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A Dream

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Luke wakes up in a dark room, tied to a chair, not knowing why he was kidnapped; he's done nothing wrong. But his kidnappers are sure he has stollen alot of their money. How will he ever escape?

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The room was dark and musty. Luke’s bones ached from the cold. He felt like he was going crazy from the constant dripping of water coming from somewhere in the darkness of his temporary prison.

For what it felt like months, he had been in this place, though it had only been a week. Where he was couldn’t really be considered a prison. He wasn’t surrounded by bars, he didn’t have the luxury of a bed or toilet, and he hadn’t seen the outside of this dark basement since he was thrown into it 7 days ago.

On his way to work men attacked him and threw him into a van. He didn’t know any of the answers to their questions that they kept prodding him with every day. Severally confused, thirsty, and tired; he was at his wits end. And the smell coming off of him was horrendous. He hadn’t had so much as a clean bucket of water, not that it would have helped even if he had one because his hands were tied.

But the problem still remained; why was he here? Why were these men holding him hostage? Apparently, based on the questions they asked him, it was about money, and a lot of it. These men think Luke has their money and will not give them the whereabouts. But it’s hard to do that when you have no idea what they’re talking about.

One particular man took an extreme liking towards beating the answers out of Luke. This never worked because there were no answers to give. Luke guessed that this man must have had a mother that didn’t hug him enough and he just wanted someone to hit. The situation was hopeless so he resorted to making up creative answers to their redundant questions. He didn’t know what else to do. Saying he didn’t know wasn’t helping and sitting in silence was even worse. So he decided that frustrating this man to no end was well worth the physical pain. Seeing him discouraged was his only form of entertainment until he could free himself from the ropes holding him to his chair.

On one specific day, Luke felt something in the air, and it wasn’t the usual musk and dampness that the room held. He couldn’t quite place it. But he thought that maybe, just maybe, today would be the day to escape. He’d been working on the ropes behind his back since he got there with nail clippers he had in his pocket; these guys really didn’t do a good job of making sure their hostages were un-armed. He worked quietly and steadily. He was sweating with anticipation, sure that he was just seconds away from them bursting in here and catching him.

This day Luke filed away at the rope and his favorite kidnapper came stomping down those familiar creaky wooden stairs. As usual, the man got in Luke’s face, strong liquor being breathed up his nose.

“Hello Luke. How are you feeling today? You up for some more questions?” Luke smirked at the man squatting in front of him, admiring his perseverance. ‘These guys must really want their money.’ He thought to himself with a sigh.

“Oh I’m doing just swell. Cozy and warm as usual. The view is beautiful and the service is impeccable. I give it 5 definitely.” He smiled up at the man sarcastically, awaiting his reaction.

The man snorts in reply. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. But I’m growing tired of your stupid games. Where’s the money, some off-shore bank account? Your great aunt Sue’s in Montana? Just tell us where you hid it and we’ll let you go right now. Make it easy for everyone and just spill it.” Luke sighed tiredly.

“I don’t know what money you’re talking about. But you ask me the same questions and I keep giving you the same answers. So by now I thought you’d get the message…guess not?”

The man squints and gives a tight angry smile that in no way made Luke feel like he was happy, which is what a smile is supposed to do. “The only reason you’re alive right now is because they won’t let me beat you to a pulp. But I’m done waiting until you feel like fessing up. I’m getting you to tell me, my way.

Luke rolled his eyes, trying to appear un-intimidated. “Go on then, hit me. How can I fight back with my hands all tied up? I’m completely defenseless. Do your worst. I’ve been waiting for you to snap. Knew it was only a matter time. You’re weak.”

The minute that Luke said that, the man swung his arm back to give Luke a good punch in the face but Luke gave the rope one last cut and broke free. He bent down and dodged the man’s flying fists just in time. He jumped up and pivoted around to sock the guy in the gut, but only to fend the man off. This man had a good foot and 75 pounds on him so Luke wasn’t bothering with a big showdown. He just sprinted for the door, but before his hand touched the doorknob everything went black.

Luke jumped awake in a cold sweat in his downtown apartment. He looked around the sun-lit room, then down at his bed and sighed.

‘I’m alright. I’m not in that basement. Wait….am I dead? Did I die when I tried to escape?’ He thought frantically as he jumped out of bed and ran into his bathroom.

He turned the faucet on, splashed cold water into his face, than looked up at himself in the mirror. Not a scratch on him. No bruises or dried blood from all those beatings. He started chuckling. Then he couldn’t stop himself from cackling hysterically.

“A dream, it was all a dream!” He shouted manically. He ran a hand through his hair, taking notice that it was soaked through from sweat.

Once he calmed down, he decided to get ready for the day as usual. After all, it was just a dream, right? No use in fretting over it.

He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water. He looked back at the mirror and laughed at himself for believing such a crazy dream could possibly be real. He was about to jump into the shower when he noticed something as he reached for the shower door. Rope burns on both wrists.
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