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Chris' thoughts while dying in season 6.

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Extreme pain.

That was the only thing that he was feeling. He was lying on his parents’ bed, both arms beside his tired body.

He wasn’t listening to the voice of his youngest aunt telling him that everything was going to be fine. He knew different. He was going to die.

Killed by an Elder.

Killed to save his brother. Without success. Wyatt has been kidnapped. And he didn’t do anything to stop him. He had failed. He messed up. He couldn’t do anything to save the future.

But what? His father was back. He had saved Wyatt. With tears in his eyes he thought that his future self was going to live a happy life, with a loving and good brother. He had succeeded.

Now he could finally give up. He reached the goal he was aiming for.

With his last breath he said a few words to his father. Then he felt himself sinking into a blissful darkness.

He was free.

Ha had saved his beloved brother. He could die in peace and reached his mother in the afterlife.

“Mom, I saved Wyatt.”

His mother was now standing in front of him. A smiled graced her lips. She opened her arms to welcome him.

He smiled back and without hesitation he rushed into his mother’s loving hug.

Now he was happy. All the pains of the past forgotten.

He let himself to finally relax.
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