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Ive been calling you

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“Hello?” Gerard answered his phone. We were out at the mall, buying gifts for Tyler’s 2nd birthday, which was in 1 week.
“Really?” he squeaked, sounding excited.
“Fuck me,” he said a little too loudly, so everybody in the shop turned and stared at him, some parents covering their children’s ears. I laughed at how red his cheeks went.
“Okay, great. Ill see you guys later then. Yeah, bye.” he hung up.
“So…” I said, wanting to know what he had just found out.
“That was Ray,” he smiled.
“And…? What did he want? What made you so excited that you shouted ‘fuck me’ in the middle of a children’s toy store.” I laughed.
“Reprise wants us!” he squeaked.
“What?” I asked.
“The band… you know we’re on Eyeball Records, right,” he said, I nodded, “Well, we haven’t done anything for a while, and so we’ve been writing some new songs and…”
“Wait, new songs? Why didn’t you tell me!?” I frowned.
“I... uhm… I… im sorry…” he bit his lip.
“Okay, carry on… what were you going to say?” I urged him to continue, anxious to find out the news.
“Well, some dude from Reprise Records heard our songs, and have offered us a recording contract with them!” he clapped his hands and squeaked again, “and it’s so much better than Eyeball, I mean…”
I didn’t let him finish his sentence. I was so damn happy for him that I just dropped the bags I was carrying, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. After a few seconds, I broke away and jumped around a bit, before getting embarrassed and having to leave the store.

“Hey, dude,” Gerard smiled as my brother took a seat beside him on our couch.
“Hey,” Frank smiled, “Im so fucking excited, man.”
“‘Sup,” Mikey grinned, slapping hands with his brother as he, Ray and Bob entered.
Once everyone was seated I went and got some coffee for them all, and listened keenly to their conversation.
“So, when does he want this meeting?” Gerard asked.
“Well, I told Brian to try and arrange it for as soon as possible, ‘cause I was so fucking psyched that Reprise actually thought we were good, and I though as soon as possible would be in like, a week at least…” Ray began, everybody leaning in to listen to him, “So, I was really surprised when Brian called me back and said how’s tomorrow evening at the Starbucks just around the corner from here.”
“Fucking wow!” Frank said, getting giddy and bouncing up and down on the sofa.
“Wow, so tomorrow we could be officially signed to Reprise, wouldn’t that be amazing?” Mikey smiled.
“So fucking amazing,” Bob and ray said in stereo.
“Seriously dude, stop that, im getting sea sick,” Gerard laughed as Frank continued to bounce.
“This is great guys, im so happy for you,” I smiled, kissing Mikey on the cheek as he was closest to me.
“We’ll have less of that please,” Gerard joked, laughing at how red his brother went, “I was joking, dude.”
“I totally knew that,” Mikey said, coughing.

I was woken by the sound of footsteps. Gerard was pacing up and down our bedroom floor, his fingers entwined in his hair.
“Honey, what’s wrong?” I yawned.
“Oh, baby, im sorry did I wake you?” he smiled, kneeling beside the bed and stroking my face.
“Yeah but its okay, now, what’s up?” I said sleepily.
“Oh it’s nothing, I just can’t sleep. Im so worried and excited about this meeting tomorrow, that every time I shut my eyes I manage to think of something that will keep me awake, he sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me.
“Like what?” I asked.
“I keep thinking of things that could go wrong, y’know, I keep thinking ‘what if they don’t actually like the songs when they hear us play them’ and ‘what if this was just some stupid joke that Brian is playing on us’ and…‘what if they decide not to sign us.’”
“Gerard, if your whole life was based on ‘what ifs’ then you wouldn’t get anywhere. You guys are amazing, and im sure that they will sign you in seconds of the meeting commencing. Trust me babe, this is real, you are gonna make something of yourselves and you are gonna change the world. You’re gonna make a fucking difference and you are gonna rock whilst you’re at it,” I smiled.
He laughed then replied, “Thankyou honey, y’know I don’t think I would have got this far in life without you.”
“What do you mean?” I said.
“Well, I never told anybody but Brian, but… well, when I went through the problems with the drink and the drugs, I was thinking of ending it,” he began.
“What…?” I was shocked.
“Im sorry babe, I just… I… I felt so depressed, I just wanted my life to be over and for me to stop being a burden on everyone I meet…” he said quietly.
“It’s okay, but why would you want to die, Gerard? You know I will always love you and I will help you through anything. You were never a burden on anybody, and you still aren’t. You are wonderful, cant you see that?” I put my arm around him.
“I love you so fucking much. I would be nowhere without you. Im so fucking sorry,” he began to cry.
I pulled his body backwards gently, and laid him down beside me. Wrapping my arms around him, I held him tight and whispered that I loved him into his ear, before he drifted to sleep. I watched him sleeping, his chest rising and falling as he breathed. He looked so peaceful. I knew he would make a difference, and I knew that one day his children would be able to look up to him and say “That’s my dad, and Im proud of him.”

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