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An Eventful Term

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Holloween and and the dueling club

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by Loralee
beta by Skeptic7
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter
AN: Many thanks to Skeptic7 for grammar help.

Chapter 9

Severus was unsurprised to find Harry loitering in the corridor under his cloak, when he returned from the Headmaster's office.

"You didn't tell did you?" he demanded.

Severus raised an eyebrow, and asked, "Tell what to whom, Mr. Potter?"

Harry huffed, "The Headmaster, that it wasn't my spell that did it?"

Severus crossed his arms, and stared down at the boy. "No, I didn't tell, but I am curious as to why you claimed the credit?"

"Credit!" exclaimed Harry, "Don't you mean blame? It was my fault after all, I taught the spell to Neville."

"Weasley and Granger, as well, I presume," said Severus dryly.

Harry shrugged slightly, "Peeves slimed all of us, and Hermione has to know everything. Nev worries that he's not good enough, but I was afraid he be in really bad trouble."

"So you'd take the trouble even if it got you expelled?"

"Sure, it wouldn't though," Harry shrugged, and a sneer appeared on his face, "I'm the bloody boy-who-lived, I'd have to do something pretty bad to get into real trouble, wouldn't I? Merlin I hate that!"

Severus frowned, "Using your fame?"

Harry sighed, "Professor, do you think I don't already know what they say about me? Do you know what some of those books wrote about me? It's like I'm the second coming of Merlin or something. First thing Ron asked was to see my scar, and Hermione told me she'd read all about me. I made her show me," he shook his head. "The whole world's mental. Neville didn't though, he treated me normal from the first. So yeah I'll use my fame and take the blame for him, he's my friend."

Severus nodded, and swallowed a lump at hearing that, because Harry had referred to him the same way on several occasions. He shook off the emotion.

"I understand, but do you know where your spell hit?" he asked.

Harry paled, and nodded. "I could have killed you if it had been a destructive spell," he whispered.

Severus nodded and said, "You must be absolutely sure of your target before you cast. Please impress this upon Mr. Longbottom as well."

"Yes sir, I won't take that kind of chance again, I swear," he said.

"I'm quite sure you won't," agreed Severus. Then he allowed a small smile, and added, "It was however a very good shot. If I hadn't been standing there, I am quite sure you would have nailed Peeves. Now you'd best hurry, or you will be late to your detention."


"Master Snape," rumbled the voice from behind him.

Severus turned to find the Baron floating down the corridor.

"Baron, something I can do for you?" he asked politely.

"Information, please Master Snape, Peeves has been making accusations, and I cannot find Binns," rumbled the ghost.

"Ah, yes Binns has moved on," said Severus.

"This Potter boy is the cause?"

"Peeves pranked Mr. Potter and several others, Potter and Longbottom were seeking retribution, when Binns got in the way and was sent on. It's my understanding that the spell would not have done Peeves permanent damage. Both boys have been docked points, and given detention by their Head of House."

"Ah, and the spell?" inquired the ghost.

"The incantation is Exorcizo Spiritus, I believe," answered Severus, wondering if he were going to have to worry about ghosts seeking vengeance against the boy.

The Baron nodded his head, and a rare smile crossed his face, "It is well then. A light spell with no ill will, it speeds a spirit to ones rightful reward is all. I will clamp down on Peeves, and let the rest know it was Peeves' fault not that of Potter and his friend."

Severus bowed, and the ghost floated off the way he'd come.


Severus huffed in annoyance when the knock sounded on his lab door. He placed a stasis charm on the potion, and threw open the door. Then glared at the two standing outside it.

"What do you want?" he demanded.

"To thank you for recommending me, and get the story of what really happened," said Remus.

"I didn't, I merely didn't object when your name came up. Although if you really wanted to thank me, you wouldn't have brought him with you," said Severus still annoyed by the interruption, "and don't touch that."

Black grimaced at the potion, then said, "We're a package deal, Snape."

Severus smirked and asked, "So you'll be taking married quarters, then. I suppose congratulations are in order."

Black turned red, and started sputtering denials as Remus chuckled, "You left yourself wide open for that one, Sirius." Then he turned to Severus, "Actually Sirius is here for a conference with Dumbledore about Harry. The Headmaster has been called to the Ministry though, and we thought we might get the details from you first."

Severus nodded and said, "Come along then, we can speak in my office." He gestured them out, and his wand hand twitched as he realized Black was grumbling about 'dung bombs livening the place up'.


The school was buzzing that evening at dinner with the news that Professor Lupin was back, and would be teaching History. Everyone had really liked him the previous year, when he took over for Quirrel after he disappeared during the yule holiday.

Severus sat at the head table, and perused the late edition of the Prophet. Skeeter had finally come through, and both Barty Crouch Junior and Senior had been arrested. One more item that could be checked off his list. Now if they could only discover a way to actually destroy the Dark Lord.


Severus was leaving the Great Hall, after the Halloween feast, following a group of boisterous Gryffindors. He broke up the shoving match they were having, and sent the majority on their way.

