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Tis chapter ten. See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter Ten - Dinner
Appearing in the middle of the common room with a pop, several first years were startled, knocking over some ink bottles. Several 6th and 7th years spun around and fired stunning spells. A few students threw things at them, not having a wand handy, and several more dropped what they were carrying in shock. Harry, seeing spells and books and ink bottles flying towards himself and Hermione, panicked, and a blue dome appeared over them in a shimmering flash. All of this happened in less than 2 seconds. As the spells hit the shield causing it to let off an odd 'tong' sound, they ricocheted off it, hitting other people, who, knocked out by the stunning spells, fell into more people. The books collided with the shield, and bounced off with dull thuds. Ink bottles shattered, spraying ink in all directions. Screams were heard. Chaos reigned.

When the dust had settled, the blue dome fizzled out of existence. The 6th and 7th years, seeing who it was, lowered their wands, an odd look on their faces. Cursing was coming from one side of the pair, as the owner of a book found it drenched in ink. Then, silence.

"Heh... Um, sorry?" said Harry in a small voice, smiling nervously, looking around at the results. Several students stood looking at him, ink splattered over their fronts. A circle on the floor showed where the shield had been. From the far corner, Fred Weasley started to laugh.

"How did you... But you can't... How..." spluttered a 7th year, obviously confused by Harry appearing into the common room.

From the far corner, George Weasley spoke up. "Yes, how DID you Apparate inside Hogwarts?"

"It wasn't Apparition," said Harry, "We just came from talking to Dumbledore, and he doesn't know what it is, but it's not Apparition."

"Sorry about that." Said Harry as he waved a hand and the ink bottles repaired themselves and ink flew back into them, leaving books, people, and floor alike ink free once again. Harry turned to the 6th and 7th years that were still holding their wands. "You'll have to do whatever it is to the ones the spells hit. I don't know how to reverse that yet."

Oblivious to the gaping at the display of wandless magic, Harry and Hermione went to dinner early.
In the common room, the Weasley twins were talking about the event.

"Fred, we should see how he did that. Think of all the pranking possibilities."

"Indeed, George. Not to mention that blue shield. Don't most shields only stop spells, not physical attacks?"

"That's what I thought. Let's head to dinner."
Meanwhile in the Great Hall, Harry and Hermione were starting on their food.

"I suppose popping into the common room wasn't the greatest idea." said Harry sheepishly.

"No, probably not. What was that blue shield, anyway?"

"I haven't the foggiest. I'd never done that before." Harry answered.

As the rest of the school filtered into the Great Hall, the looks and laughs told them that their entrance into the common room was already making its way around the ever efficient Hogwarts Grapevine. Harry and Hermione were joined by Fred and George.

"So, about that shimmering blue shield..."

"Yes? What about it?"

"How did you do that?"

"I honestly don't have a clue. I panicked when things started flying towards me, and the shield snapped up. I hadn't done that before."
A/N: And here ends the old chapters. Stay tuned for more soon, hopefully, less choppy and rushed (I wrote these a month ago in less than 5 hours)
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