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Forgiveness and Paranoia.

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I didn’t know what was up. Gerard ran out, yelled something barely audible into the wind, and ran back inside, after slamming my phone onto the table. He locked the door, but I had his keys, but when I got inside, the basement door was locked. For that, I had no key. I hung around the house a while, hoping he’d come out. Nothing. No sound, or movement. Eventually I gave up and drove myself back to my mum’s house, where all was quiet. I picked up my phone to text Gerard, and when I did, I noticed I had a new message. It had been read already, but not by me. I clicked into it, and it was from Jamia. Oh god, I thought. Gerard had seen that message, and that must have been what was wrong. Panic gripped me as I tried to grasp what had happened, what he must have felt. Poor Gerard…
I should have told Jamia I didn’t want to see her again the minute Gerard was recovered enough to flirt again, I thought bitterly. Then I laughed. I dialled Jamia’s number, and it rang a few times before her familiar sing-song voice said
“Hello?” at me. “Hey, Mia… It’s Frank.”
“Frankieeeeeeeeee!” The phone screeched. I pulled it from my ear and winced. This wouldn’t be easy. “So, when are you coming around?”
“Jamia, I’m not coming around. Sorry, but I can’t see you.”
“I’m seeing someone else now, so I can’t call or text you anymore. Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose…”
Before she could flood me with her tears and pleas or scornful anger, I hung up, and then one by one deleted all the messages from her, not deleting my whole inbox. And why? To keep the messages from Gerard, of course. Guilt ate at me and made it hard to do anything for the rest of that day. I always felt like I was about to cry, I couldn’t eat or do anything for that matter, except lay in bed and fight off the tears that I didn’t want to shed.

“I hate him!” I sobbed into my pillow. Mikey patted my head as we both lay on my bed, the sky outside turned black almost an hour ago.
Mikey had sat patiently and listened to my story. I had been calm and collected up until the end, when I had broken down. “How could he do this to me?” I cried. Mikey shook his head and helped me sit up. “Well Gerard,” He said, “Have you talked to Frank?” I shook my head and wiped my eyes. “No, I don’t want to.” I said shakily. “Well maybe that’s the problem. He may have an explanation.” Mikey said. I rolled my eyes and lay back down. “I told you what the message said, there is no other explanation!” I screamed, my voice muffled by the warmth of my duvet. “Well Gee… Think about it. You haven’t given him a chance. Don’t you think you owe him another chance after the what, fifty five he’s given you recently? C’mon, give him a call. Talk to him.” I slowly sat up. Mikey was right. Even if Frank was still with Mia, it wasn’t like we were a couple or anything, really… He hadn’t done anything wrong. I just thought it was real this time… That thought jerked at my tear ducts and I was sobbing again, but even so Mikey was pushing a phone into my hand, and then without another word, he was gone. I silently thanked him as I wiped my eyes and dialled his number.
I swallowed hard after the first ring and started tugging at my collar anxiously…
He picked up on the fifth ring. “Hello?” He said. I smiled to myself upon hearing his sweet voice, and I almost forgot to say hello back.
“Hey Frank.” I said softly, my voice cracking. Silence greeted me on the other line. “Frank?” I said.
“I’m here.” He whispered.
“Can we talk about this morning please?” I said. I heard a sniff, and then he was sobbing and saying “Oh Gee I thought you’d never speak to me again! That whole time you were the worst I was just talking to Mia, and planning to fool around when I got back, cause I thought I never had a hope with you, but then that night, Gee, that magic night! I wrote a message to her before that, and she replied a day late! But Gee I’m so sorry for not believing you could get sober! I love you so much… I…” He broke down into tears and I smiled. I knew he was crying, but it was all better! Everything was going to be good again, I could have my Frankie back! But then I thought… What if he doesn’t love me? What if he loves Mia and he’s only with me cause he doesn’t want me drunk again? Instead of gleefully squealing something to him I murmured “Ok Frank, it’s fine. Come over tomorrow.” And hung up before he could fit a word in. I lay back down and devoted the rest of my night to worrying, something I was now all too well at.

Gerard had said something over the phone about me visiting his house tomorrow and then hung up on me. I put the phone down and stood up to walk upstairs to my room. What was wrong with him? He still sounded upset. It’s alright, I thought to myself. I can make it up to him tomorrow!
I walked up the stairs to my bedroom where I grabbed my towel before heading to the shower. I stripped down and was about to step in when I heard my cellphone ring from my room. I quickly walked to it and picked it up without looking at the number.
“Hello?” I said. “Hi.” It was Mikey. “Hey Mikes, I’m about to take a shower, can I call you back?” I said. For a few seconds he said nothing, before saying. “If you hurt my brother, Frank, I’ll make sure that you regret it. Understand?” I didn’t get a chance to answer before he hung up on me. Bloody Ways, I thought, hanging up on people left and right. I had my shower and went to bed, where I slept a restless sleep anxious to get to the morning, to see my Gee again.

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