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Laying Down My Cards

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When Alyssa tells Gerard everything can he handle it?

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Alyssa’s POV

I want so badly to tell him everything, including that I never stopped loving him.

“My parents sent me away. They didn’t like the lifestyle I was leading here.”

“We were pretty fucked up then weren’t we?” he asked with a slight grin that always made my heart beat faster. “How long are you in town for?” He always did get to the point.

“I’m hoping for awhile. I’ll be staying at my parent’s house.” Why did I tell him that? There can’t be any future with him, but he makes me so weak.

I knew he wanted to ask the big question, but I could see the fear in his eyes what my answer would be. “Why are you back?”

I looked down and the tears I was suppressing let go. He pulled me into my arms and held me so tight that he never wanted to let go and I didn’t want him to. He looked at me with his hazel eye and before I knew it his lips were on mine. He pulled back and smiled, “It hasn’t changed after all these years.”

“No it hasn’t,” I replied.

“So why did you really leave and why are you here now?”

I held my breath because I knew what I was about to tell him could no would destroy us. He’s young and beautiful why would he ever want someone who looked as old as I did with a kid, not even his own. But he wants the truth and I feel I owe him that much.

“Please don’t say a word until I’m done. The real reason I left is because I was pregnant and I had a little girl. The reason I’m back is I never told or revealed who the father was. I want my baby back and the state allows a loophole, the father had to agree to the adoption. If it was unknown at the time then the father could contest it once he finds out. I’m here to get my baby back, I’m here to ask the father to help me.”

“Of course I’ll do it baby. We’ll get married and be a real family, he said smiling and holding me. God it felt so good to be in his arms again. I missed it so much.

“Gerard there’s only one problem with that plan, you’re not the father.”

“What?” I can see the hurt in his eyes. “You cheated on me?”

“You were there the only time it wasn’t with you.”

“Then that means it’s Bob’s,” he looked at me with total disgust and then finally spoke, “I think I need a drink.”

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