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The Quiet Ones III: War for the Dark Territory

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The story of Jeffery and Raven continues in this third installment. Jason has been vanquished, and Jeffery know understands his situation, but that hasn’t stopped him from venting his rage on th...

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-Ace swirled his shot glass, holding it loosely between his thumb and index finger. His vision was a little blurry, but he wasn’t completely wasted…yet. His blearily thoughts were interrupted by the sound of breaking glass behind him. He gave a tired sigh, and downed the shot of whisky. The chains hanging off of his black leather coat rattled when he moved.

-Ace twirled around on his bar stool and leaned back, resting his arms lazily on the bar behind him as he observed the situation. Rooster was standing on the pool table holding a queue between his legs and thrusting it forward enthusiastically while Feral held a young girl from behind, pushing her towards Rooster. Ace didn’t know who the girl was, nor did he care. She was sixteen or seventeen by the look of her. She had long blond hair and a nice body. The typical cheerleader type. Ace’s crew had bought her from another gang for a case of beer and a cartoon of cigarettes. Rooster had been the one to pay for her, so he got first dibs.

-Feral smiled wickedly as she pushed the girl towards Rooster who had dropped down to sit on the pool table with his legs spread wide, hooting and hollering. The girl cried and tried to fight against Feral, but Feral was stronger than she looked. Growing up in a street gang had toughened her up very quickly, and she compensated for her scrawny body by being vicious and cruel. She had no sympathy for the girl in her arms.

-Rooster unzipped his fly and beckoned the girl to him with an eager smile on his face. Feral pushed the girl forward and forced her head down between Rooster’s legs. “Suck it, you little Barbie princess,” Feral said, laughing. Rooster reared his head back and let out a howl which shook his spiky Mohawk as he felt the girl’s mouth envelop him. Feral forced the girl’s head up and down several times until Rooster took over. Feral walked over to where Ace was sitting and turned to watch the show. She cheered Rooster on along with the rest of the gang. The cheering stopped when Rooster screamed in pain.

-Rooster pulled the girl’s head away from him and dropped off of the pool table to the floor, holding himself. The girl spit out blood on him and turned to run, but two other members of the gang stopped her. Feral laughed even more at the sight of Rooster rolling around on the ground whimpering. Ace just shook his head in disgust and muttered, “You dumbass.” he looked up to his boys holding the girl and nodded for them to bring her to him. He looked into her frightened, yet defiant eyes and grabbed her face. “You know, in prison, when new meat comes in, the first thing we do is knock their teeth out so they can’t do what you just did. Are we gunna have to do that to you?”

-Ace watched the girl’s eyes fill with a bit more fear at the thought of loosing all of her teeth. “Naw,” Ace said with a smile. “I think we just need to stick it to you where you don’t have any teeth. Ruckus, break this bitch in!”

-A large dark skinned man stood up stepped away from the rest of the gang. He was six feet tall easy, with the build of a wrestler and a shaved head that reflected the light. He looked down at the frightened girl and smiled. The two men holding her brought her back to the pool table. They bent her over while a third man pulled the girl’s pants down despite her begging them to let her go.

-“Ace, she’s mine. I have first dibs,” Rooster said in a strained voice.

-Ace looked down at him and shrugged. “You did have first dibs, and you blew it. No more games. I’m bored, and I want a show.” He looked away from Rooster without waiting for a reply. Rooster looked down, biting back whatever smartass remark he might want to say. He knew better than to challenge Ace.

-Ruckus grabbed the girl’s hips as the others held her down by her arms. He unzipped his pants and forced himself into her. The girl screamed in protest, and Ruckus grimaced and grunted as he penetrated the girl. “Damn this bitch is tight,” he said. Feral began breathing hard beside Ace as she watched the show. She moved to stand in front of Ace, facing him and smiling eagerly. She pushed herself forward, opening his legs with her body as she leaned in to kiss him. She moaned and got down on her knees. Feral was Ace’s girl, and keeping him happy kept her safe. She unzipped his pants and leaned forward.

-Ace smiled with satisfaction as he watched Ruckus finish up with the girl. When Ruckus pulled out and saw the blood dripping from the girl, he laughed out loud. “This little princes was a virgin?”

-“She aint no more,” one of the other men said, and he stepped up with his pants open to take his turn. One after another, all twelve members of the gang enjoyed the girl. Some of them enjoyed her several times, but Ace was content right where he was. He took a hand off the bar to rest it on Feral’s head, gripping her short, dirty-blond hair as it moved up and down.

