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Origin Beach

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Prehistoric Singers are inspired by a Singer from their future.

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Disclaimer: Ecco and his world belong to Appaloosa Interactive.
Author's notes: This story takes place in the Genesis/Mega Drive games' storyline. It was inspired by secret messages in the Ecco the Dolphin level "Origin Beach".

There was a time, long ago, when Singers walked on land. In that time, they had four legs, knew no Song of Sight, and could not sing under the water, but they were still Singers, able to hear underwater like no other beings, possessing intelligence greater than any other creatures of their time.

One day, a pod of these Singers of the Dry Side was playing at the shoreline. The pod's leader was at the very edge of the water, chasing the waves and running away when they 'chased' her back. During one round in which she was running from the waves, she suddenly stopped, letting the water run over her paws. She thought she had heard something, something unusual yet familiar, something coming from under the ocean's surface. She held her breath and dipped her head under the water; when she realized what she was hearing, she startled up onto her hind legs and called to her pod.

"I hear song in the ocean!"

The rest of the pod stopped their games and came to the water's edge, dipping their own heads under. As they listened, they heard a strange song coming from under the water, where none of their kind could sing, and they began pawing at the ground and chattering amongst themselves, some raising wordless whoops, barks, and whistles in their excitement.

"We hear our kind in the sea!"

"Never have we heard songs in the sea!"

"What is the song? What is this stranger singing?"

Their heads went under the ocean again. The Singers of the Dry Side could not make out the song's meaning, but the Singer of the ocean was still a fair distance off, and so the pod began singing back, trying to call the stranger to them. Some time later, they saw the song's source under the water, and they were confused. The stranger looked very odd to them.

The strange Singer came to the surface and lifted his head out of the water, slowly moving it from one side to another at the pod. He sang at them, but although the Singers of the Dry Side recognised that he was singing, they could not understand his song. Despite this, they sang back, holding a one-sided conversation with the stranger; no doubt he was doing the same.

"You sing our song under the waves."

"Stranger, who are you?"

The leader looked at the strange Singer of the ocean for a few moments, her head tilted to one side. "Could we sing in the sea?" she asked. After another few moments, she added, "Could we live in the sea?"

Her pod became very excited again. "Could we?"

"Is it possible?"

"Why not? Here is someone who has; why not us, or our descendants?"

The leader pawed at the ground, happy and hopeful. "Perhaps we will try!"
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