"A moment Mr. Potter," he said. Harry stared up at him as Weasley, Granger and Longbottom hovered just out of earshot.

"I had thought I wouldn't see you this evening as you had other plans," said Snape, lifting a eyebrow in inquiry.

"Oh," the boy shrugged, "Sir Nickolas uninvited me. He was afraid I'd scare off his guests. Though he said I could come, if I helped him get rid of some headless ghost that won't let him in the hunt. I told him the Headmaster wouldn't let me."

"Very well, you may go," he said, smothering the urge to laugh.


Severus came face to face with Lockhart as he entered the staff room. "Ah, Severus, the Headmaster informed me that you have an interest in dueling, and would be happy to help me with the dueling club I'm starting."

Severus' eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say he most certainly would not, when Lockhart started talking again.

"Oh, don't thank me, it's the least I can do to give you a bit of experience, and I promise I'll take it easy on you. Now I must be off. I have fan mail I simply cannot put off dealing with any longer."

He slipped out the door, and was gone before Severus could object. Severus glowered at the tittering teachers in the room.

"Headmaster," he protested to the man who'd just risen, "how could you tell that man I'd help him?"

"Severus, someone has to keep an eye on the Slytherins that attend, who better that their head of house?" said Dumbledore, eyes twinkling as he exited the room.
Severus slumped into a chair as he watched the old man exiting the room.

Next to him Remus snickered, "Remember you can't kill him, either."

Severus sneered at him, "Which one? Dumbledore or that imbecile Lockhart?"

"Neither, Severus," said McGonagall, not even trying to hide her laughter.

"And what will you be doing while I'm being tormented?" ask Severus.

"Albus has give us," she gestured to the rest of the staff, "the night off, since he believes most of the students will attend the meeting."

Severus' jaw dropped, "He must be mad," then he suddenly smirked, and chuckled.

Remus asked, "What could you possibly be thinking?"

A slow, evil smile spread across the potion master's face, and he said, "That fool said he would take it easy on me. He didn't say anything about me taking it easy on him, nor did the Headmaster say anything about being nice."

Remus let out a laugh, and McGonagall said, "Oh, dear."

"I believe I may have to attend this function, Professor," said Flitwick with a chuckle. "After all, I've been asking the Headmaster for permission to start a dueling club for the upper years for sometime. I might learn something."

"I suppose that I should attend to keep my Gryffindors in line as well," said McGonagall slowly.

Remus shrugged, "I just want to see you kick his arse."

Severus looked out over the sea of students gathered in the Great Hall for Lockhart's farce of a dueling club. He noticed with relief that Lupin and several other teachers were there. He could not allow himself to disable Lockhart, if he had to entertain the brats alone.

Lockhart was assuring the students that he wouldn't hurt their potions master, and Severus turned to glare at the preening fop.

On three Severus whipped his wand around and incanted "Expelliarmus," with a bit more force that necessary. The spell connected, and Lockhart went flying backward off the platform with a dawning look of horror to crash into the wall, and slide down into a heap. He didn't move.

Severus strode to the edge of the platform to smirk down at the fallen Lockhart, hearing the whispering of the students.

Remus Lupin stepped over to the fallen man, and checked him, "He's out cold. Weasley you're a Prefect, please take Professor Lockhart to the infirmary," as he conjured a stretcher, and levitated Lockhart on to it."

Severus turned to the students and said, "Unfortunately as Professor Lockhart is indisposed, perhaps Professor Lupin would be willing to aide me in a demonstration of a true duel."

He glanced around, and found Flitwick, "Professor Flitwick would you care to referee?"

"I'd be delighted," exclaimed the small man.

"Professor Flitwick is of course, a world renown dueling champion," Severus told the students, who clapped excitedly for the tiny Professor.

Flitwick took the center of the stage, and began a small lecture on dueling. "I'm not sure how much Professor Lockhart has covered about dueling, but this will be a class one duel. That is three minutes or to disarmament, all spells must be verbalized, no dark arts or permanent disabling spells, and certainly no unforgivables. This would be the most common type of duel seen on the professional circuit." He waved his wand in a complicated pattern for a moment and slight shimmer flowed around the platform as he placed a spectator shield then he turned to Severus and Remus. "Gentlemen, on three."

They took positions, Severus sneering at Remus, and Remus grinning broadly back. They both bowed, and on three the spells began to flash like fireworks, splashing off personal shields, or harmlessly into the spectator shield around the platform, as the two men ducked and dodged, seeming to almost be dancing with each other.

Severus was surprised by the whistle, and call of time. He found he'd been enjoying himself, and schooled his features to a neutral sneer as he advanced to shake hands with Lupin.

Flitwick, with the help of the rest of the teachers, continued the session.


Minerva had just finished adding the brandy to the teapot in the staff room after the dueling club, when Dumbledore entered.

"Severus there you are. I'm very disappointed that you spoiled the dueling club meeting, by putting Gilderoy in the hospital wing," said Albus.

"I believe it was far from spoiled, Albus, my students quite enjoyed themselves, as did I," she smiled softly, "It made me remember why I started teaching, actually."

