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chapter 3

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A/N: wow, lots going on already...will Rachel trust him or will their relationship fall down hill from here? Read and find out, oh and review too :)

Chapter 3:
Ryan POV
I was so relieved when she decided to take me back, I didnt deserve her and god knew this but he gave her back to me anyway. I thanked him profusely in my head for what he had given me which of course was another chance with the love of my life.

“Thank you.”I whispered in her ear and she held me close to her still crying from the betrayal and decite.

The next few days there was lots of tension between us but it clear once we started talking about something happy and not morbid or depressing. The phone rang she answered it, it was Michelle.

“Hey Michelle, how is Ryan, he is married in case you didn't know and he isnt intrested in you, so go to fucking hell.”She said and I looked down as she hung up then walked over to me.

“Your not doing it again are you?”She asked and I nodded no and I hugged her to me kissing her neck and nibbling on her sensitive area which made her knees tremble. I kissed her lips and held on to her waist.

“I love you so much.” I whispered to her trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over.

“I love you too.”She whispered back to me and I grinned pressing our lips together, her hand pushed some stray hair from my face and I put my hand on the back of her neck pulling her close to me deepening the kiss. I felt he situate her self then wrap her arms around my neck, I kissed her cheek and he neck and I sighed in content when she held me close not letting go of me.

“Im so sorry.” I whispered to her a tear slipping from my eye, how could I have been so blind not to see how much she loved me. She grabbed my face in her hands and kissed my nose.

“Its done and over with.”She said to me and I nodded as she wiped the tear off my cheek.

“Alright.” I said to her and she walked off going to the kitchen to wash dishes. I sighed and went to the kids room to check on them and George smiled at me.

“Daddy look what I drawed.” He said to me and I smiled then kneeled down looking at the picture he had drawn.

“Oh thats very good.”I said to him grinning.

“Who is that?” I asked him curiously.

“Uncle Brendon.”He said smiling. “Did I drew him good daddy?”He asked.

“Very good.”I said to him and he beamed at me happily, I walked over to Emily who was playing with her dolls.

“Hi daddy.”She said with a studder.

“Hey honey, whatcha doin?” I asked her and she handed me a doll and I took it.

“Play the daddy.”She said to me and I smiled.

“Go clean your room.” I said in a deep voice and she giggled.

“But noooooo.” She said laughing and I laughed kissing the top of her head then walking down stairs.

“How are they?” She asked me and I smiled a bit.

“Good.” I said to her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her neck lovingly.

“Thats good, so, whats do you want for dinner?”She asked me and I smiled weakly.

“How about pizza.”I said to her and she grinned.

“Sounds great to me-” She started but we both sprinted up the stairs hearing Emily scream.

“MOMMY!” She yelled running to Rachel and hs picked her up and we went into Georges room to find him laying on the flood blood coating his t shirt. Rachel screamed putting emily down and rushing to his side crying and I picked Emily up taking her down stairs as she was crying and calling an ambulance.

Rachel POV

I cried holding him to my chest his blood coating my hands and te shirt his breathing was shallow, it was almost as if he were gone already.

“Come on babe stay with me.” I mummered to him and he eyes opened slightly.

“Mommy.”He whispered and put his head to my chest singing a song my aunt sang to calm me down in the worst of times.

“Mame please leave him.”A man said rushing into the room with a stretcher and they took him. Ryan and I took Emily to Brendons and rushed to the hospital, my shirt still bloodied since I hadn't changed.
We sat in the waiting room and a doctor walked out.

“George Ryan Ross the 4th.” A man said walking out and me and Ryan walked up to him.

“We're his parents.” I said to him quickly tears falling down my face.

“Mame, come with me.”He said to me and I grabbed Ryan's hand taking him with me, we went into a room and he sat us down.

“He had exstensive injuries, do you know what may have happened? It seems he was shot.” The doctor said to us and I gasped.

“We don't own a gun.” I said to him and Ryan nodded agreeing with me.

“There are many things that could have happened, but I am sorry to say, Im afraid he won't make it through the night.” He said I bursted into tears.

“My baby.” I said crying into Ryans chest and he smoothed my hair down trying to hold back tears that seemed ineveateable they fell anyway. My shoulders shook as I sobbed.

“Im am terriably sorry.”He said to us leaving the room.

I looked at Ryan and ran after the doctor. “Can we see him?” I asked and he sighed.

“He is unconsicous but you may, he is that room.”He said to us poiting to the room down the hall. I walked in slowly my eyes puffy and bloodshot. I ran my hand over his forehead and I looked at his heart rate and how fast it was, knowing his brain wasnt even getting half the blood most likely.

“Hey George honey, its mommy please stay with me.” I whispered in his ear stilfing back a sob as he groaned.

“Hey little man, you gotta pull through.”Ryan said to him his eyes glistening with tears yet to bed shedded. I took Georges hand in mine and closed my eyes, and for the first time in a long time. I prayed.

“Blessed God please give him another chance, Im not ready for my baby to leave me. I will take his place he is only but a child.” I pretty much begged with tears falling down my face as knock came on the door. I saw Brendon and Emily.

“Mommy, is Geo okay?”She asked sniffling.

“She wouldn't stop crying.”Brendon said, I could tell he was holding back tears as well.

“Come on.”I said to them.

“Honey, Geo might not be coming home.” I said to her softly and she looked at me.

“Why?”She asked me lightly as she touched her brothers hand.

“He is hurt really bad.” I said to her gulping.

“Like my boo boo on my knee?”She asked me.

“No much worse.” I said choking back a sob as his machine made the loud beeeeeeeeep. Indicating that his heart had stopped. “NO! Brendon get her out of here. Geo wake up wake up!” I said to him and rayn held me back as the doctors came in with the paddles trying to revive him when they finally stopped giving up

“Time of death 6 20 pm.”The doctor said sighing shaking his headn I screamed.

“NO MY BABY!” I yelled and I pushed the doctor.

“Go bring him back to me.” I said to him angrily.

“Rachel.”Ryan said holding me wrapping his arms around me tightly as I cried.

The doctor had tears in his eyes, I could tell he was genuinely sorry. Ryan sat down on the floor with me in his arms as I cried. “Shhhhhh, Its going to be okay.”He whispered to me knowing it wouldnt help only wishing it would

Brendon walked in leaving Emily with Jon and Spencer. “Is he...”He started then saw how much I was crying then shook his head as his own tear shedded and fell down his face. “Isnt there anything you can do?”He asked the doctor. “He was only 5!”He yelled.

“Im sorry, there is nothing.”He said to him looking down.

Brendon walked out of the ICU and looked at Emily as she sat on Jons lap playing with a toy. “Spencer.”HE said nodding over to the door and he got up and walked over with him.

“Whats going on?”Spencer asked.

“Geo is dead.” He said to him and Spencer looked at him shocked.

“No...”He said looking down a bit and shook his head.

“How?”He asked.

“He was shot.”Brendon told him.
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