-“Ace, what is this shit?” the bartender said as he came out from the back and saw what was going on.

-“Just having a little fun, Bosk,” Ace said with a euphoric smile. “You want some?”

-Bosk looked disapprovingly at the brutal scene taking place in his bar. “This aint no damn porno set. You wanna rape teenagers, do it somewhere else.”

-Ace narrowed his eyes at the older man. “Mind your business and get what we came for, before I have Pyro help you collect on your fire damage insurance.”

-Bosk looked nervously at the bald man sitting further down, resting his head on the bar. At first glance, he seemed to be passed out, with his shoulders slumped and left arm hanging limply, but his right hand was holding a lighter in front of his face. Every few seconds it produced a flame which Pyro starred at with disturbing fascination as it died away. A cigarette rose out the corner of his mouth, pointing up towards the ceiling. Smoke rose from the red tip, but he didn’t seem to be inhaling on it, just letting it smolder.

-“Fine,” Bosk said. His voice was a little shaky. “I got the stuff in the back. You got the money?”

-“First I make sure the shit’s for real,” Ace said, looking away as if he didn’t care. “Then you get paid.”

-Bosk thought it over, but eventually disappeared into the backroom again. Ace watched as the girl collapsed to the floor with her pants down around her ankles. She was hugging herself and sobbing. When Feral’s vigorous efforts produced the desired result, Ace told her to take the Barbie doll to the back and clean her up. Feral didn’t seem to like the idea, but decided not to argue. She walked over and told the girl to get up. When she didn’t, Feral kicked her and grabbed the girl by the hair, dragging her to the ladies room as Bosk came back to the bar carrying a lock box.

-Bosk unlocked and opened the box, revealing several plastic baggies filled with a shiny blue substance that resembled sand. “It’s called ‘ambrosia’ cause when you take this shit, you go to heaven,” Bosk said with a greedy smile. He opened a small baggie and offered it to Ace. “You can snort it or swallow it. Hell, you can boil and shoot it like heroin if you want to.”

-Ace licked a finger, stuck the tip into the blue powder, and put it in his mouth. The immediate effect was a tingling feeling that spread through his mouth. Even his teeth tingled. Ace’s head lolled to the side, as if he had lost all muscle control. He felt so light headed that he thought he was going to pass out. He could see lights in his eyes, like a meteor shower streaking forward and out into nowhere. Then he felt a wave of pleasure pulse through his body. It was moving up his spinal cord straight into his brain; one orgasmic burst after another.

-Ace let out a content sigh as he brought his head back up. He felt good, but he wasn’t hallucinating like he did when he usually got high. His thoughts weren’t all muddled and confused. He just felt really good, like he had just got done having an orgy with porn stars. Bosk watched Ace carefully and asked, “So, about my money?”

-Ace laughed loudly as he spun around on his stool. A raised a hand and snapped his fingers. “Rooster, you dickless fuckup. Pay the man!”

Rooster’s eyes went wild as he reached to his back and pulled out two desert eagle specials and aimed them at Bosk. The eager expression on Bosk’s face went slack as he stared down the large barrels. Rooster hollered as he pulled the triggers. The loud report made several of the gang flinch, and the recoil of the large cannons sent Rooster flying backwards. Bosk flew backwards as well, thrown back by the impact of the 50. Caliber bullets that tore through his chest. He fell into the bottles of alcohol stocked behind him. The glass shattered and cut up his back as he slumped down to the floor.

-Ace cleaned an ear out with his finger . He stared down at Rooster who was laying on his back laughing like an idiot. “How many times do I have to tell you not to shoot those damn cannons of yours when I’m in earshot,” Ace said. His ears were still ringing from the shots. “Are you trying to make us all deaf, you dumb bastard?”

-“Awe come on, you know I love making with the boom boom,” Rooster said. He sounded like a kid whining to his mother after being scolded. Several other member of the gang were muttering curses, but none of them made anything of it. Discouraged, Rooster put his guns back into the holsters hanging under his shirt on his lower back. He had trouble putting them back at the same time, and one of the weapons discharged.

