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Before the Rain

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After the death of Kira, the world returned to normal, and the crime rate once again increased. The police had mixed feelings about this, but were otherwise glad of the disappearance of KIRA. Near ...

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My mother had always told me never to talk to strangers, yet she was a stranger to me herself. So I guess it didn't surprised me much when she collapsed to the floor one evening while watching Deal Or No Deal.

I had been eight years old at the time, and had been sitting at the kitchen table studying my english homework, when she had cried out and fell to the floor clutching her hand over her heart. I dropped my pencil at once and rushed to her side. Though, instead of helping her, I just stood over her and watched as she squirmed and spasmed on the floor gasping and rasping for me to help her. I watched with a wide-eyed, yet blank stare as she died before me. After a few moments her body became still, and she stared at me with wide, dead eyes.
I watched her for a few more moments before quietly muttering:


I had never been a happy child, and that was thanks to the fact that my father had been shot and killed in a violent heist at the bank he worked at, and my mother didn't have enough strength to get up off her knees and quit drowning her sorrows in many bottles of Sake, thus becoming a severe alcoholic, and shunning me out of her life.

For four years I lived with her like that, and then she was dead. She never said a word to me besides yelling for me not to talk to strangers as I walked out the door to go to school. She always told me this in a shitty attempt to sound like she cared.

I never knew what had killed her until elven years later when I used the method myself.
I had been a rainy, cold day, and I was walking to the bus stop from the grocery store because didn't have the job nor the money for a car, and then there it was, right in front of me, falling from the gray heavens to land before me.

I stopped, and looked up, only the sky looked back at me, then I looked back to the simple black book that lay in front of me on the wet sidewalk, and oddly enough, it wasn't wet, even as the rain fell unto the cover, the water seemed to have no effect.
I knealed down, set my bag on the side of me, and picked up the notebook. It was just plain black college notebook with no decoration of any sort, save for two words scrawled across the

Death Note.

What the hell did that mean?

After pondering the meaning of the two words, I looked down, and there in the place of the notebook was a white eraser. It must have been under the notebook.
I used my left hand, and picked it up. I pocketed it, and turned my attention back to the book, I opened it to the first page, and then flipped through the pages, it was completely blank, except for one page, where a single name was written about mid-way.

Light Yagami.

Who's that? I said aloud. I dug in my pocket, and pulled out the eraser, stared at it for a moment, and then placed it over the name, and after a few seconds of hesitation, I erased the name.

Kira had been reborn.

(for those of you who do not read the manga, In the prologue of the first Death Note novel, a little boy finds a Death Note that Ryuk had dropped, and after accidentally writing the names of classmates in the notebook, thinking it to be just an ordinary notebook, thus killing them, he later meets Ryuk, and Ryuk shows his the death eraser, and he uses to bring back his classmates. If you don't believe me, go to, and scroll down to Death Note, and read it for yourself.)
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