backbone. Besides, this was YOUR idea!"
Rebecca nervously tugged at the "All Access" badge she was wearing around her neck. "I don't want to get kicked out before they go on." Barbara whispered loudly, "We won't! Now, come on."
The show was exactly what they thought it would be; completely wonderful. Walking backstage, neither of them could stop chattering about how Glenn winked, Rob gyrated, and KK swaggered. It seemed that Ian and Dave were always invisible, though the music would not exist without their efforts.
Making their way through the muddle of equipment and bodies, they finally reached their nirvana. Only a few feet away were the men of their dreams. Barbara and Rebecca stood, jaws agape and eyes wide. They had been winked, smiled, and definitely noticed during the concert, but this was different. They were going to be tangible. Not just idols to ogle and worship from afar. Here they stood in the flesh!
When they stood eye to eye with Glenn, Rebecca had to nudge Barbara out of her catatonic state. "Well hello," he said to them with that delicious Welsh drawl. "H-h-hi," Barbara finally managed to stutter. She took in all of him. He truly was a delectable looking man. His glorious hair fell around his shoulders spilling slightly over his smooth hard chest. He stood, took her hand in his, bent forward, and placed a whisper of a kiss on the top of her hand, "I'm honored to meet you," he told her. Barbara shivered slightly, and in a voice barely audible replied, "Thank you, but I'm the one that is honored. I still can't believe this!" His smile curved one corner of his lip up which made her feel warm all over.

Rebecca knew her friend was a goner, so she stood patiently while she and the guitar virtuoso began a conversation with each other as if they were long lost friends. She envied Barbara's tenacity. "How are we this evening?" a familiar voice from behind startled her. She spun around so quickly that the heel of her new pumps got caught in the rug beneath her feet causing her to trip and fall directly into the arms of the voice. To her chagrin, she found herself in the arms of the one person she had hoped to meet one day...but not like this.
"I am so sorry! Oh! Forgive me!" she exclaimed. Rob laughed and replied, "Oh love, I can't think of a better way to greet someone!" Rebecca laughed nervously. "I've never been very good with these h-h-h...," her voice dropped off as she met his eyes. She was downright speechless. "I wouldn't say that. They do look rather nice on you," he stated as his eyes traveled down her legs to the stiletto type heels she was donning. Rebecca simply smiled and nodded. "Are you alright?" he asked her. To her mortification, she realized she was still holding onto him. "Yes, yes, thank you," she managed to stammer out while standing on her own.
Glenn looked at the petite woman that stood before him. He had noticed her during the show. She never took her eyes off of him. He played to her that evening. It is said that most musicians will pick out one person to play for during a gig. It helped the nerves. She was the one. Her name was Barbara.
Barbara and Rebecca were invited to the hotel that the band would be staying. When they were told which one, the irony of it amazed them, for they had decided to stay downtown in the same hotel for a night on the town.
As they drove from the parking lot into the night, they were both too excited to sleep. "I don't think I'll sleep at all tonight," stated Rebecca. "If all goes well, neither of us will," Barbara responded with sarcasm in her voice. Rebecca recognized the wickedness in the tone of Barbara's voice. She decided to inquire, but knew where this was leading. "Uh, just out of curiosity, did you give them our room number?" Barbara looked at Rebecca, "What do you think...LOVE?" She emphasized the word love. "I knew you saw what happened! I have just been humiliated in front of the man of my fantasies and you think it's funny!" She placed both her hands over her face shaking her head. "Oh come on! He didn't seem to mind that you bumped into him." Her eyebrows went up and down in an evil little way.
"Barbara...I'm not very experienced with this. You know that."
"How many years have I heard you go on about that man? Now's your chance to find out the truth! At least sit and talk with him! It could lead to BIGGER and better things!"
They reached their destination and ran into the hotel. Riding in the elevator, Rebecca turned to her friend and asked mockingly, "Would you really allow Glenn's tongue in your mouth?" "Oh honey, his tongue at the very least!" They both laughed.

Rob stood gazing out the hotel window at the sprawling city below. San Antonio had always been one of his favorite stops. Wonderful culture, food, and people. People, he thought to himself. The little blonde with the red shoes came to mind. Rebecca.
She sang every lyric to every song along with him. He caught her eye several times during the show. At times they would lock eyes. She seemed shy and would turn away when she found that he was looking at her. Not like the others that would "flash" him all night.
At one o'clock in the morning, there was a knock at the door. Barbara unlocked the door. Rebecca stood, shifting nervously from foot to foot. The door opened and there was Glenn standing in the doorway. He was dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt. In his arms were bottles of wine. "Hello again!" he said happily. "Come in," Barbara voiced shakily. "Good evening ladies," Rob crooned as he stepped over to the tiny hotel kitchen in search of ice. He was carrying bottles of Guiness.

