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Chapter 21

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New Look.

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Monica's POV

As we drove to the mall I got up the girls and told them to meet us there. It was there that I meet them and told them my plan. I wanted to go out to night and I wanted fun. I wanted a night on the wild side, something that I haven’t did in a while.

Walking into the different shops somehow we all got spilt up. Walking around the mall and going into random shops I passed a beauty saloon and it hit me. In order to have a new me I need a new look, so I walked in knowing what I was going to do.

Not even two hours later I walked out with my new look. I knew that people were going to be shocked, especially Nonnie. She may just kill me, but I didn’t care.

I looked at the time and noticed that it was almost six and nobody has called which meant that the shopaholics were still doing there thing.

Walking into a random store I looked around and found everything that I need. I brought a all black outfit and I knew I was going to be set. Before I left though I brought a hat and covered my head. I didn’t want them to see what I did until after we all got ready and I showed them the new hot and sleek Monica. I was going to turn heads I just knew it.

An hour later I got a call to meet back at the cars and went back to my place as usual to get ready. Getting into the house I started dinner full of fatty foods because if we were going to get drunk we need food in our stomachs. By time the girls got done I had the food laid out.

It was 10 by time they came to eat and I went to go get ready. It didn’t take me that long as I looked at myself in the mirror. My once elbow length hair was now cut into a chin length curl bob. I flat ironed a few pieces and swept them across my black cat lined left eye. I donned the leather fingerless gloves that stopped at the wrist and looked at my whole outfit.

I was wearing a really tight black leather corset that outlined my figure and black skinny tight jeans with leather boots that stopped at the knee and had those thin pointy heels that rose my height about three inches. I looked like a rocker and I smiled to myself as I made my way out the bathroom door.

Before I made it across my room my cell rang and I went to pick it up, “Hello”

“Monica this is Linda.”

“Oh hey Linda. How are you?”

“I fine. I was just calling to see if Anthony can spend the night and spend the day with me tomorrow?”

I felt bad. It was as if she didn’t know where she stood since me and Frank spilt, “Oh Linda you don’t have to ask me that. He is your grandson.”

“oh,” she let out a sign, “thanks.”

Since she was going to be keeping my son I wondered where Frank was, but before I could say anything she answered me before I could ask, “Frank was invited by some old friends to hang out, but he said no since he had Anthony, but I told him I wanted to keep Anthony anyway. He wanted me to make sure it was okay with you.”

“Sure that’s fine.” We talked for a few more minutes and then I gave my purse and walked out to room and into the kitchen.

When they hear me come in the all stopped what they were doing and looked at me with their mouths all gaped opened. Seeing their expressions made me laugh and it hurt like hell to do it in this corset so I had to stop and plus I thought I was going to pop out of it.

“Monica your hair!” Nonnie said, “Why?”

I sobered up and looked at them, “new start, new me.”

Danna gave me a big smile, “about damn time. Now let’s go!”

Grabbing their things we piled into Brooke’s SUV since it could hold us all and we started off on our night.
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