-Several of the gang jumped, and Ace looked up quickly from the case of ambrosia to see if anyone was hit. Everyone was looking in the same directing, and Ace followed suite to see Feral standing with her arms in the air as if she had dodged the bullet. The young girl that she had just finished cleaning up, however, was not so lucky. She was holding her stomach as blood trickled out through her fingers, refusing to be contained. She dropped to her knees and then fell onto her side where she bled out on the floor.

-“Rooster, you fucking idiot! You nearly shot me,” Feral screamed. She walked away from the dead girl on the floor without a second glance. Rooster looked down at his bought and paid for corpse with disbelief.

-“No no no no,” he said, on the verge of tears.

-“Just take her to a back room and have your fun,” Ace said. “Only way you were going to get any anyway.”

-Rooster did walk over and drag the girl away by her ankles to have his way with her. Several of the gang chuckled and sniggered, but Ace didn’t care what Rooster did with a corpse. He had other things on his mind. “Who wants to get high?” he said, waving one of the baggies in the air. His request was met by hoots and hollers from his men, and he began tossing them the baggies of ambrosia. The men did lines, licked it up, and sprinkled it in their drinks. It wasn’t long before they were all falling over each other, staring at the ceiling with vacant smiles on their faces.

-Ace watched the stars streaking forward in his eyes without a care in the world. He noticed Rooster come back from the room he had taken the girl to, zipping up his pants. Ace tossed him one of the baggies and looked over at Pyro, still resting with his head on the bar while watching his lighter. Ace didn’t know if Pyro was high or not. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Ace took one of the unbroken whisky bottles and tipped it over on the bar. He watched the liquid pour out, fascinated by the way it undulated back and forth as air entered into the glass until the flow slowed to a trickle.

-“Well boys, I’d say we’ve overstayed out welcome,” Ace said while still staring at the bottle. “Roll out!” His guys got unsteadily to their feet and made for the door, all except Pyro who didn’t move from his seat. Ace walked to the door, using the bar to help hold himself steady. When the rest of his crew were outside, he turned to Pyro and said, “Do it.”

-Pyro struck his lighter, stared at the flame, and then tilted it down to the alcohol soaked bar. The flames spread across the wood surface like liquid. The yellow and blue colors swirled around each other, reaching up and dancing around. Pyro watched the display in a trance, as if watching a ballet or some other absorbing form of theatre. Without prompting from Ace, Pyro pulled himself away from the show and joined the others outside just before the flames crawled up the walls.

-Outside, the gang mounted their bikes while shouting with excitement. Ace straddled the seat of his hog, his black leather pants squeaking against the seat as he put on his helmet. It was painted to look like a demon skull with fangs and red eyes. It was the only reason he bothered wearing it. Feral jumped on behind him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body against his possessively. Ace revved his engine, and the rest of his gang did the same, adding shouts and hollers. He pulled out of the dank alleyway and led his crew out into the night.

-They drove down the city streets as if they owned them, weaving between cars, shouting curses at anyone who wouldn’t get out of their way. Several members cracked windshields with chains as they passed by those who dared to honk at them in protest. Ace rode out in front, leading the pack on their path of destruction and mayhem. He felt so good that he thought he could fly. He gunned the engine and sped on even faster. The faster he went, the better he felt. His body felt so relaxed that nothing else mattered. Nothing in the world was worthy of Ace’s notice outside of his euphoria. Not the cars around him, not the red lights ahead of him, and not the semi truck passing under those lights.

-Ace drove straight into the truck trailer. His chest and head struck the surface while his bike drove out from under him, continuing on under the trailer. Ace’s helmet snapped back, hitting Feral in the face. The two of the dropped to the ground unconscious as the semi truck driver slammed on the brakes, stopping the truck in the middle of the intersection. His trailer acted as a road block for the rest of Ace’s gang who were just as high as he had been. One by one, they all drove into the large trailer. Those that weren’t wearing helmets had their brains splattered across the white trailer’s surface. One of the shorter member was decapitated by the impact. His bike, complete with his body, drove under the truck undisturbed and continued on another twenty feet before crashing into a car. The elderly woman driving it suffered a massive heart attack when the headless body was thrown onto her hood.

-All around, people got out of their cars to stare at the massive accident. A dozen bikers were laying on the ground, many of them dead, others seriously injured. Ace heard moaning and shouts all around him, but the world was a massive blur, obscured by the drugs, or possibly brain damage. Despite his injuries, he felt no pain. He heard the siren of an ambulance arriving, but he saw only a glimpse of its flashing lights before darkness claimed him.
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