"You might want to close that door, Rob said to Barbara. It's bloody late and I don't think your neighbors would like it if we wake them up at this hour." Barbara closed the door and walked over to Rebecca. "Since we all have met, I don't believe introductions are necessary". He placed the bottles of wine in the tiny refrigerator and helped Rob unload the Guinness.

Glenn turned to Rob and quipped, "I have to tell you that this hotel tops the whole lot that you got us last time." Rob shrugged his shoulders. "Bloody hell!" exclaimed Glenn as he knocked over a Guinness. The ale went splattering across the kitchen tile. "Jesus Glenn!" cried Rob. "My apologies ladies," Glenn bowed. "That's alright, I'll clean it," Barbara said and strolled over to get paper towels to wipe up the mess. Glenn was already on the floor, mopping up the spilled ale.

"What would you like to drink?" Rob asked of the women. Rebecca walked to the kitchen which was already crowded. "I'll get us some glasses," said Rebecca. "Oh no love! You came to see us, now we are going to wait on you." Rob said stealthily and winked at her. Her heart skipped a beat. "Now, let me see...Barbara", glancing the other way, "and...Rebecca" as he met her gaze.

"What brings you here?" asked Barbara. Rebecca rolled her eyes at the question. "You invited us, we came." Glenn acknowledged. "Right, never let it be said that Glenn would ever resist an invitation from a lady." jibed Rob. Glenn threw him a nasty side glance as he handed a glass of Guinnes to Barbara . Rebecca picked up the glass that Rob had set before her. She sipped at the velvety red nectar while closing her eyes. "Is it a good year love?" Rob asked her in a low supple voice. She smiled sheepishly and blushed.

Somehow Glenn knew exactly what Barbara was expecting. The Guinness he handed her was lukewarm as she remembered it should be served. "The temperature was set when I pulled the bottles out of the keeper," mentioned Glenn. Barbara acknowledged it by taking a swig. "Perfect!" she responded.

"Let's have a seat then shall we?" Rob sauntered over to the couch and took a seat while everyone followed. "Ladies," Rob began raising his glass in a fashion for a toast. "To your charming hospitality." "Thank you," they all responded in return.

A silence filled the room. Barbara spoke first, "What will be the next city on the tour?" she inquired. "This was the final date until November...then it's off to Russia?" Rob was unsure. "I say full stop now...a rest is what we need," Glenn exhaustedly replied. Rob leaned over to Rebecca speaking low, "I wish to apologize for my earlier see, I have trouble concentrating on anything but the performance before we go on. I did not intend to offend." "You didn't," remarked Rebecca. He smiled, leaned back, and placed his arm atop the sofa behind Rebecca. They began talking amongst themselves. Ever so often, laughing ensued from both of them.

Rob leaned over to Rebecca, looked over at Glenn and Barbara, and said, "I believe those two should be alone." Rebecca glanced over at Barbara chatting away happily with Glenn. "I suppose this is the time that we are to find another place to talk?" she claimed. "Right you are!" he exclaimed. He stood up and extended his hand for Rebecca. When she lifted her hand, she noticed she was trembling. Oh great. I'm like some star struck giddy fan, she thought to herself. She placed her hand in his and rose to her feet. "Don't wait up for us...we are going to..." he looked at Rebecca who shrugged... "the Riverwalk!" Barbara watched the two of them leave and talking as if they were long lost friends.

Glenn locked his hands together to restrain himself. Barbara was not only beautiful, but she was intelligent. She was so unlike many others that he had been with in the past. She was able to peak his intellect as well as his lust. "Will you be leaving in the morning?" Barbara inquired. Glenn furrowed his brow and responded, "Not tomorrow morning. We plan to take a holiday least for a few days." "Barbara, I don't mean to be forward, but could I ask you to accompany me to my room?" Barbara's stomach muscles tightened by his words. "I enjoy your company immensely and I am not tired. What do you say?" Barbara stopped looking at her empty glass, looked up at him, and smiled. "You flatter me sir, and really, you didn't even have to ask me." Glenn offered Barbara his hand and they exited the room together.