Dumbledore blinked, and then his eyes began to twinkle. "You attended the meeting, Minerva?" he asked.

"Most of us did. To expect only two teachers to control most of the student body in a charged atmosphere like a dueling club is ridiculous. Really, sometimes I wonder about your sanity Albus," retorted Minerva. "Besides I wanted to see Gilderoy's performance, I've had some complaints about him, you know."

"I was most impressed with Severus' handling of the club, after Lockhart's unfortunate accident." said Flitwick to Dumbledore.

"Severus smiled slightly at the praise, and said, "Really, Filius, I couldn't have done without your help."

Flitwick turned to Severus, and said with a chuckle, "I was most surprised when your exhibition with Remus went so smoothly, really there were no pink tutus, sex changes or inappropriate nudity."

The other teachers laughed, and Dumbledore's eyebrows rose.

Severus scowled, and said, "I am capable of performing in a professional manner."

Remus grinned, and added, "Besides embarrassing each other would be detrimental to maintaining control of our students."

Dumbledore turned to Severus, and asked, "And what of Professor Lockhart's control of his students?"

Severus shrugged, and said with a smirk, "The man is incompetent. Lupin held his own with me for three minutes, that imbecile couldn't even block a disarming curse that he knew was coming."

Dumbledore shook his head, and said, "I see, well we needn't worry more about it, Gilderoy will be discontinuing the club."

Several teachers protested this announcement, to Dumbledore obvious surprise.

"I'd like to take it over then, Albus," declared Flitwick with determination.

"I don't really think--" started Dumbledore.

"I'm sure that I'll have the support of the rest of the staff in this," said Flitwick, over the Headmaster.

"Oh, of course, I think it's a very good idea. The children really did enjoy themselves, and were excited to be learning," said Minerva.

"I'd love to help, perhaps break the group up though. OWL year and up in one group, with the lower years in another," said Remus leaning forward in his chair.

"And then you could ask for volunteers from the older students to help with the younger ones," added Sprout with a smile.

"I would be willing to attend, if only to keep my Slytherins in line," said Severus with a smirk toward the Headmaster.

Dumbledore blinked, and said, "Very well then, you may continue it in any form you wish, Filius." He stood, and added, "I will tell you all good evening then," and left the room.

"Minerva, I'm curious, you said you've received complaints about Lockhart?" asked Remus.

McGonagall frowned sternly, "Yes I've had several students complain about his teaching methods, and some frankly worrying complaints of him laying hands on students. Nothing really inappropriate, you understand but not quite--" she shrugged in annoyance, "I've spoken to him, and he says he is just trying to put the students at ease." She snorted, and continued, "He seems to think that some of them may be overawed by his presence."

I've had similar complaints, Minerva," said Sprout. "Normally my badgers are not ones to complain so I have to take them seriously. I'm very concerned. His performance tonight gives me doubt as to his effectiveness in class."

"I've always said he was an incompetent fool," said Severus with smirk.

"You say that about all of the DADA professors," said Sinistra with a laugh.

"I never said, Lupin here was incompetent, only a dangerous fool. I find him quite competent. If not for his condition I'd recommend him for a permanent position on the staff." He glared around at the shocked faces with a smirk.

"Thank you, Severus, I appreciate that," said Remus with a smile.

"Yes, well, are you ever going to actually pour the tea, Minerva or must we help ourselves?" said Severus suddenly feeling exposed.


"I enjoyed our duel, Severus, but it rather wore me out. I was wondering if you have some time to do some further practice?" said Remus as they left the staff room much later.

Severus raised an eyebrow and asked, "You want to practice dueling?"

"No I want to practice fighting," he gave Severus a significant look, "After all one never knows when they might come face to face with dark wizards."

Severus nodded and said, "I agree, perhaps we can discuss it over the holiday."

Remus grinned, "Yes, just one more week till yule break, are many of your Slytherins staying over?"

Severus shook his head, and a rare smile appeared, "No, all of the little dunderheads are leaving this year."

Remus chuckled, "I'm riding the express so that I can spend the holiday with Harry and Sirius, I'm sure that they would be happy if you'd care to come spend part of the holiday with us."

Severus stopped, and turned to Lupin in surprise, "Truly?"

"Of course, Severus, I think Harry thinks of you as family," said Remus.

"I will consider it," said Severus finally, "Good night, Lupin."


"Hello, Professor," said Harry as he entered the lab.

"It's a bit late for a social call Mr Potter," said Severus with a tiny smile.

"I was hoping to take Hiss to my dorm tonight, so I wouldn't have to hurry tomorrow when it's time to leave," said Harry already cradling the viper.

"Hmm, I suppose you may. Are you looking forward to Christmas?" asked Severus.

"Oh, yes, last year was brilliant, but this year will be with Sirius and," he paused and looked at Severus, "will you come for Christmas, sir?"

Severus smiled at the boy, "I have been invited."

Harry gave him a hug, "I'm so glad. I'll see you then, night!" Then bounced out of the room, leaving a bemused potions master behind. "I'm glad too," he whispered.
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