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Chapter 19

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Joe and Kevin's POV:

"Joe, get up, let's go pick up Nick at the hospital so we can surprise the girls." Kevin said as he began to shake Joe so he would wake up.

"But they want to come with us to pick him up." Joe mumbled and he began rubbing his eyes.

"I know, but don't you think Lizzy would love it if Nick woke her up?" Kevin suggested.

We drove to the hospital and made our way to Nick's hospital room. He was already dressed and sitting in a chair like he knew we were coming.

"Hey Mr. Pres, how are you feelin'" Joe said trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm alright, I just want to get out of here. Hospitals give me the creeps." Nick said as he started making his way out the door.

"Well, we are going to Lizzy's to wake them all up, will that make you feel any better?" Kevin asked.

Nick just nodded his head and smiled and they all got in the car. We got to her house and her parents let us in. We walked silently up to Lizzy's room and there were blankets and pillows scattered all over the room. It took us a while to find where they were. Once we spotted them we jumped on them and started shaking them and screaming "GET UP! GET UP!"

"Well good morning miss, have a nice rest?" Joe said while laying on top of Jess.

"Why yes sir, but an even better morning now that you are here." Jess replied, smiling.

Joe pulled the blankets over his head and all you hear is giggling and then silence once they began to make out.

Lizzy and Nick were buried under the layer of blankets.

"I missed you." Lizzy told Nick.

"I missed you too, more then anything." Nick said back smiling.

They poked their heads over the tops of the blankets to see what everyone was doing. They knew what Jess and Joe were doing considering there was ruffling under the covers and you could hear them laughing. They noticed that Alison and Kevin were missing, but they just went back to their business and began to copy Jess and Joe.

Kevin's POV:

Alison brought me outside in the back yard where I see a huge old tree house followed by a rope ladder leading from the ground, up to the entrance on the tree house.

"Come on, follow me." Alison told me as she began climbing up the old ladder.

You could hear the rope tearing beneath my feet so I got up as quickly as I could.

"Wow, this is awesome." I told Alison as I admired how amazing it was up here, it was painted and had a couch and an old television.

"Thanks. Lizzy, Jess and I have been working on this since we were about 10. It's like our second home up here." Alison said looking around.

"Hah, that'd be fun to spend the night up here." I told her.

"You should, it's not too often that I get to say the Jonas Brothers are sleeping in my backyard." Alison said laughing as she moved and sat down on the couch and I followed her.

It was silent, we were both just sitting there awkwardly. She began to speak but I cut her off and kissed her. I could tell she was in shock but I didn't let go. We heard someone coming up the ladder but it didn't stop us.

"Go Kevo!" Joe shouted and I turned to him and gave him a dirty look.

"Sorry to break up this wonderful moment, but the fam is here, and they want us to come have breakfast." Joe told us.

We made our way down the ladder and into the kitchen of Lizzy's house. Everyone was sitting down and all the food was gone basically. Frankie was sitting on Nick's lap making up a handshake with Lizzy. My mom and dad were talking to Lizzy's parents, and Jess and Joe were playing with each other's hands under the table and sneaking in a kiss whenever they could.

"Sorry for all the trouble we've caused your daughter and her friends Mr. and Mrs. Gordon." Joe blurted out and Jess punched him lightly and gave him a weird look.

"Oh, it's fine hunny, they've been having the time of their lives thanks to you three." Lizzy's mom told us and we all let out a sigh of relief thinking she was going to get mad.

Everyone went back to what they were doing until we overheard Lizzy's parents say, "You are welcome to stay in the guest room so you don't have to drive back to New York." We all started smiling and getting excited.

"Don't get too excited kids, the girls and guys are sleeping in separate rooms. Boys, you can sleep in the living room and girls you can sleep in Lizzy's room." Lizzy's mom told us.

We were still excited because we knew we could just sneak up to Lizzy's room.

"And don't even think about sneaking into each other's rooms." My mom told us.
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