"Which way milady?" asked Rob. They had both been talking nonstop. Rebecca was in tears from laughter as he told her of the maladies of being on the road with a metal band. "Well, the bar is closed, so why don't we go back upstairs and take some of that decadent wine you brought?" she nonchalantly remarked. "You are truly a remarkable woman. I knew we would get along splendidly," he exclaimed. Rebecca tilted her head and stated, "Great minds think alike." They both laughed and turned down the hall to the elevators.
Once inside the elevator, she became a bundle of nerves again. "How do you do it?" she asked him. "Do what love?" he returned. "You just finished a grueling performance that had my hair standing on end, and you have enough energy for the both of us!" Rebecca exclaimed. "It has taken me a long time to realize I need rest. The partying has for the most part become a thing of the past. However, I do indeed like to spend quiet time with someone," he explained. Rebecca was looking up at the numbers of the floors. Rob reached over and took her hand in his. She gave him a puzzled look as his eyes lingered over her. "Rebecca, may I ask you a question?" "Of course," she replied. Rob stepped closer to her. He continued, "Have you ever made love in an elevator?"

Glenn opened the door to his room and motioned for Barbara to enter first. She stepped into the darkened room. "You'll excuse the room" he said as he turned on the light. She smiled. "It's fine." "Living out of a suitcase can be such a bother" he remarked. "I can sympathize, she replied. My job requires that I travel quite a bit as well."

Barbara was tense. After all, this was the man she had idolized on her bedroom wall for years. What in the world am I doing here? As if Glenn had read her mind, he said, "It's not all that you think love. I'm not in the habit of seducing young women after a gig." He sat down on the edge of the bed. "I wasn't assuming that you did," she said. Glenn continued, "Well, I'm being honest with you. Not too many women would sit and enjoy conversation with me. It seems too many times when I have had a pleasant tête-à-tête with a beautiful woman" Oh my! He is good! What to do, what to do? She walked toward him and he stood.

The smile was still on her face when his hand went to the back of her head. It faded when he tugged out a hairpin. "I think you would relax if you would let your hair down," he said in a deep voice as he pulled out a second pin. Her pulse picked up. One by one, he discarded hairpins until her hair spilled onto her shoulders. He sifted through the waves, working out small tangles, massaging the place on her scalp where the pins had dug in.

He curved a hand around her neck. "Come here." A slight pressure knocked her off balance. Taking immediate advantage of that, he pulled her forward, and though she put out a hand to steady herself, before she could do more, she was half under him on the bed. "Glenn..." He touched her lips. "Shh." He slid his palm down her throat to the neckline of her dress. "You look sexy." "I didn't intend to---," she said, then sucked in a breath when he cupped her breast. "Glenn---"

"It's okay, love, it's okay." He kneaded her right through her shirt in a way that sent hot flashes through her. She made a small sound when he brushed her beaded nipple with a thumb. "That feels good, does it?" It felt incredibly good. "We can't." "Can't what?" She struggled to think. He had shifted to her other breast. She was robbed of all but the smallest fragment of breath and could only manage a faint "Can't do this." "I never meant for this to happen." She cried on a pleading note, because his hand was moving down her body now, leaving fire in its wake.

Suddenly, her jeans were gone. "I know, but I simply don't have the willpower Barbara," he said breathlessly. She nearly choked on a breath when he touched her where she was hot and wet. "Glenn!" He grinned. "Oh, yes, you want me." His hand left her to deal with his own jeans. "The chemistry is right. You can't deny it." Barbara sounded like someone else, "I didn't plan this." "Some of the best things are unplanned." Having freed himself, he tugged at her panties. "Lift up." She lifted. "I'm not comfortable doing this." She lied. She did want this.

He tossed the panties aside and came down between her legs. Slipping his hands under her bottom, he pulled her to him. "When you see me again, you will think back to this and have wonderful memories." When I see him again? Was I going to see him again? What does he mean? "I'll think back and blush---Glenn!" "There we go. Deep inside." He made a guttural sound that was halfway between a grunt and a hum.

"Oh, bloody hell, does that feel good," Glenn moaned. "I don't believe this," she responded seductively. "Wrap your legs around me, love. There, ohh, there, isn't that better? Tell me if I hurt you, okay?" Barbara didn't hear him at first. Her insides were aflame with a most intense pleasure. She held him tightly with her thighs, then with her arms when she felt she'd go up in smoke.

"You with me?" he asked in a thick rumble that was made ragged by the rhythmic movement of his hips. Her voice was a wisp. "I shouldn't be." He gave a tortured groan and thrust higher, and it was her turn to groan. The feeling inside her was new and intense. No man had ever excited her this way. She could barely think beyond his hardness, heat and size, and the scent she was coming to recognize as his, maybe theirs. Needing more, she strained against him. Her hands moved through the hair on his chest. She clutched his shoulders and began meeting his thrusts.

