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~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
The next day rolled around. So, I got out of bed and made my way downstairs. I looked at the clock that was on the wall next to the stairs and it said 11. When I get to the kitchen my moms sitting at the counter. She looks at me. When ever she has something really really important or exciting to tell me she always has this HUGE smile on her face.

"Hey mom."
"Hey hunny. I have some good news."
"You do what is it?" I asked
"Well, you know how your aunt and uncle live in Miami?"
"Ya." I said picking up a strip of bacon and putting it in my mouth
"Ok, well, they want you to come visit and they said you can bring Mandy and Lily." She said vaving the plane tickets in the air
"OMG!! Are you for serious? Holy crap this is amazing! I'm gunna tell Mandy and Lily right now!." I said jumping up and down

I run up to my room and get my phone from my night stand. I call Mandy first. She finally picks up after about 4 rings.

"OMG!! Guess what guess what!" I yelled
"What?" She asked like I woke her up
"We are going to Miami!" I scream
"Dude are you serious?" She screamed back
"Yes, dead serious."
"Wait.. how?"
"You know home my aunt and uncle live there well, they want us to go and Lily of course." I explain
"That is so AWESOME. When are we going?"
"I know right. Umm.. I don't know yet I'll have to ask my mom but she has the plane tickets already.. soo... i'm guessing soon."
"Yeah boooyyy. Ahhh crap."
"What?" I ask
"I have to ask the 'rents."
"Oh dude your parents are tight with my fav they will totally say yes."
"Dude your right. What am I freten about."
"Well, imma go. I have to call LiLy yet so talk to you later with some more deets."
"Ok, bye."

I hang up the phone and then call Lily. After talking with her for about 30 minutes she finally convinced her parents to say yes. So, we are going to Miami. I walk back over to where my mom was.

"Hey mom when are we going?"
"Well, you girls have to be at the air port in two days."
"Oh, wow that's really early, but that's cool."

I walk to the living room and turn on the tv. I flip the channels and nothings on so I go to Disney Channel and of course the Jonas Brothers Living The Dream[//] thing is on. It's the one about Frankie. My phone starts to play "Rescue Me".

"Hey Adam."
"Hey babe."
"I have some awesome news." I say exited
"And what would that awesome news be?"
"I'm going to Miami with Mandy and Lily." I say
"Oh you are when?"
"In like two days."
"What I just get home and your leaving me."
"I'm sorry Adam, but my aunt and uncle are inviting us up there."
"Oh, I see." He said a little depressed now
"I'll come over today." I said trying to cheer him up
"Ok. That's better I guess. When?"
"Umm.. I don't know. When do you want me to come over?" I ask
"How about right now."
"Ok I'll be over there in a few."

I hang up the phone and run up stairs to get my keys to my Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. I just got it and had it pimped out with tv screens in the back heads of the seats and spinners and everything so it looks cool now. I walk to the garage and get in my car. Adam only lives about a couple minutes away from me. A little ways past Starbucks. I finally get to his house and get out my car and head to his door. Evidentally no one is home besides him because his parents cars are usually in the driveway. I know and he answers.

"Hey babe." He says telling me to come in
"Did you miss me?"
"Oh so much."
"Great I said giving his hair a tossel."
"I love it when you do that."
"Me too it's fun."
"Do you want to go to my room?" He asked

We walk around the stairs that lead up stairs to a door that leads to the downstairs area where his room is. I go over to his bed and plop my back on it. Then Adam comes over and lays on me.

"Hey shouldn't this be the other way around." He asked
"Ya, lets switch."

He gets up and then I follow. Instead of laying back down he grabs me and starts kissing me. We get back on the bed and now i'm laying on top of him kissing him intently. We stop kissing and we just lay there. I play with his hair somemore.

"Have you ever straightened your hair?"
"No, I haven't."
"Well, you arnt gunna be able to say that anymore. I have a straightener with me. Don't asked." I say looking at him
"Only one condition."
"Don't burn me." He said with a laugh
"I'll try not to."
"I'm kidding now let me do this."

I sat there for about 30 minutes straightening his hair. He has some masive curlyness going on. We finally get done and he looks super sexy.

"Adam you look hot."
"I wasn't hot before."
"Yeah but you doubled your hottness now."
"ooook. That's good."
"Now all we need is to get some of your skinny jeans on you."

I walk over to his closet and go in.

"Adam you have a lot of skinny jeans." I say stunned
"Ya they are in style. I have to keep up."
"That's my Adam." I say trying to decide which pair

I grab a white pair and then get a black vneck tee.

"Go put these on."
"Ooo.. So demanding I like that." He said heading to his bathroom

He comes out and looks Finer than ever so I run up to him and start kissing him.

"I should straighten my hair more often if this is what it gets me." He said putting his arms around me
"Well, you better enjoy it while you can you arn't going to see me for 2 whole weeks."
"I totally forgot about that."
"I know I wish you could come." I said pouting
"Me too." He said holding me close to his chest

I stay over there like the whole day. Then I finally left around 10.
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