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This is just a poem I wrote in private and turned in for creative writing.

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You’re starting to look green under the limelight

Peel away fake faces and empty traces of
happiness like an old layer of skin

Welcome to Hollywood

What have you become?
What has this made you into?

I’m missing the old you
but you’re too blind to see a thing

The spotlight’s down; you’d better go
Make the people happy
Make your wallet full

You make excuses and its all bull.

I’ll deal with you later.
Right now there are more important things.
Like on tv; all those movie starlets and stupid shiny things.

I’m happily ignorant to the things around me.
I don’t need to prove my humanity

The world will grow and fade in the background
While I sit here and drink this jin down

I feel no ounce of sympathy for anyone but myself.
The view’s so different from up here on this shelf.

It doesn’t get much higher than this.
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