Burying his mouth against her throat, he bowed his back and quickened his pace. Wanting to feel him deeper, then deeper still, she raised her legs to his waist. Reality was beginning to slip away from her when, with a hoarse cry, Glenn climaxed. Loving the triumphant sound of his cry and the feel of his pulsing inside her, Barbara held him tightly. Only with the ebbing of his orgasm did she become aware of an inner expectancy unfulfilled. Then, as though he'd read her mind and understood it, she felt his hand slide between their bodies to the place where they were still joined.

His finger found what it was seeking and began to pluck the swollen flesh as if he were strumming his guitar. The movement of his finger made her weak with wanting, so she had to hold on tight or fall. The heat grew in her belly and spread through her body like a fog. Her breasts rose and fell. She arched mindlessly closer to Glenn, oblivious to the soft sounds of need that came from her throat until, with a choked cry, she exploded with a pleasure so total that the world went a brilliant, blinding white.

The question lingered in her mind as Rob's hands gently stroked her fingers-- "Have you ever made love in an elevator?" Her eyes grew wide with shock. Rebecca shifted nervously from foot to foot, not wanting to look him in the eye. "Actually, I've ne-," she was interrupted by the elevator doors opening to their floor. Rebecca began to walk out of the elevator when Rob gently placed his hand upon her shoulder and slowly pulled her back inside. The elevator doors closed. "We've missed our floor Rob," she stated nervously. "You were about to say something?" he asked. He noticed that her eyes wandered, not wanting to look at him.

Rob pushed the stop button on the elevator panel. "What are you doing?" Rebecca clamored. Rob stepped closer to her, again taking her hands in his. He became aware that she was trembling. "It's alright love," he remarked almost whispering. "Now then," he continued. "you were going to tell me something?" he finished the statement while placing his fingers under her chin to force her to meet his gaze. A brief moment of silence as Rebecca's eyes threatened to well up with tears. She took a deep breath and stated, "I was about to say..."

Rob placed one hand behind her head and one at her waist. He slowly urged her face closer to his. Tenderly, he brushed his lips across her mouth. His tongue swiped the corners of her mouth. A tiny moan escaped from her throat. He teasingly pried her trembling lips apart and Rebecca allowed his tongue to probe her freely. He pulled her to him. She melted into his tender embrace.

She tasted of wine. He then released the kiss and laced his fingers into her hair. He rubbed his cheek along her face and whispered into her ear, "Heaven." Rebecca placed her hand on his chest and looked at him. "Don't tease me." Rebecca whispered. "I'm not teasing you love," he responded almost inaudibly. He pushed the elevator run button and gazed into her eyes. The doors opened to the lobby. "Now, let's take a walk shall we?"

Rob took her hand in his as they walked together along the Riverwalk. She was quiet. Rob broke the silence, "May I ask you a personal question?" Rebecca had a feeling she knew what he was going to ask. "Okay," she meekly replied. Rob began his question, "If you are not comfortable with it, you needn't wor---." She interrupted, "Oh no! I'm alright with anything you wish to ask. It is such a wonderful evening. I could never turn you down for any request." Rob raised his eyebrows and asked, "Were you about to tell me that you have never had sex?"

Rob could feel the tension in Rebecca's shaking hand which he was holding. She stopped walking. "Oh love! I am so sorry...I embarrassed you!" he exclaimed worriedly. Rebecca put her head down. Her hair hid her face. " didn't." she said slowly. "I know it's strange...I am probably the oldest living virgin." Rob smiled. Rebecca continued,

"Come here," he requested as he gently removed her hands from her face as she rested her head upon his shoulder. "I can't imagine anything wrong with scrutiny," he stated. "Maybe I should become a nun?" she jested. A gentle sob escaped her. Rob placed his fingers to her chin and turned her head gently to face him. She looked at the Englishman seated next to her. What is it about her that intrigued him so? What, besides her virtue, held him in her grasp? His heart yearned to find the answers. Taking her hand in his, he led her back to the hotel.

As the door closed, Rob walked over to his innocent friend. Almost immediately, she felt his lips move gently over hers. A soft, sweet caress of his mouth across the delicate skin of her own. Rebecca sighed at the touch it was so pleasant. Then it changed a little, becoming a little firmer and she moved eagerly forward, happy for the increased pressure and the warmth it sent rushing through her. Her lips parted as she felt his tongue glide over her own.

Several moments passed, or perhaps only one-she was having difficulty keeping hold of her thoughts, let alone time-then she heard the sound of splashing water. Rebecca wasn't sure where it was coming from until she felt Rob take the wine he had handed her earlier, away from her, leaving that hand free. Her other thought was caught up in the material of his shirt, clutching it as if it were her only hold on sanity in a world gone mad. Now she allowed the other to tangle itself there as well, so that she could hold him close to her lest he decide to end the kiss.

