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Evening Out With You're Girlfriend

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Rain is 17 years old.Her only friends are fake. Her boyfriend is a jerk. She hates her life. Then she meets the new guy, equipped with his hat and glasses.

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I scribble down a Shakespear poem as my "friends" gossip about some one. Totally tuning them out, I yawn and occasionally respomd with a "Yeah."
Tyler kisses my neck.
I scoot away from him.
"Come on Rain-"
"We're at school.", I snap.
He sighs, "What ever."
"have you seen the new guy Rain?"
"He's such a dork I mean he's got these rectangled glasses and a hat...and lets just say he could skip a few thousand meals."
I sigh.
"What is your problem?"
"That's really mean...he could be a nice guy-"
"So? You'll see...he's such a loser."
I sigh.

"Class this is Patrick Stumf-"
"Um, excuse me but it's pronounced Stump."
Mrs. Ritter, the english teacher glares at Patrick, "I'm an english teacher-"
"It's just it's weird and the 'h' is silent..", he mumbles turning red.
She glares at him, "Sit by Rain."
"Who's that?"
"Figure it out.", she snaps.
He hangs his head helplessly
Poor guy...
I throw a piece of paper at him.
He looks over at me confused.
I signal for him to sit beside me.
He nods and walks over.
She begins teaching.
He sighs and slams his head down on the desk.
My eyes widen, "What-"
"Mr. Stumf, why did you-"
"S-sorry it wont happen again."
"No, it wont. Take off the hat."
He bites his lip, "I can't."
"Why not?"
"A few years ago I was in a car accident...I ended up with alot of head damage and I have to keep a hat on now so I wont go into a coma."
"What ever..."
I raise an eyebrow.
He smiles.
He leans over to my ear, "I lied."
I nod and take out a piece of paper, "Obviously."
"She didn't notice."
"Haha. we better do the work..."

I look up from my unedible food and see Patrick looking for a place to sit.
He looks around confused.
I stand up to get his attention.
"What are you doing?"
"Um..letting Patrick sit here."
"That loser? No way he's fat-"
"What ever."
I dump my tray and go with him outside.
"Your friends don't know me...and already they hate me."
"No they-"
He chuckles, "Don't do's sweet but I heard them...I'm fat."
"No you're-"
He smiles again, "I don't care about's ok."
I smile, "You're prety cool."
He grins, "Thatnks....You're pretty. Uh- pretty cool....too I meant...", his face drowns in a deep scarlet.
I giggle, "Thanks..."
He bites his lip, "God, I'm a dork."
I smiel, "A little."
I finnally get a chance to get the full view of Patrick. His eyes are green and hidden behind black rectangle glasses. His hair is like a strawberry-blonde under his hat. He's not anorexic but it's not like he's fat either. He's wearing a brown T-shirt with a black pair of jeans.
He smiles, Lighting those green eyes up, "What?"
"Just looking at you."
"Oh, you shouldn't do that it'll screw up your vision...the eye doctor told me to avoid mirrors but I just didn't listen.."
I can't help but laugh, "That's not true..."
He nods "I'd never lie."
I roll my eyes, "You don't look that bad..."
"Oh? Not that bad? Geeze thanks."
I sigh, "Dork."
Ok that chapter was an introduction so it was pretty stupid.......sorry guys.
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