He reached her ear and did things that made her gasp in surprise and shift up onto the tips of her toes. If felt as if her lower regions were being consumed by heat. His mouth had moved to her throat now, his tongue whipping her into a frenzy. The thud of the wineglasses hitting the floor made her start, but then Rob distracted her with his hands, catching them at her waist, then running them up her back and back down. He didn't stop at her waist this time, however, but continued down until he was cupping her buttocks. He pressed his lower body into hers and for the first time, she felt his hardness.

Rob left one hand there, holding her firmly against him, then lifted his lips from the collarbone he had been teasing with his tongue, and covered her mouth with his own. This kiss was even more passionate and hungry than the other had been and Rebecca felt herself melt into him, as a warm liquid sensation pooled in her lower belly and slid down to where he moved against her. Dear God, the kissing was heavenly. Where had her top gone, she wondered vaguely. Somehow it was now on the ground lying next to her bra. Her naked flesh was exposed to him. Rebecca murmured something inaudible into Rob's mouth and bucked against him in surprised reaction as one hand cupped, then closed over one of her exposed breasts.
Rob caught the soft word in his mouth and filled hers more fully with his tongue. The action prevented any possibility of protest as he gently kneaded and squeezed the breast, then began to torment its nipple, catching it between thumb and forefinger and rolling it gently before lightly pinching it. Rebecca thrust her tongue into his mouth, rubbing it across his, then withdrew it to suck on his tongue instead.

The pressure of the bed against the back of her knees several minutes later was when Rebecca realized that Rob had been moving them both across the room to the bed. The feeling of silk against her backside was when she first noticed that she was no longer wearing her jeans. She wasn't wearing anything at all, not a stitch, not-

"Oh." This time the sound came from much deeper in her throat, as Rob broke their kisses again and ducked his head straight down to claim the nipple he had been so effectively caressing. Rebecca tossed her head and arched against him, unashamedly rubbing her lower body against the hardness she could feel between her legs. Rob reached between their bodies and his hand dipped between Rebecca's legs. The cool skin of his fingers smoothed lightly across her heated flesh and Rebecca reacted as if it were a brand, her entire body leaping in his arms, her legs closing instinctively to trap his hand even as she pushed herself against him.

Rebecca tossed her head on the silk, small unintelligible mewls coming from her throat, intermittently peppered with "Yes, please." Her body was now suffering the tightening sensation that was becoming more intense by the moment...the first waves of an orgasm.

Just when she felt sure she would shatter under the building pressure, the tension suddenly snapped, and Rebecca cried out and dug her nails into Rob's shoulders. Her body arched and bucked beneath the furor, then she cried out again as pain followed the pleasure, wiping out everything before it and shocking her into stillness. Rob looked into her tear filled eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry love...the pain will stop in a moment." He sipped a lonely tear from her cheek. Rebecca was still panting and out of breath, so merely nodded to let him know she had heard him.

The pain was already receding, leaving her body limp and pulsing beneath him in a rather pleasant way. "Is it better?" Rob asked and Rebecca couldn't help but notice that he sounded desperately hopeful. Rebecca nodded again.

Despite the shock she had just received, the passion she'd thought now dead, stirred lazily within her under his kiss. It stirred again when he eased himself out of her, then just as slowly and gently eased it back in. Rebecca felt a sudden need to arch and stretch beneath him, then instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him tighter against her when he next stroked back into her body. She wanted to hold him there and rub against him, but he wouldn't be held and withdrew yet again. This time, when he moved back, it was more a thrust than a slide, his body almost slamming into hers.

Rebecca gasped at the sensations that were shooting through her. The pain was not completely gone, there was a touch of tenderness, but the pleasure was returning and building back up to its earlier levels so quickly it was difficult to believe they had ever been sated the once.

She was not alone when she reached her orgasm. Even as the tension snapped in her and her body began to quiver and shake beneath his. Rebecca heard Rob gasp something in her ear, then thrust one final time before stiffening and crying out himself. This time when she lay, limp and pulsing, Rob lay atop her, panting and limp as well. Whether he was having the same pulsing sensation as she was, she didn't know, and she was too exhausted to ask. So much so, that if it weren't for the fact that breathing became easier, she wouldn't have noticed when Rob moved off her to lay at her side. Rebecca stirred when he turned her in his arms and curved her into his body so that her bottom pressed against him. But when he then pulled the silk covers up and just lay there with one arm curled around her, holding her against him, Rebecca allowed herself to drift off to sleep.
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